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   Chapter 25 True And False Jewelry

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"Why?" The Ray looked at Shelly with a half-smile. "Oh, aunt Shelly, come here to testify for me! You and that another auntie there when my great grandpa sent the jewelry to my mommy. My mommy had borrowed you for one hour! "

Shelly was pushed to the top of the group of flirts. She was unable to deny nor deny it. She was so upset.

At this moment, Michelle's face changed greatly and was even out of anger. She looked at Shelly for a long time. Since she was so compliant, didn't she understand the reason?

Michelle said with self mockery, "it's all my fault. I've mistaken someone else for her. I didn't expect that someone would even point at me! Shelly, good for you! I thought you were kind enough to transfer Dream Of SX to me, but I didn't expect... "

"No, Michelle, listen to me!" However, it was hard for Shelly to justify herself. She couldn't figure out why the story changed?

From the moment when she was sent to Lancy's room to her acceptance, there was no chance for Lancy to cheat! When she returned it to Lancy, it had been fake. It was impossible for Lancy to wear the true Dream Of SX, impossible

After thinking for a while, Shelly believed that Lancy was the most suspect, but she dared not confront her on the spot. Didn't this mean that she indirectly admitted that she had deliberately played tricks on her?

All the people present were smart enough to figure out what had happened just by a few words.

How could Michelle accept her explanation? She was so humiliated that she would never show up on such occasions in the past two months! She called in his private yacht and left at once.

The friendship between them had come to an end after Shelly had offended Michelle!

"Miss Lancy, I'm really sorry!"

"I knew Miss Lancy was not that kind of person. It turned out she was framed by a villain."

"Miss LAN, I am the manager of K construction company, please accept my business card..."

In a blink of an eye, Lancy was surrounded by many people, and the business card should not be too many~~

Lancy lost the most eye-catching crown, although she was a little confused about it.

Standing aside, Nancy looked the guests coldly. She was more sure that Lancy was not a simple woman and had made a wonderful counterattack. She was increasingly afraid of this woman. Nancy would never admit that she was not pleased because she was in the limelight.

All of a sudden, Lancy was pushed by someone and crashed into the table by her side.

Nobody would expect that the perpetrator left the crowd quickly after pushing Lancy. The small silver needle is made from the fingertips, which is the most special gift for Lancy.

Layers of high champagne poured down, pouring down the whole body, but Nancy only dripped with a muffled humming. In the blink of an eye, she was so painful that she couldn't even make a sound!

"Ouch, Mommy, you made a mistake again. " said Portia as she poked her Mommy in the face. Her Mommy didn't even blink for a second.

In fact, Lancy was scared and patted her chest. Luckily, she was not affected by the champagne.

However, Lancy was sure that she wouldn't be affected and miscarried because of anger?

However, it seems that no one has noticed Nancy's difference. It's not just a disaster

There was only one person who truly noticed this accident. That person saw everything. He was like a king looking down at everything! However, when he saw Lancy, his face became unpredictable. He thought it was an accident, an unbelievable All her emotions turned into a bitter smile.

"What's wrong?" The man behind him discovered his strange behavior. He stretched out his right blade and smiled. "You must be very interested in who the woman is. I guess she's your granddaughter. Lakin just found her? Well, there must be a good show to watch. "

Taking a glance at the man's right side face, the man said seriously, "a member of the Lan Clan..." What a big joke! How could she be a member of the Lan Clan?

Suspicions appeared in that man's dark eyes. He doubted the identity of the 'granddaughter of the Lan Clan'. He groped his finger, and the light in his eyes turned into smoke and disappeared without a trace.

"What about coming down together and watching?" It was rare that someone could arouse his interest, so how could Henry let go of this once in a century opportunity.

But the man just coldly glanced at her and was not convinced at all. "I think this farce can't end well. Poor lady Lancy. She is the scapegoat."

"You underestimated her." The man snorted and said no more.

Henry wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. The curiosity was aroused. Was he really familiar with Miss Lancy?

"What happened?" Eugenia heard the noise and rushed over, only to see her daughter lying in the debris of glass like a piece of rag, pale with fright. "Oh my God! What happened? Nancy, my Nancy, please, please Call Dr. Zack! "

Dr. Zack was a family doctor of the Wide Clan. He was present on such occasion!

The old man

, who was in his fifties, hurried to stop the shaking of Eugenia before he could wipe away his sweat. "Mrs. Eugenia, please allow me to see Miss Nancy."

