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   Chapter 29 The Replacement

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In the reception room came a man who Lancy had never seen before. She was supposed to address him grandpa, according to her seniority.

Lakin only had one son, which was also Lancy's father. But in the generation of Mr. Lakin, there were three half-brothers. Although Lakin ranked the second, he was the son of the eldest son, but he is a legitimate son, It was his brother Latin who came to visit him.

The Lan Clan was a big group. Although it had inherited the family rules, it had something different.

The power of the Lan Clan and the Lan Group 65% of the shares controlled by Lakin, 25% of which are inherited by the eldest one, Latin. The third son Lapin, Lahin respectively in proportion. The rest 10% was owned by scattered shareholders.

After the death of Rhys, the son of the first branch of the Lan Clan, the situation in the Lan Clan had become very subtle, but with Mr. Lakin who guarded it, the situation had not been out of control! However, everyone was waiting for the day when Lanny stepped into the coffin. He didn't have the eldest grandson or daughter. The only way to deal with him was to find a man to replace him.Latin and others had always been watching him.

The male servants of the Lan Clan would show up in front of Mr. Lakin every month and take care of him for so many years. When they were waiting for windfall, Lancy suddenly appeared, breaking their whole plan.

On the second day when Lancy came back to the Lan Clan, Lapin couldn't wait to visit her, but was stopped by Mr. Lakin.

Latin is also a character. He can bear to come here only now, thanks to the news he just got.

Looking at the luxurious and spacious meeting room, Latin puckered his mouth. He didn't know since when the place where the Lan Clan received them had changed from the study to the sitting room.His good brother told them that they were collateral, that the Lan Clan was his Lakin, and that their brothers were just "guests".

Therefore, every time he came to this sitting room, he had a sense of humiliation! Everything of the Lan Clan should have belonged to him. Even Lakin always called him brother. In the end, it was him who inherited the whole Lan Clan.

What was more ridiculous was that he had known that Lanny was the successor of the Nalan clan since he became a member of the clan. However, he never changed his mind. He had been doing business for himself in the first half of his life and in the second half of his life. He always took the position of the top leader in the clan.

"Here you are." Mr. Lakin stood with his walking stick. He knew what he was going to do when he heard his arrival. If Lakin couldn't figure out what was going on in Latin's mind after he had fought for most of his life, he wouldn't be qualified to the throne.

Both were known as brothers, but deep in their hearts, they all knew that they had tried to maintain a peaceful relationship on the surface.

"Lancy is going home. As her grandfather, I have to visit her." Latin stood still, sipping the tea leisurely. "I was not in good health a few days ago, so I didn't come in time. Please forgive me."

According to her seniority, Lancy should have

the smile. The next second he noticed the man beside Lancy.

Lakin' eyes became cold. He studied Marvin discreetly. He had never seen a man like this before. However There is no one in Lakin that Lantian doesn't know. There is no such person here. Moreover, he is still so young.

"Who is this?"

"He is..."

"I'm a friend of Lancy." Marvin interrupted Mr. Lakin. He didn't even look at Latin. Moreover, he didn't like the way he looked at Lancy.

Latin was confused by his expression. What kind of friend could she make at the first time? She was almost cheated by the man's imposing manner. He must be pretending to be outwardly strong but inwardly weak!

How could a man in his early thirties be so aggressive?

Latin shook his head and proud of his sharp insight, he no longer took Marvin seriously.

"How did Lancy offend the Wide Clan? Since you don't want to talk about it, I won't force you. I have a good relationship with Zad, and I will say something in favor of Lancy." Latin turned around and raised his voice on purpose, trying to make up for his kindness all the time.

Latin had never thought that the two families would break up if it was only a small conflict? He was eager to show off that the relationship of Wide Clan, but he didn't know that the Wide Clan had long hated the whole Lan Clan to the core. He didn't know how great his "reputation" was.

"The Wide Clan..." Marvin snorted. He had an idea about the situation of Zed.

With a serious look on his face, Lakin also stared at Lancy thoughtfully. Did he really have to stop his granddaughter from entering the group?

"My Lord, there is a man outside who wants to see Miss Lancy." Brook came in, with an odd look on his face. He was even more surprised to see Marvin.

"Looking for me?" Lancy pointed at herself.

"Please come in." "He must be another pursuer of Lancy," said Lakin, waving his hands It's a good chance to show the man who was suspicious of his daughter's charm.

When Myron came into view, Mr. Lakin was totally shocked. He pointed at Myron with trembling fingers and said, "you, you Two... "

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