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   Chapter 33 Secretary

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When they reached the seventeenth floor, a loud clamor was heard. The manager paused for a moment, and then forced a smile. While urging Lancy to go, he slowed down himself secretly.

There were four secretaries in total on the seventeenth floor, two secretaries of minutes, two secretaries of administration, two men and two women, can match each other very well.

"Hello, Miss Freda." The manager bent down to 90 degrees. He could recognize the person was wearing the eight inch high-heeled shoes -- Freda, the daughter of the Wilson Group and Mr. Marvin's sister.

Wearing a red dress, the white skin of the Freda was as white as snow. Covered with a layer of bright red silk, Freda was cute but sexy. And its slender legs were partly hidden and partly visible. It was a nature creature because she was very attractive!

When she saw Lancy, the manager hastily introduced, "this is Mr. Marvin's new secretary."

Hearing this, the facial expressions of the two secretaries changed drastically. They weirdly stared at Lancy with inexplicable hostility.

With her lips pursed, Freda said in a long voice, "Oh, I knew you were my brother's secretary."

It had a perfect outline when looking at Lancy carefully. However, when it noticed that her eyes lit up, the kite circled her for three times and then murmured, "My brother's taste is much better than before. Well, girl, you have a good taste!"

She has a good taste in man. Is that her? It was the first time that Lancy had been praised by a beautiful girl. She grinned and had good taste!

"How interesting!" Meanwhile, the Freda gave a playful smile and said, "Come with me, you, you and you!"

When the two female secretaries and Lancy were mentioned, Lancy was confused and muddled, so she followed the Freda. Nobody told her the reason. The look on Iimi and Molly's face indicated that they didn't want to talk to her.

The first and second floor of the Group was the shopping mall, where was the destination of Freda.

"Your job today is to pick out gowns for me. This is my engagement. Be careful with your work, okay?" Her tone was arrogant, as if she didn't need any help, but it was their job to pick clothes for her.

"Miss Freda, we are not as picky as you are. It's hard for us, isn't it?" Molly's face darkened. At first she wanted to win Freda's heart, but after several encounters, she told her that she was a demon! She is picky, dissatisfied, and criticized you without any explanation. Now she has realized that she doesn't want to go this way.

"You are right. We are no match for you." Iimi smirked. Her face was stiff.

Freda was laughing but saying nothing. It was even a little stiff! His mother's words sounded in her ears. She would have to get his brother's approval before she carried out this! The only private hairdresser in the Lu Clan was afraid of being scolded by his big brother, so he refused to serve her with full attention!

Friend? Freda's black eyes are shining. The one who can be her friend has not been born! However, only she knew how lonely and upse

dit to Miss Freda's beauty.

Behind the Freda, there was a large mirror. If Freda turned back gently, she would see herse.

Her eyes were full of appreciation and pride. The feather Freda was like the most beautiful princess in the Middle Ages European court. The radiant smile on her face was enough to prove her satisfaction. "Iimi, Molly."

"Hey!" Both of them said in unison. They had made up their mind not to make Lancy stand out.

"You two can go now."

"Miss Freda..." Iimi and Molly were totally emotionless, staring helplessly at the Freda.

However, Freda was reluctant to cast a look at her. It gracefully walked to Lancy and looked at her beautiful face, "You have a good taste, but it's a pity that you are my second brother, Myron's secretary."

Myron? Myron? Lancy scratched her ear and stared at Freda. 'I remember that I came here to be Marvin's secretary?

"She is my secretary." A cold voice suddenly came from behind. Without turning back, the Freda has already known its owner for the cold air.

She opened her eyes wide in horror. Was it just a coincidence?

Lancy looks back. It's Marvin. She waves her paws, but she's not affected by his dark face.

Standing up, Marvin cast a sidelong glance at her He looked down at the bags on the ground and asked, "Did you have a good time shopping?"

The words were obviously said to Freda. But Freda bit her lips, and the smile on her face became more graceful when she turned around and asked, "Brother, why are you here?"

"Huh! You don't want me to come back?" There was a hint of coldness and displeasure in Marvin's voice.

"Of course not. You are my brother." The Freda was very nervous, but it knew that it was just a struggle, so it was better to bite the bullet. "I must get married."

Must? The man smiled and said mockingly, "Do you think why mom didn't tell you that I'm back?"

"Of course she was telling you to come back to attend your sister's engagement party." She couldn't believe it herself.

"The engagement has been postponed..."

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