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   Chapter 27 Two Dads

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The man's eyes lit up, a look that Henry had never seen before.

Embarrassed and bewildered, Lancy helplessly covered her head with her hands. How many times would she repeat such a scene! With her hands clasped behind her back, she said to her children earnestly, "Ray and Rani, I have told you many times, don't call anyone daddy, okay?"

The people in the crowd couldn't help but wonder in their mind, 'Are you really think they are making a mistake?'

Especially, the frosty look in the boy's eyes was exactly the same as that of a man. They bore a striking similarity!

Ray looked at the man up and down, and the man was staring at Ray, as if measuring each other's strength and resemblance.

Before Ray could figure it out, all of a sudden, darkness came over his eyes, and he found that it was Lancy who had covered his eyes. "Ray, stop looking at him. You can never find out the answer on his face." Even if Andrew said that on Ray's face, it was hard to tell whether he was telling the truth.

"But Mommy, he looks like us! Am I right, great grandpa? " Rani protested while making the alliance.

Mr. Lakin kept nodding his head and he was very excited. His eyes were sparkling and knew that the man was very extraordinary at once. Lancy had a unique view on male.

However, her answer mercilessly nailed Lakin's daydream. She rolled her eyes, "my dear daughter, you said the same when you met Uncle Myron."

"Uncle Myron Daddy... " She looked at her two hands, one for Uncle Myron and the other for Mr. Marvin. Her small features crinkled together, and she stole glances at men from time to time. She was so agitated that she couldn't help but howl, 'who is my daddy?'

The little girl fell into the pattern of being hit by ghosts, while Ray was much calmer. He lowered his head and thought about something, which made Lancy feel relieved secretly. During the whole process, she didn't even look at the man.

The man frowned at her words. His black eyes flashed with confusion. What happened to this woman?

The other one who felt relieved was Zed. Lancy firmly denied that. He was more inclined to believe her words. How could the father of her children be him? It must be just a coincidence!

After a psychological construction, Zed mustered up his courage again. "I'm sorry to make you laugh, Mr. Marvin. After I deal with this matter, I will definitely make an apology to you."

It seemed that he had forgotten that his so-called hitmen had already fled away.

The man didn't refuse, and then Zed wiped the sweat off his forehead and continued, "It's not that I'm bullying this woman, but my daughter was injured because of her. Please understand my heart as a father..."

Who had ever seen him talk to others so respectfully? The identity of this mysterious man was even more confusing. Jewelry tycoon and real estate tycoon, all of them shut up at the same time and waited quietly for the changes. No one wanted to offend people without reason.

The man's eyes were fixed on her from beginning to end, and he said lightly, "It was not her."

Zed opened his mouth several times and tasted bitterness. But he didn't dare to ask. Was he protecting Lancy?

"She is not who you think she is. Why should we believe you?" Eugenia didn't care who he was, she only wanted to seek justice for her daughter. She just knew that with the status of her husband's family, they didn't need to look down upon anyone, and they didn't need to care about anyone! "I see. You are her lover."

"Shut up!" He was scared to death that he had no strength at all.

"I shut up?" Eugenia raised her voice ten times, "if I shut up, who will seek justice for my daughter? As a father, you can't just punish the one who did this. What you only knows are how to behave like a shrew in front of your wife. You are not a man! "

The color left on his face darkened and Zed gave her a slap on the face at the same time. Seeing this, Eugenia was completely stunned. "You hit me?"

With misfortune written all over his face, Zed could do nothing but swallow his words back.

"No! No! No way!" The woman shouted. Her eyes were bloodshot because of hatred. She stared at Lancy and the man, as if she wanted to cut them into pieces to vent her hatred.

The man threw a glimpse to her and snorted coldly, "if you don't want to accept my challenge, I will be here for you at any time!"

How arrogant he was! With such a man, Zed couldn't even say a word to refute him!

Zed raised his eyes and looked at the man with complex emotions. Struggling in the family affection and toughness, he finally made a compromise under the indifferent gaze of the man!

Upon hearing that, Marvin's thin lips curved into a smile. Whether it was because of Zed, or because of the little boy who was unwilling to yield. His small body contained tremendous power. What gave him the courage to "fight" with him?

Eugenia was unwilling to give up and struggled to defend herself, but she was held tightly by Zed. She didn't care the red blood mark on her

hand, nor did she scream out the pain. Her husband had never been so depressed!

