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   Chapter 30 Two Fathers

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He finally understood why the twins talked about having two dads when they met Marvin He also wanted to call them 'two grandson in law'? ?

Myron was also shocked. He had never thought that his brother would be in the Lan Clan. He shouted excitedly. Under his gaze, there was no more sound.

"Brother?" Looking at this one and another one, Lancy touched her chin and hesitated for a while. Suddenly, she clapped her hands and suddenly realized, "You look familiar. It turns out that you look like Myron!"


Raising his eyebrows, Marvin mumbled, "I didn't expect you know her so well."

"I didn't expect you were here, either." Looking at his brother who he admired so much, Myron suddenly had a feeling of unease. "Brother, do you know Lancy?"

Marvin remained silent. He sized up Myron from head to toe, not knowing what was on his mind.


"Uncle Myron!" The girl's voice was so soft that she threw herself at Myron.

Myron stretched out his hand subconsciously. It turned out that he was carrying Rani. Overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, he put on a big smile. He didn't even remember his elder brother.

"Uncle Myron, I'm telling you. Mommy was bullied in bed. Fortunately, this uncle saved her. Of course, I and brother can help her fight back the enemies." She yawned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"In bed? ?"

"Ship... Ship!" Ray explained it word by word.

Hearing that, Myron breathed a sigh of relief. In his opinion, the problem that his elder brother would solve in person could be seen what kind of danger Lancy was in. "Brother, thank you."

His long and narrow eyes squinted dangerously. He didn't know why, but what he saw was extremely dazzling. Lancy's enthusiasm to Myron, and the children's intimacy to him Even though he was her brother Did he miss something funny?

"Wow, it's so strange. You did it!" Muttered Myron. His brother was not the kind of person who would get involved in this kind of things.

Seeing that there was something wrong with his expression, Ray waved to hazeLancy and motioned for Marvin to squat. His little hands covered mommy's ears tightly. He said, "Mommy, Don't look or listen !"

It turned out that his sixth sense was right.

"Is it strange?" With his thin lips curled up a little, Marvin turned his finger and said, "what's wrong with saving my woman and my children?"

Myron was totally stunned. He looked at his brother with disbelief. He couldn't believe what he heard.

'Brother said, do you mean Lancy and their children?' wondered Myron?

Until then, he realized that the two kids looked exactly like him, but they also looked exactly like his brother! Especially, the look in Ray's eyes was like his brother's.

His throat seemed to be grabbed tightly, unable to make any sound. Myron had never felt that it was so hard to speak.

"Who said Daddy was definitely you? Don't forget, my mommy doesn't remember what happened six years ago. " Ray raised h

thick eyebrows and said, "From the perspective of genetics, he looks exactly like us. From the innate temperament, he is closer to us than uncle Myron. From the time and his reaction, his mother knew him six years ago, so the probability of his appearance is higher than that of uncle Myron. In the end, I assume that the answer is nuncle Marvin. "

"Wow! I'm so glad to have a father! Brother, daddy will play the game of height with me, right? " When Rani was three years old, she admired other kids. They were raised in the air and caught! But mommy was too weak to carry her.

Compared to Ray, Rani was more eager to see her father.

As for the reason why their two children had no complaint about it after six years? The answer was simple. Mommy had forgotten her father's full name. Such a pitiful father!

Never would Lancy know that, in view of her usually naughty behavior, the twins would imagine such a dramatic scene, where the protagonists were always the poor Daddy He had seen his wife disappear or take a big belly out of the house, or evaporate into thin air all of a sudden Life is utensils

Leaning against Ray on the floor, Rani said sweetly, "I found my daddy. Aren't you happy?"

Obviously, the twins had their unique electrocardiographic disorders, and Rani always knew her brother's true feelings at the first time. Thus, she rubbed between Ray's eyebrows, with a deep frown on his face.

"Even if he's daddy, so what? He's not good to Mommy. I won't admit him!" Ray still remembered the words "enemy" that man said. Smart as he was, he immediately overturned the conclusion of "being young" and instantly discussed the plot.

"Will daddy treat Mommy badly?" Like her brother, Rani had her eyebrows raised. Throwing off her high heels, she started to curse her father about his future crimes. "Huey, do you think that he will beat mommy and refuse to feed her before selling us? Mommy is so stupid, she might still help him count the money... "

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