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   Chapter 26 Atone For Your Debts With Murder

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9428

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Zed was stunned at first. As he realized that Ray was just a little boy, he didn't take him seriously at all! "Pay with your life for this murder..." Even a three-year-old kid knows this, I guess your mother has not taught you well I will not make things difficult for a kid. Cheryl, watch over Miss Lancy and hand her over to the police. "

"Uncle, don't be fooled by kids. Evidence matters! There is no such a thing as blaming others for hurting yourself. " Ray puffed out his small chest and showed no fear. "As you can see, my mommy didn't even touch your daughter. Isn't it too far to blame her?"

Lancy hit by someone and rushed to the edge of the table, which indirectly caused Nancy at the other end to fall. Didn't Lancy touch Nancy directly?

Not giving Zed any chance to retort, Ray said with a wry smile, "although Mr. Zed has a high position, but it is a society ruled by law now. If you wants to imprison my mommy, you will put her into detention illegally..."

Which six-year-old child would know what illegal detention was?

This was Lakin grand grandson. The late Lakin had already known what had happened. He did not believe that his precious granddaughter would do such a thing! Even if it was her unintentional act, Lakin would never let the Wide Clan take her away.

With a dragon head stick in his hand, Mr. Lakin walked close to haze, stared at Zed and said calmly, "Don't be afraid, Lancy. I'm here. No one can frame you up!"

"Frame her up?" Startled, Eugenia shouted, "Who is the victim? My poor daughter! She was kind enough to invite the daughter of the Lan Clan, but ended up with such a tragic ending! "

Lakin stood in front of Lancy to defend her from all the accusations and said, "Ray made it very clear. Lancy didn't even touch Miss Nancy's fingertips! In such a situation, how can you hurt a person badly? "

"Who knows what she did? Who else would do that except her?" Gritting her teeth, Eugenia wanted to cut Lancy's face, break her tendons, and let her have a taste of that pain.

"Enough!" Zed reproached Eugenia abruptly. Every time Eugenia mentioned his daughter, he felt pain again, with his fingers deeply stuck in his hands. "Mr. Lakin, Nancy's injury is a fact that can't be denied. Whether Lancy is deliberately or not, the Wide Clan will never let her go!"

"If you want to take away my granddaughter, the Lan Clan is not a place to be trifled with!" Since they had come to a deadlock, Lakin decided to take a tough stand.

"Grandpa!" Nina couldn't believe what she just heard. She turned to look at Lakin, wondering why her grandfather would be the enemy of the Wide Clan?

Since ancient times, the people did not fight with the officials. How could Lakin not understand this? However, for the entire Lan Clan, his granddaughter was far more important.

ion froze on his face. 'what's wrong?' he wondered?

The men in suit were so ashamed that they wanted to jump off the high sea. They tried to escape in a hurry, but they were stumbled by the trousers on their feet!

They scattered in all directions with their hands holding their trousers. The guests started to scream.

But, at this critical moment, was it really appropriate for he to stubbornly wear sunglasses and play handsome?

Rani chuckled and clapped her hands.

Meanwhile, Ray said in a serious tone, "sister, don't look. There must be something with your eyes..."

The cold man's attention was attracted by the two children, and his black pupils were constantly expanding, and after a second of blink, he said to Lancy, " Is this your child? "

Lancy showed her white teeth and said proudly, "Hmm, how do you think? My baby is super smart and lovely, isn't it?"

"……" The man was silent, and his dark eyes seemed to have a mysterious magic, as if they would absorb the person in them.

Not to be outdone, Lancy looked into each other's eyes and waited stubbornly for the man to approve her words without saying anything.

Marvin furrowed his eyebrows more tightly as he walked to her. He lifted her chin and asked uncertainly, "You don't know me?"

Her curly eyelashes blinked again and again. What's the situation of this? "Sir? eldest brother? Big... " Lancy almost lost her mind.

The man looked at her carefully and thought she wasn't lying, which made him even more miserable.

"Isn't my baby cute?" Lancy puckered her lips. did he need to think about that?

"…… The baby is fine. " The man thought for a while, an inexplicable emotion flowing through his black eyes.

Hearing that, Lancy smiled happily.

Hearing Marvin's words, both Ray and Rani were stunned. They looked at their own faces and then touched their cute cheeks Two? "

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