Perhaps it was because her pain woke up her clear head, she started to truly face up to this man. This man who humiliated her and yielded made her fearful. The colder eyes made her fearful. She lowered her head again. It was the trembling and fear deep in her soul.

Eugenia looked at Zed in bewilderment, and he nodded in an almost invisible way, which confirmed her guess that she really couldn't afford to offend him At least not now.

Biting her lower lip, Eugenia thought, 'well, not now Wide Clan, in addition to Zed.' She was filled with craziness.

"Very well, Mr.Zed, would you mind if we take the lead?" Marvin said slowly, but that was not when he asked for his permission.

The cruise ship was in the high sea, but this didn't mean no one would answer. Henry had already arranged their right front. They were even waiting for him to sell their private yacht!

"…… Of course! " Zed stepped aside to make way for them.

He can leave? Blinking with her lashes just like a small fan, Lancy's face flushed and she walked to Marvin and whistled. "Honey."

Hearing that, Marvin's body froze and the corners of his mouth twitched. He didn't know why he looked like that he was flirted?

He stared at a woman for a few seconds and didn't notice her. Was she too good at acting or did she really become silly?

"Let's go." Marvin and her two children got off the boat.

Throughout the process, Marvin only cared about one person, but he couldn't find any flaw.

However, the rough hearted Lancy did not feel at all about this. She hugged his daughter and whined. All of a sudden, Marvin's eyes went dark. Ray with a small face appeared in front of him.

Ray wanted to protect his mommy, but because of the height, his mommy was beyond his reach.

"Uncle, you just keep staring at my mommy. My mommy doesn't know you either." Ray stated the truth seriously.

Upon hearing that, Marvin gazed at Ray with his dark and deep eyes. After a while, he replied with a smile unconsciously, "you're six years old?"

"…… I'm six years old. " Ray, who was on the same line with Marvin, naturally understood what he meant. Even so, he was highly alert.

"Six years old..." Marvin glanced at her with knitted brows.

Now that Henry was standing between the kids, he wanted to interrupt them. He didn't understand what the two kids were thinking. They looked like his own kids! They were just being polite and made fun of each other.

Being a bad friend of Marvin, Henry felt sorry for what he had done. "Ray, you took after our boss the same way. Am I right, Miss Lancy?"

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but hold her daughter's round face with her hands and tilt her head to one side. Then she turned to look at Marvin and her son. With her white finger pointing at the crooked eyebrows of her daughter, she said proudly, "really? I don't think so. Ray and Rani look the same. Even their eyebrows are the same. "

"……" Blood was stuck in the throat. Henry just wanted to laugh. They were twins of opposite sex, and the result was totally the same 'Can we have a nice chat?'

Lakin said while wiping off the embarrassment on his face. He would never admit that his granddaughter had anything to do with the stupid word. Look, he was a genius in the field of changing the topic. He had mastered the technique of deceiving himself and was much better than before when Lancy had worked for him.

Mr. Lakin eyes wandered between Lancy and Marvin, trying to find some trace on his granddaughter's face. His granddaughter was so broad-minded Mr. Lakin was very morose about this matter.

Of course, Marvin was the most frustrated.

When the yacht was alongside the shore, they finally reached there. Reluctant to part with her, Lancy stared at the sea and sighed that the happy time always passed by, and she had not had enough fun yet.

"Melina..." Marvin mumbled, but Lancy didn't respond.

"Mr.Marvin, thank you for your help. If you don't mind, please come to my house." The reason why Lakin invited Marvin to Lan Clan was that he wanted to thank Marvin and "have a good talk" with Marvin. The most important thing was to find out the relationship between Marvin and Lancy.

"It's my honor. I have no reason to refuse your invitation." Marvin naturally held Ray into his arms. His warm body made him a little uncomfortable. At the same time, Ray was stiff all over, but he didn't refuse.

Without the kids around, Lancy and Marvin were sitting side by side. No one could really tell what was going on between them except the kids.

The fabric of this dress was thin. His white arms were quite strong and the line was clear. Their body touch made Lancy feel the tight and elastic touch. Her nose was filled with a unique and refreshing smell of a man. Although Lancy was slow, she could not neglect his existence.

Bang, bang, Bang It was the beat of her heart. Feeling numb all over her body, she had a strange feeling again.

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