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   Chapter 32 Little Tadpole Looking For Daddy

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10162

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"Really?" Myron mind was at rest now. He didn't doubt Rani at all.

Instead, it was Marvin. He smiled, his eyes full of ridicule. "Naughty girl."

After Rani made a face at Marvin, she leaned against him and said, "I'm not a naughty girl. My brother and I are playing the 'little tadpoles to find daddy'. Uncle Marvin, are you interested in playing it with us?"

Marvin lowered his head and gazed into her beautiful eyes which were as bright as the moon. After a while, he lifted his lips and said, "It is my great honor."

Instead of going back to the old house, Marvin took the baby to his villa in the Yangming Mountain.

As early as the day of his adulthood, he had moved out. He had never been pleased with so many people. This was one of his favorite places, and also the place where he was not allowed to come to bother.

Ray looked around the villa. It was about an hour drive from the entrance to the villa from the foot of the mountain. The road in the red leaf forest, the Emerald Lake, and the waterfall that poured down from the top of the mountain all belonged to the villa. It could be seen how luxurious this person lived.

"Do you like it?" Asked Marvin.

Ray pouted and said, "it seems that you can have a good life without mommy and me."

Since Rani had already broken free from Marvin's embrace, the two babies agreed with each other. She looked up at him with her misty black eyes and felt a little spiritless. "I'm relieved to see that my dad is fine It's better to have three people wandering on the street than four people. "

"What What did you just call me? " It was the first time that Rani called Marvin daddy. Even though Marvin was a cold man, he was deeply moved! The soft one was his daughter. And the cute one was his son!

Blood was so magical! His daughter was born to be close to him, and he was related to his daughter by blood?

Ray pulled Rani over to him and put his chest between them. "Don't get me wrong. That doesn't mean we admit you!"

"I'm your father," This is a fact that no one could change.

Ray's eyes twinkled. He was surprised at zed's seriousness. However, his nature of protecting his mother made him never drop his guard against this man. "But you should also ask my sister and me if you want it or not! We don't have father over the years. "

"……" Marvin squatted down, looked at Rani and asked, "Did you have a hard time these years?"

Wouldn't it be hard for a woman to live a wandering life with two children? Especially with her present personality and ability Ethan had never felt sorry or guilty. It was his first time.

"It's not that bad. I just don't have time to eat. I don't know where I am now." "Never mind. I'm not hungry at all." said Rani.

"I'm sorry." Marvin had never apologized to anybody? But he was guilty to the two children and her.

Hearing that, Ray was stunned for a while. He didn't know why he felt sad. He didn't care about this woman in the first place, but now he had an impulse to cry after she said sorry to him? Was i

know how many times they should watch every day. Why didn't they stop it? It was rare to see such an attractive woman, how could she let others see her? Her beauty was different from the beauties with exquisite makeup nowadays. She was so natural and animated, without any sense of distance, which made people feel warm in the heart.

The security guards at the door were stunned. They didn't realize that they were employees until Lancy went inside? incoming?

"Hello, I'm here for registration." Followed by the receptionists, Lancy came to the personnel department.

The personnel manager was a man in his early thirties. He was obviously stunned, and looked through the recent work schedule. There was no personnel arrangement on it, and he did not receive the notice from the top.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" The manager looked annoyed.

"I am Mr. Marvin's secretary, please come and report to me today. " Hearing that, Lancy stopped her voice in time and smiled bitterly. Fortunately, she forgot the rules of 10 workplace last night.

"Mr.Marvin?" The manager understood immediately. He looked at haze with some deeper meaning in his eyes and said, "let me take you to Mr. Marvin's office."

When I heard that you were Mr.Marvin's secretary, I was taken aback!

Lancy felt herself in a good mood. She felt that a secretary was very suitable for her, but she didn't recognize the disdain in her words.

Indeed, everyone knew how to enter a company without being trained.

She was connected by nepotism or she had sex with Marvin! Since she is Mr. Marvin's secretary Obviously, she had chosen the later kind.

"Mr.Marvin's office is on the 17th floor, and the specific information is conveyed to you by special people. But please remember that the 18th floor is a restricted area. No one is allowed to go up without boss's permission, or he will be immediately dismissed." There was no personal emotion in the manager's words. Anyway, it was her own business whether she would listen to him or not.

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