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   Chapter 35 Counterattack

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"Miss Nina, the phone is ringing......" The little maid kindly reminded the completely dumbfounded Miss Nina, fearing that Nina would be displeased if her voice was too loud.

Hesitating for a moment, Nina reached out her hand and took it. Then she heard the familiar and strange roars, roars, curses, and even help.

'Is this Nancy I know? ' Nina was unwilling to admit that the crazy woman on the other end of the phone was Nancy, the most graceful Princess she knew.

What Nancy had said to her, but Nina hadn't heard anything except her resentment to Lancy, the uneasiness of Wide Clan and the threats and Nancy had hoped that beryl would take revenge on Lancy.

After the scandal of Zed, almost everyone in the upper class drew a clear line with Wide Clan. Nina didn't immediately end the relationship with Wide Clan, because she knew how powerful Wide Clan was.

However, as the farce got more and more difficult to fix, Nina had to accept the fact.

No matter Wide Clan were on the decline or not, there was no way for Zed to get along with them! While Nancy, the Phoenix in trouble was not as good as the chicken, which always remained unchanged.

Startled, Nina hang up the phone. This was the last time she could stay in contact with Nancy.

However, her heart was still heavy. She had never expected that Zed would end up like this How could it be so coincident? Zed was knocked down when he was about to punish Lancy? Was it Lancy's or that man's?

Nina suddenly didn't know what was on Lancy's mind now. She didn't know what tricks Lancy was playing, nor did she know Lancy's wild nature.

The only thing she was sure about was that she couldn't provoke Lancy so easily for now, at least not in the open.

Thinking of this, Nina wondered how to repair the "sister relationship" between her and Lancy.

As soon as she saw Kevin in the photo album, a sly smile appeared on Nina's face. Immediately, she came up with a complete idea.

"Hello! Is Lancy there? I'm your sister, Nina. Let's have dinner together tonight..." The reply on the other end of the line satisfied Nina very much. She immediately got on her handbag and set off.

Hearing that, Lancy happily hung up the phone. On the other hand, Ray and Rani stared at their beloved mother, with wide open eyes.

"Mommy, is that Auntie?" Said Rani, staring at her mother with her black and white eyes.

"Yes, your aunt invited mommy to dinner!" Lancy smiled brightly. What a wonderful free dinner.

Nina? Rani was surprised. 'oh my God! The sun is rising from the West. Is it because Nina's head has been bumped into the door? Or have other plans?'

Hearing that, ray lowered his eyes and smiled faintly. She was still worried a lot about the current situation of the Bai family. Now her son wanted to make peace with her?

"Rani and Ray, do you want to..."

"Take care, mummy."

"Mommy won't walk you out."

At the same time, the two babies waved their little paws to Amanda. How could they dislike Nina? If they had meals with her, she couldn't feed them at all!

She would rather stay at her father's home and play with

tally immersed in Lancy's words, Kenny closed his eyes and allowed Lancy to do whatever she wanted. Kenny had always been in love for years and he was no longer a member of the family again. He was just a rookie? At this moment, Kenny's broken self-esteem that had been hurt by the new "master" was finally reappeared.

To seduce Lancy, Kenny was tall and strong, showing his strong body to Lancy. His abdominal muscles were well proportioned, making Lancy even more attracted.

The scene was shot not far away!

This ignorant woman would be obsessed with such a man! A triumphant smile plastered on Nina's face. She ignored Lancy and put Lancy in a place full of lust. In the blink of an eye, she already disappeared from Lancy's sight.

Kenny was immersed in his own thoughts as if he had never been able to escape? Only she could smell the man's breath taking smell on her body? 'Just get drunk and go crazy for me. In that hot night, I will do my best to make her unable to stop.' He thought!

As he was about to touch Lancy's shoulder, Lancy who had sniffed enough suddenly opened her eyes and said in an energetic voice, "I can feel it!"


In astonishment, Kenny opened his eyes as if he had heard something.

"Ha ha! Don't be so coward. I thought you would be beaten by me." Hearing that, Lancy could not help but show her white teeth. Her smile was too bright In fact, it was called obscene

"What, what, what did you say?" Stammered for quite a while, Kenny was trying his best to explain everything to Carlos.

Hearing that, Lancy covered her little mouth with her hand. Seeing that, she looked shy. She patted Kenny's shoulder gently and said, "Relax, I understand. I understand!"

At the sight of Lancy's silence, Kenny almost cried out, "Dear, do you know what a loser you are? He covered his chest with one hand and lost to the gaze of Lancy!

'Where's the cute girl? Where was the agreed hot night? What was wrong with his eyes? Was he counterattacked?

Who on earth told her so?'

Lancy should express her gratitude to MTV, Rani and TV

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