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   Chapter 39 How Many Babies Do I Have

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However, Lancy knew nothing about all this. She was just like a newborn baby lying in Marvin's arms and was quiet and peaceful. The disturbance of the world can't disturb her pure dream.

She even consciously moved in the man's arms, in order to find the most comfortable position.

However, his chest was so hard that she felt uncomfortable no matter how hard she tried. Her curved eyebrows frowned as if to protest silently.

Lancy struggled to open her eyes and mumbled, "What's wrong with you? You are tough and it's hard to sleep..."

She still couldn't keep her heavy head clear, and even the predecessors' faces couldn't be seen clearly with moist eyes. Lancy subconsciously wrapped her arms around the man's neck and asked, "The last question, how many babies do I have?"? Who can use this to describe their baby?

The girl in his arms restlessly moved around. She wouldn't give up until she had made up her mind. Marvin lowered his eyes and said indifferently, "My dear Rani, Ray Two. "

Twins blinked and wondered. Though they was six, they know a lot.

With a soft smile, Lancy held his face and kissed him passionately A big kiss~~

Marvin raised his eyebrows. Kevin was completely dumbfounded, while the twins were giggling, as if they were not surprised?

"Congratulations. You made a right answer. " then she fell asleep. The room was so quiet that even her breaths could be heard.

She had told him earlier that only rewards would be given if his answer is right.

After taking advantage of him, she just fell asleep. Was that really good?

Raising his head in a low voice, Kenny happened to look into Marvin's eyes. All of a sudden, he understood the deep meaning in Marvin's cold eyes. Thus, he explained in a hurry, "No one is right, really, you are the first, the first!"

Poor Kenny had a hunch that if he gave a right answer, he would rather be beaten up Mom, look, how right it was to cry angrily at the teacher, beat the dean and skip class and climb the wall.

"Ray, Rani, let's go." Marvin didn't even look at Kevin.

"Wait! You can't go!" With a miserable face, Kenny had threatened her with his life before coming up with the words.

"I can't?" Marvin looked back indifferently in a moderate tone, which stunned all the people present.

With a sad face, Kenny almost cried out, "Please don't leave until Mr. Baron wakes up? I really can't do anything about it. "

If he go, who would be responsible for Mr. Baron's anger after he woke up? How dare he.

With a smile on his face, Kevin said, "I heard that Baron is engaged to the daughter of the Lu Clan." It meant that the Lu Clan was not easy to offend.

"Okay," Upon hearing this, Marvin turned around and left without hesitation.

For the first time in Kevin's life, he was completely ignored. He couldn't see through this man and was even afraid Who the hell was he?

He didn't give a damn about the Lu Clan. Who was he?

Kevin was puzzled. "Who the hell is he?"

he result she made last night. Her kiss was so unskillful that it made him smile.

Staring at the woman who was totally confused, Marvin kindly reminded her, "Do you forget that you were drunk last night?"

With her cheek in her hands, Lancy recalled what had happened under the gaze of the man. It seemed that some one was drinking? But why was she here with him?

Lancy looked down at the collar of the dress. The white shirt was obviously private belonging to a man. She covered her chest and finally had a little girl's consciousness

"What, what did you do to me?" In an instant, she felt a little scared.

The man's index finger pressed against her lips. "Shh, don't scream. It's me to scream..."

"What does he mean?"

"Last night, you held me and kissed me I am the victim of the rape. Do you want me to continue counting? " The man acted normally as if he was not the one who was ravaged. His calm voice made people not doubt him at all.

With her mouth wide open, Lancy stared at Marvin in disbelief. After a while, she faltered, "are... Are you saying something wrong?"

His long and narrow eyes squinted slightly, harboring a breath that was difficult for Lancy to understand. "You are the one who is drunk." In other words, she was the only one who would do something stupid.

Lancy wanted to argue. But before she could refute, something hit her in her head. She was so angry that she said in a low voice, "that's impossible!"

Marvin said nothing, but smiled at her with his teasing eyes.

After a series of self doubts and psychological construction, Lancy once again took a deep breath and replied confidently, "it's impossible. I've drunk a lot No, it is super good! " She would not speak drunkenly, would not vomit, and would not act perversely. She would just fall asleep obediently. Is there anyone in the world better than her after drinking?

Lancy, who is called the 'best decorum in drinking' in the world. If Kenny heard that, he would cry!

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