There was no obvious wound except the scratches! She was more like a drowned mouse than an injured woman.

That was why Nancy refused to open her eyes. The crowd guessed that Nancy and Lancy might have a bad ending. Even Nina, the friend of Nancy, also thought so.

Unexpectedly, not to pretend to moan, Nancy was really in terrible pain.

"Dr. Zack, what's wrong with our Nancy? She might be safe and sound. Look at your forehead, full of cold sweat. Here comes some people. Carry the young lady back to her room. " Eugenia knew her daughter well, and she couldn't help but doubt that her daughter was behaving like this because she was embarrassed.

With a grim face, Dr. Zack stopped her. "Don't, please not move Miss Nancy. Nancy, does it hurt here? "

Dr. Zack kicked Nancy's knees gently. Nancy took a deep breath and her face was pale. Biting her lower lip, she groaned in a low voice.

Experienced, Dr. Zack immediately knew that something was wrong. His assistant moved all kinds of medical devices up, and the banquet immediately turned into a small hospital.

Everyone with discerning eyes knew that things were big.

Adoring her daughter, I dare not to breathe deeply, just staring at Dr. Zhang.

Having been working as a doctor for so many years, he had quickly come to a conclusion with both experience and equipment. However, he didn't know how to explain it to Eugenia.

In order to relieve the pain of Nancy, Dr. Zack applied medicine to her wounds. Only he knew that this wouldn't cure her, and Miss Nancy's left leg...

"Dr. Zack, what's the matter? Can you please say something?" Eugenia became more and more impatient. She turned to Lancy and said in a cold voice, "Please, Dr. Zack. Just tell us the truth. Let everyone know how vicious the murderer is! If anything happens to my Nancy, I won't let that bitch go! "

Dr. Zack was in a dilemma. Nancy was the invisible heir of the Wide Clan. If this matter was disclosed in front of the public, how could Nancy be seen in the future?

"Say it!" But Melissa was so arrogant that she wanted to embarrass haze. She wronged her daughter's injury.

"Miss Nancy's left leg is completely wrecked." Dr. Zack didn't tell her that not only Nancy's leg was broken, but even in this world, no one could save her leg.

"What did you say?" Zed's deep voice suddenly reminded him that he had just heard the bad news!

Eugenia was completely dumbfounded. She couldn't believe what she had heard. Was her daughter disabled?

Enduring the sharp pain, Nancy grabbed the doctor's hand and said with her eyes wide open, "Dr. Zack, what did you say? My leg, my leg It's impossible! It's impossible! I won't become a disabled person! "

Zed was trembling all over. How could any parents accept the fact that their daughter was intact and disabled in the next second? With his strong self-control, he managed to stay calm. He took a deep breath and asked, "Dr. Zack, are you Are you sure? "

Dr. Zack nodded with a serious look on his face. And then, he closed his eyes in agony!

Nancy couldn't accept the fact. Despite the pain on her legs, she struggled to stand up and shouted at Lancy, "It's all your fault! You are the one who wants to kill me! I'll fight with you today!"

"Nancy, my daughter, don't torture yourself like this. You can't move!" With tears and snot, Eugenia hugged her daughter tightly.

"So what? Mom, don't you hear me? My legs are broken. I'm totally a disabled person now! " Nancy was devastated. "It's all this woman's fault. Father, it's her who harmed me. It's all her fault!"

Looking at his daughter like this, Zed felt as if a knife were piercing his heart, and he wanted to cut the one who had caused all this into pieces! He soothed Nancy in a soft voice. "Nancy, leave this to father. I will get justice for you. Trust me! "

On the other side, Dr. Zack had the drug inject into Nancy, and asked his men to carry Nancy out of the villa.

The look on Zed's face was cold, and the anger suppressed in his heart seemed to pour out like a volcano the next second. He stared coldly at Lancy, with the intention of killing her.

"Lancy, Miss Lancy, you are a good girl. Very good!" In great anger, Zed laughed. His rage affected everyone around him. "What else do you want to say?"

The accident of Nancy was not expected by anyone. The onlookers were so scared that they dare not breathe.

In fact, Zed was not waiting for her answer. He had no patience at all. He waved his hand and said, "Since you have nothing to say, for your good attitude, I will help you intercede for the judge!" His eyes darkened as he decided to put in a good word for her.

"Wait!" Her small body was breaking the rules that couldn't be ignored. Ray and Zed looked at each other, and they didn't give in at all. "If you want to take my mommy away, you should ask for my permission first!"

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