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   Chapter 31 Biological Father And Stepfather

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10388

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That's your stepfather, right? He's your Biological Father! 'Rani will be stupid enough' Ray thought!

"……" Ray's expression became more and more serious. He was covered with a layer of frost directly! 'Rani is a little bit muddled, but Mommy is really stupid, nothing more...'

Being fooled is the best thing she can do.

Both babies were wordless to the dark future.

Lakin, who had listened to their conversation for a long time, looked at Marvin who also listened to the corner carefully. His face was gloomy.

"I promise you." In the end, Marvin pinched the idea in the cradle. No, he wanted to strangle the woman who didn't know how to teach his son and daughter.

Coincidentally, the father and the son met in the air. Arrogant Ray immediately turned his head, completely ignoring him.

Holding back his laughter, Lakin came to the baby's side and touched their heads lovingly. "Are you so worried that mommy will not recognize the right person?"

At the sight of this, Ray and Rani nodded at the same time. They always thought that no matter what kind of person their mother was, she would always recoginze bad men.

"Great Grandpa will give you a way to monitor him and to know exactly what kind of person he is." Said Lakin with a mischievous smile on his face. He was obviously pleased with the compromise of Marvin.

There was a gleam shining in Rani's eyes. She took it seriously and said, "Great grandpa, good idea!"

With a wrinkled smile on his face, Mr. Lakin was very pleased with himself.

"Great Grandpa, you smiled crookedly. What's your purpose?" With her hands on her hips, Rani grabbed Mr. Lakin's beard.

Ray curled his lips. He had a faint smile on his face, which was even more infuriating than his naughty sister.

"You two smart guys." Then he nodded at Portia and led them into the study. After getting along with each other for several days, Mr. Lakin knew his great grandson very well. One could only say that children were clever and knowledgeable, perhaps because they were out of the village, they were much mature than ordinary children.

"Your mommy will go to the Wilson Group and be the Secretary of Marvin in a few days."

"Did great grandpa sell mommy to that Mr. Marvin?" Rani held the beard and didn't want to put it down.

"Your mommy is just a secretary," Lakin tapped on her head. He was not the kind of person who would sell his granddaughter for wealth?

Ray sat in his place just now like an adult. He asked in a childish yet mature voice, "is it because of the Wide Clan?"

Mr. Lakin knew that the two children understood what he said, and they must look far away! So the story began. "That's just one of them. Zed is in charge of a big company. Although Alaska is under his jurisdiction, he's been in a relationship with several directors recently. Therefore, in order to take over his position, he won't take any action! He was as domineering as he was in the high sea. But the Wide Clan is different from the Zed. Not to mention her official position, there are a lot of people who have been helped by the Wide Clan both in

e with him tonight."

And the so-called "him" was undoubtedly Marvin.

Upon hearing this, Myronn was overwhelmed with disappointment. 'Come home with his brother?' They had just met once, and it was already so intimate?

"Why?" The little man in Myron's heart had been shouting. And now, he was even anxious to perform the year's tragedy play in front of Marvin. 'Yes, he is the one who has been abandoned!' He almost grabbed the twins' collars and complained, "How could you be so cruel? How could you be so unreasonable?"

His wound looked serious and they want to add salt to it!

Myron forced a bitter smile. He tried his best to control his mood and look straight ahead.

"I heard Uncle Marvin has electric toys and small intelligence robot."

"A big swimming pool. And we can also take a hydrogen balloon~..."

The two kids looked at Marvin with innocent eyes. They were kids and wanted to have fun.

Upon hearing these words, Marvin raised his eyebrows and smiled.

In fact, the information they had gotten was from Myron. As the saying goes, one family doesn't speak two words. If there is something in Uncle Myron's family, and there must be something in Uncle Marvin's family.

Hydrogen balloon, was his home an amusement park?

Marvin cast a sidelong glance at Myron. 'I remember that Myron has it, ' he thought.

As the car was driving, Rani climbed out of the back seat out of instinct. However, Marvin reached out his hand and grabbed her. Rani held his neck with her arms and began to slowly touch his face.

"Your mommy doesn't know." He let the little girl do whatever she wanted on him.

Rani pouted her pink lips. She didn't think it was interesting at all.

"Rani, your mother must be very anxious now." While Myron was driving, he watched as Rani and his brother got closer. He felt very jealousy.

"Uncle Mr. Marvin, you guess wrong. I and my brother are good children. Let me explain to you." the little girl tilted her head to the right side and smiled like a little fox. If their could find the message on the lamp~

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