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   Chapter 37 The Plot

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Nina took out Lancy's phone and stared at the time. After 40 minutes, she sent the address of Lan Kwai Fong to Kevin delightedly.

When the message was finished, Nina gave her phone to the bartender and strode away.

She was a smart girl. She wouldn't stay there to be doubted.

Ray's exclusive notebook was filled with thickly dotted formulas. He looked up attentively, and the surroundings were so quiet that it made him uncomfortable. He suddenly found that the sky outside the window had already darkened and looked around. It turned out that his mother had not been nagging all the time.

Ray took out a small cellphone, the size of which was as big as a palm. The phone was still hung up, which made the baby look more and more serious.

"Brother?" Rani put down the goblet.

"I cannot get through to mommy's phone." With a long face, ray took off his white robe and ran into Jasper's study.

After entering the study, Ray put his grandson in his arms on the soft carpet and input codes that no one else knew. The screen kept blinking, and all kinds of data alternately. At last, it stopped when the red dot flickered.

On the screen, it showed the location of Lan Kwai Fong. Ray stopped for a second and raised his eyes slowly, " This is a bar? "

Shocked by his son's series of actions, Marvin put down the documents in his hands and said, "okay.".

Glaring at each other, ray and Portia slowly stood up, in a sharp contrast to their earlier hurry.

Hearing that, Marvin understood what had happened immediately. The expression on the baby's face changed greatly, but it was no one but Lancy. He frowned unhappily and asked, "Is she in the bar?"

As soon as Marvin stood up, Ray's baby said calmly, "Drunk Mommy..." Please notice the bitter expression on Ray's face.

"Drunk Mommy! !" Rani stretched out his arms and gave a hint to his daddy to hug him. With a bright smile on his round face, he said cheerfully, "Daddy, come on! Go for Mommy! For Mommy!" 'Are you kidding me? Are you excited, xenia?

Jasper ran as fast as he could, with his daughter in one hand and his son in the other.

As for this, Ray spread out his hands and wanted to say it honestly Because Mommy would definitely get drunk How to describe it? Hehe~

Different from the baby's calmness, Kevin, who received the news, couldn't wait to know the result! He knew clearly what kind of place Lan Kwai Fong was! Lancy was filled with all kinds of jackals and beasts, which made her so pitiful. How could Lancy go there? She would be sure to eat up all the rubbish?

At the same time, Caspar received the news from Lancy.

Grasping the cellphone tightly in his strong and powerful hand, he saw the picture of haze and a strange man intimately in the cellphone. His eyes were bloodshot, and he stared at the man in Lan Kwai Fong, like a radar! If he could see that man, he would He was such a blockbuster!

How dare he touch Lancy! Does the man want to die! The man was giving off a dangerous vibe. If anyone dared to touch haze's hair, he must cut his hand off wit

these weird guys? Did they have a nightmare together?

Just then, the door of her small room was pushed open. The woman with disheveled hair tried to open her misty eyes and looked around. She staggered towards them with her bare feet. To her surprise, whenever she moved, the people around her would shake with each movement, which was so rhythmic.

The group of people, whose faces were as pale as paper, trembled all over, as if they had seen a dead body. They didn't know where to put their hands and feet, and some of them were so anxious to pass out just because they grabbed the ground with their heads, and the other few handsome men and women who ran away so fast. At the very last, he would have to lift his trousers before running for his life?

Now, Allen had been paralyzed. It was not that he didn't want to escape, but that he couldn't move at all. Instead, he didn't want to be released by Lenny. Please block and thank him!

Kevin avoid Kenny's hands. He felt as if a knife were piercing his heart when he saw Lancy. "Lancy, .It's me. I'm Caspar Don't be afraid. I'm here. "

Her long black hair covered her whole face, making it hard to tell whether she was happy, angry or sad. She was about to fall to the ground, without saying a word on the marble tea table.

With a cold expression, Kevin came to her quietly. He opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking.

In fact, no matter what was good, as long as her "pain" could be soothed, as long as she was happy, it was really good!

"Lancy, don't do this..." Kevin would rather she cried out when he was at a loss. The man's eyes turned red.

Still, the girl didn't respond at all, as motionless as death.

"Lancy Lancy, no matter what happens, I'm always by your side. Don't be afraid! " Kevin clenched his fists and looked at them as if he were looking at a dead man. "I will let them pay a price ten times or a hundred times for all the people who have hurt you..."

"……" The girl's breathing was shallow, but she stubbornly lay there and did not move at all.

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