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   Chapter 36 Don't Be Shy

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9899

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"Don't be shy! We are good friends!" Lancy seemed to be an amiable lady. What did she say? Why is the tone of matchmaker procuress! "I think that white skinned man is very suitable for you. Don't suspect that he is bottom. In fact, he is top..."

Could it be that she came up with this question while staring at the white man for a while?

Lancy touched her chin. She thought it was necessary to pretend to be good now. But we should see through the appearance to see the essence.

"…… I don't know what you are talking about! " A hint of slyness flashed in Kenny's eyes. He pushed Lancya forward and added, "Besides, don't get closer to me." Goose bumps all over the body, the culprit is this strange little woman

All of a sudden, an object touched Lancy's waist.

"Kenny, is this your dinner tonight?" His voice was full of tease.

The so-called "dinner" was Lancy, but she kept blinking her eyes in disbelief? Dinner. Is it really good to describe a living man?

As soon as Kenny saw the person coming, his face turned blue from time to time. He was very embarrassed! Without saying a word for a long time, he stood there awkwardly.

"I was wondering why Kenny didn't come to Mr. Baron's single party. Turns out that you got a beauty." Bob carefully wrapped his arms around Kenny's shoulders. "What do you think? Let's get together. We've only one chance."

Mr. Baron had to act like a good man and this kind of wandering in the nightclub was quite rare.

"What?" 'Is it really good to be brought in with her?' Kenny wondered in his mind?

Bob lowered his voice and looked over Lancy, "To be honest, Mr. Baron likes this woman. You know what you should do."

Startled, Kenny looked back. As he had expected, Mr. Baron frequently looked at them. The person who attracted his attention was Lancy.

With no make-up on her face, Lancy looked pure, totally different from a woman with heavy make-up! When her big clear eyes stared at her, her eyelashes trembled, and her soft appearance was extremely painful!

Girls like her had already become the most precious one to be protected in this society where people were apt to be overwhelmed by wealth. No wonder Mr. Baron had noticed her at the first sight. Lancy was his favorite type.

"What?" Having no other choice, Kenny then exchanged a look with Mr. Baron and made up his mind. "This is my friend. Shall we have some fun together?" Perhaps she was just a little weird, but her "taste" wouldn't be affected? Kenny was not sure.

From what Lancy had heard, a friend of Kenny was like gay friends. Had she fallen into this circle by accident? She nodded in a hurry, with her sparkling eyes shining horribly.

Don't you doubt them, Lancy?

The "Scene" in the room was very spectacular, and the air was filled with the smell of ambiguity. The men were all holding beautiful women in their arms, and there were many beauties in their arms. Bottles of wine were scattered on the ground.

Lancy and rolled his eyes restlessly. "Well, if we lose, we can take off our pants! If you lose Just drinking, you are a girl, after all. "

"You are so clever!"

The rest of them knew what was going on. If she got drunk, she wouldn't know what others tried to do?

They stared at her, waiting for her reply. Their turbid eyes were full of malice. Those enchanting beauties accompanied were silent. Firstly, they didn't want to offend the Mr. Baron because of a Lancy. Secondly, they were unhappy that Lancy had attracted the attention of Mr. Baron. So they were happy to watch!

Lancy licked her pink lips and arched her eyebrows, "Drink?" Her itching appearance made Baron an exception.

"Well, you just need to drink, no need to be involved in other plays." Seeing that she had got a chance, Bob snickered.

Lancy's eyes lit up, and she was already drooling over the bottle. "Okay!" She said firmly without any hesitation. As long as there was wine, everything was fine.

She took a sip and signed contentedly. How long had it been since she tasted the wine?

At the mention of this, Lancy felt sad. She couldn't understand why her baby banned her from drinking and why was she forbidden? I'm an adult and I'm a good drinker~~

Ray's baby suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his arm and inexplicably felt chill.

Nina, who watched Lancy being brought into a VIP room, was stunned. She had never thought that her "kindness" would bring some surprises! She hadn't planned to this on purpose.

Nina saw Lancy hovering not far away. She was thrilled or nervous. Seeing that Lancy didn't come out, she finally seized the fleeting guess!

"Lancy, I really want to make a deal with you It's none of my business that you gave the evidence to me on your own initiative. You only blame yourself for not being tempted! " Everyone knew what the purpose of the VIP room in Lan Kwai Fong, for a man and a woman locked their doors and went on making love with each other.

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