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   Chapter 28 Escape From Him

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Breath was burning. Lancy held back the unspeakable feeling. When they arrived at the villa, Lancy got out of the car as quickly as possible with her daughter and ran away from Myron.

"Mommy?" Lying in Lancy's arms, Rani was sleeping soundly. She rubbed her eyes and head against her shoulders before falling asleep again after finding the most comfortable posture.

"Are you afraid of me?" The mellow voice of the man seemed to near the ear of Lancy, Lancy was trembling slightly.

Lancy stepped back and stared at Marvin. He stood there, as if nothing had happened. Lancy looked confused and said, "Who is afraid of you?"

Seeing that Lancy was not faking it, Marvin walked into the home with Lan Clan in his arms.

Under the guidance of a servant, Marvin took Ray to Lancy's room without her permission.

Ray was still grabbing Marvin's suit when he fell asleep. Now he looked less sharp and less mature, which made him look like an innocent and romantic little angel. Marvin liked the way Ray fought against him. He liked the way he made threatening gestures, just like

Hearing her daughter's sweet words, Lancy looked at her son and daughter and smiled knowingly. Even the man sitting next to her was less perplexed. Next second Marvin broke her cognition of this second.

"Rani, Ray Are my children. " Marvin replied with understatement. It was not a question, but a statement.

Hearing that, Lancy looked back in astonishment. It was not until quite a while later that she regained her voice. "Who are your children?" Lancy asked

"What do you think?" Marvin staring at Lancy with easy

In the huge bedroom, Marvin looked at Lancy. They both fell into silence.

In addition to her two sleeping children, there was no outsider here. She could face him in her true colors, couldn't she? It was rare for Marvin to be so patient, and there was even a trace of expectation in his heart

"……" Puzzled, Lancy looked at the obscure expression on Marvin's face and was suddenly enlightened. She clapped her hands and thought, 'It's really unexpected that there are so many people who don't know who their fathers are and who don't recognize their children. It's my baby. My babies are so cute. Tut, Tut, it's so troublesome. How to break it?

"Mr. Marvin, Ray and Rani are my children." Lancy thought she was reminding him the truth.

"I know." Marvin looked askance at Lancy, implying that you had better give her a direct answer.

The black and white eyes stared at Marvin without blinking. Her intention of grabbing the fire was to pass her thought to Marvin in "all in silence", but obviously, the latter was like a block of wood, completely out of power.

Hearing that, Lancy lowered her head in frustration. She said, "Mr. Marvin, my children are indeed very cute. But they are mine, not yours. Do you understand?"

A glare appeared in Marvin's eyes, and it made a sharp glance at Lancy, from left to right, like there was a radar in it. All of a sudden, Marvin stood up, grabbed her hand and walked into the dressing room.

He approached Lancy step by step until she was pressed against the cold wall.

Lancy put her little hands against hi

enses and tuition fees. She made a happy decision that she would let her "Godfather" help her.

"Although you've got my consent, you have to take care of the baby for yourself. After all, we just know each other." She threw the problem to Jasper without hesitation. She didn't need to flatter him because she had nothing to worry about.

Marvin's eyes lit up when he heard this. He raised his eyebrows, became serious and said mysteriously, "who says we just knew each other. We have known each other since six years ago." She bit the word hard.

Hearing that, Lancy's smile froze on her lips. She was surprised.

Her memory, the acquaintance she had known for six years, all started at the time when she gave birth to the baby, and nobody knew about the previous incident, and she didn't know whom she should ask. But this man had said it for six years front?

"Are you curious now?" They were now on the same channel, which made Marvin very proud.

As he poked on her slightly open lips, her lips became so soft. She could not help but recall that kiss. Marvin licked his dry lips.

"You... You really knew me six years ago?" Lancy asked foolishly, itching to jump up to him and tell him the truth. Some beautiful night, when there were no clear memories, Lancy would occasionally think of those blank memories. No one likes broken memories. If there were a chance to know the truth, of course they should not miss it.

Marvin responded with a half smile. As he was getting closer to Lancy, his face suddenly became bleak. "We, we are enemies!"

Hearing that, Lancy's heart trembled. She looked into the pool in astonishment. The deathly stillness, coldness, fear... She thought that he was serious.

Hearing that, Lancy felt chilly on her back. All of a sudden, Marvin took three steps back, it seems that the man who is the enemy is not him.

What Marvin did confused Lancy. She couldn't tell which word he said was true or not. She still had a lingering fear when she watched his receding figure.

Lancy followed him. The moment the door was closed, Ray slowly opened his eyes.

…… Enemies?

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