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   Chapter 38 I Want You No Matter What Happened

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9690

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"…… No matter what happened, I want you... " Kevin's eyes turned red, and his whole stomach of hatred was vented on these people! "I will kill everyone here Trust me, I will let them feel that to live is no better than to die! "

"Waah... Waah..."

The fine sounds of grief were sometimes high and sometimes low. Seeing this, Kevin felt even more grieved. Just cry out, and you'll be fine

How annoying! I'll crack at your window at midnight? Except for Mr. Nail, the rest of the people were all crying! All of a sudden, Kenny came out of the house full of excitement. He grabbed the man's trouser legs with a sad face and thought, 'It's us who are crying?

Kevin's face turned blue and purple. He stared gloomily at Kenny who was going to be cut into pieces in a second.

Hearing that, Kenny was paralyzed in a second. He rushed up to hold Kevin's leg and shouted, "brother, we are not victims!" After all, they had gone through the horrifying thing of death? Why don't you let them go?

As Kenny recalled what had happened to Kevin, he still couldn't get over the fear. Tears started to well up in his eyes.

On the one hand, he stripped himself naked. On the other hand, Bob, who had been knocked unconscious by him, was also stripped off Kenny. "God witnesses that we did nothing But she, she Please have a look. She did this for us. "

His arms, chest, back, ass and even nothing could be spared! There were red marks everywhere, and purple marks

"Do you know what happened? Duster! Duster! Duster! " As Kenny complained, he really didn't know where she had gotten the feather duster!

Please follow Kenny back to half an hour ago.

As expected, Lancye was finally drunk She was drunk. Look at her red small face and misty big eyes. She always smiled when she met people. She was so cute and charming that almost every male animal would be attracted by her, of course, include Baron! Of course, no one dared to rob women from Mr. Baron.

People winked, trying to tease him. Baron breathed more deeply, a flame spreading in his chest. He could not help but touch the tender face of the beautiful woman, tut, "This little face is so lovely as if there is invincible."

"It seems that Mr. Baron must have a lot of good fortune in love affairs tonight."

"Enjoy yourself."

"The little girl is still young. Maybe she is still a virgin. Mr. Baron, please be kind to her."

They talked with each other, but Lancy didn't respond at all.

"Eh? Is she drunk?" Bob, a lackey, shook Lancy. If she was really unconscious, things would become difficult for Mr. Baron tonight!

A touch of displeasure flitted across Baron's eyes as he poked at Lancy. He had no interest in making out with the corpse. When he was about to shake her, she suddenly opened her eyes which directly stared at everyone in the dark night.

"Are you really drunk? Or just faking it?" The hot tempered w

hat of Kevin! In short, Kenny was so weak that he didn't even have the courage to look up.

Kevin shudders. The two men's eyes are fighting in the air. He marvels. What an amazing courage!

The man was Marvin. His stalwart and extraordinary stature swept across the room before finally fixing his cold eyes on Lancy.

"Interesting!" Perhaps it was because Kenny's brain had been short cut, or perhaps it was because he had been shocked by Marvin's sudden appearance, he had been too honest to believe what had happened.

Upon hearing that, Kenny snorted and realized that he had said something wrong. "No, no, No. I didn't mean that. This interest is different from that."

Well, he didn't know what he was saying! He didn't know what should he do?

Marvin walked towards Lancy, and his little tail was thus exposed.

Rani stretched out her head, rolling her round eyes. "What a pity. Mommy has finished?" She murmured, disappointed She hadn't seen her drunken mommy for more than half a year. Her brother didn't allow mommy to drink. She also want to cheer Mommy on.

From the battle index of Lancy after drunk, the violence tendency of Rani is absolutely traceable.

Meanwhile, Ray innocently stared at Marvin. He wondered Marvin should know why he was not in a hurry since he knew liquor prohibition? Mommy is so easy to be fooled, except when she is drunk She had so many weird questions. Anyone who encountered her would break down.

Kevin looked at Marvin with an unprecedented sense of crisis, "Who are you?"

Marvin smiled coldly and pulled Lancy into his arms. He opened his thin lips and said in a powerful tone, "I am Her man! "

"You!" He was filled with anger. The unprecedented sense of crisis made him not allow himself to be feared. "Give Lancy back to me!"

"What? If you don't have her, how can I give back? " Thin lips with a little radian seem to laugh at Kevin's arrogance and whimsical.

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