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   Chapter 34 Boss Hid a Woman

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"No, we're not engaged. We have put it off..."

"Brother!" Freda opened her eyes wide and shook her head when her saw the calm man, Marvin. "How can you do it without my consent? Why do you interfere in every love I have? "

"It depends on you." It seemed that something occurred to Marvin. He raised his eyebrows and smiled wickedly. But his unspoken meaning was self-evident.

Due to anger, Freda kicked off the bag and retorted, "I don't care. Anyway, I'm going to get engaged to Baron. He is a good man and nobody can stop me!" As she said, she was angry and went away. She only wanted to run to the side of Baron, so that she could calm down.

Upon hearing this, Marvin narrowed his brows. It seemed that he didn't care about his sister's anger at all.

"Tut, tut, it's so pathetic to take your sister as your sister." As Lancy watched the drama unfold, with her chin in her hands, she finally came to a conclusion. "It is not good!"

"It is for her good." His eyes were as deep as the dark night, full of weird and magic.

Lancy poked the man's arm and said, "autocratic."

Hearing Lancy, Marvin felt better. He looked at the direction where Freda was heading and said mysteriously to Lancy, "it turns out that every decision I made is right."

Hearing his explanation, Lancy shrugged. She didn't believe him at all.

"But Miss Freda is gone. What should I do?" Lancy finally remembered and was about to chase Freda.

But before she could take a step forward, her hand was grabbed by Marvin. He frowned and asked, "what are you doing?"

"She's gone. What should I do?" Lancy tried to struggle, but failed.

"…… What do you think is your job? "

With her pure eyes gazing at Marvin, Lancy tilted her head innocently and said, "go shopping with Miss Freda..."

Marvin was speechless. He pulled her into his arms. Her slender waist was held by him. He said word by word, "you are mine!"

With Lancy in his arms, Marvin headed straight to the 18th floor.

Soon enough, the news spread fast that a woman was hiding in Marvin's arms.

At the same time, news that stunned citizens in the city was rolling on the first floor.

It was reported that a scandal burst out by the earlier official of S City in the early morning, together with a young model who had not reached eighteen years old

The TV wall was filled with pictures of Zed and a young girl, which were made to freeze in shock. And this was just the beginning!

In the next few days, there was the first-hand report about the official whose last name was Zed. He was a mistress who hooked up a lover in a wealthy house, and a mistress who came to home with a bastard to seek justice. A series of news made the public flabbergasted! It was reported that the official whose surname was Zed was suspected of bribing senior executives, had been detained by the police and accepted investigation from the judicial departments

There was a huge sensation on the Internet now. Whether the bribe was true or not, Zed's political career was over because of a series of scandals. Not only that, but also some officials in Wide Clan were involved in the investigation. Wide Clan's public image was damaged, and they would not appear in the public recently.

The netizens were speculating who on earth Zed offended, and thus the scandals were leaked one after another.

ve you. We're going to be engaged. Do you still doubt my love for you?"

"Of course not. I know you are good to me." There was a determined look in Freda's eyes, and she was sure that this time she would be disappointed because she had made a right choice!

After kissing Freda's face, Baron asked in a low voice, "Why are you so nervous?"

"…… My brother's come back. " Finally, Freda told the truth.

Baron raised his eyebrows. He had seen almost everyone from Lu Clan (some important people) except her brother who was always mysterious and mysterious. But unfortunately, he only got a little information from Freda. It seemed that the name of Marvin was a taboo in Lu Clan, so he tried every means but still couldn't get any useful information about Marvin. It seemed that everything related to Marvin was deliberately erased, or was deliberately covered up.

As the eldest son of Lu Clan, it was so strange that he seldom showed up in public?

There was only one explanation for his current situation. That was, he was a woman who had been exiled by his family.

"Isn't it better to have your brother in our engagement?" "I hope our love will be blessed by all people. And your brother loves you so much. Isn't his arrival within your expectation? "

Freda's look was complicated that Baron couldn't understand. "But Marvin and Myron are different You don't understand. "

Was there any value for a man who was not welcomed by his family? In contrast, Baron didn't care much about it, but in fact, Freda didn't tell him the truth, because she was trying to convince her brother, and then Baron miss the only chance to learn the truth.

Looking down upon Marvin was the biggest mistake he had ever made.

"Baby, do you know how much I love you?" Baron murmured by her ear, with a triumphant look in his eyes.

His fingers were clasped together, and his eyes were as gentle as water. The tenderness of a man was a sharp weapon to conquer women.

"We will get married. We will definitely..." Freda didn't know whether she was persuading Baron or herself..

However, Baron did not know what she was worried about. It was imperative for him to unite with Lu Clan in the future, and Freda was under his control

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