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   Chapter 24 The Dream Of SX

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"Okay." Lancy showed that she was not familiar with her.

Nancy held on to the smile. This is not bad, isn't it? "Michelle, what happened? Who made you angry?"

"Is there anyone else? It's Miss Lancy!" Michelle's eyes were burning. She even did not like the Dream Of SX that she was wearing.

Nancy pretended to be worried and looked at the girl who was watching on. "Michelle, what do you want to talk about? How about going to my room?"

"No. It's not me who is wearing a fake. Why should I tell the truth?" Michelle straightened her neck and insisted on making it clear in front of everyone!

The two girls Shelly and Bertha tittered and turned to face Michelle. It was a pure pleasure for the two girls.

Because Dream Of SX what Lancy wears is fake.

"My dear big breasts auntie, please don't say that you have wronged my mommy. It was my grandpa who sent my mommy Dream Of SXer. He is the witness." Rani interrupted.

"Oh, who is the auntie?" Large breasts were the dream of every woman, but Michelle didn't want to be humiliated by others in such an elegant occasion.

Rani pointed at Michelle's breasts, who was wearing a white skin, and asked in a cute voice, "Brother, I didn't say anything wrong, did I? Big breasts Auntie has big chest, just like cow ~ ~ auntie, do you want to feed baby milk? "

Feed baby milk? The crowd chuckled and Michelle finally understood the words of the girl. She was in a bad mood. She was still single?

Michelle didn't dare to do anything to her child in front of so many people. She turned to Lancy and scolded, "Don't use a child to change the topic. You are such a mean woman!"

However, Lancy thought that she was so stupid to be involved in this matter?

"Miss Lancy, what's going on now?" Nancy reminded Lancy, "If you keep crowding around, it's not good for anyone!" Just admit it.

The cruise ship was already in the high sea. There was no way for Lancy to escape!

Nancy's black eyes twinkled. "Since you two are so determined, how about looking for some experts to do the identification?"

She invited Vivian, the eldest daughter of a Jewelry Tycoon. She majored in jewelry identification and had studied in Birmingham for four years. Her ability in jewelry identification was quite famous in the jewelry industry. No wonder Ken gave up his son and regarded her as a successor. She has made great achievements at such a young age. She was the one that Nancy wanted to woo most.

Michelle was even angrier at the innocent Lancy. She grinded her teeth and said, "Well, it's a fair way. I want someone to be convinced!"

Did someone mean her? Lancy didn't know what to say.

Everyone's attention was focused on Vivian at once. She raised her eyebrows in a black strapless dress, and her eyes were not smiling, but full of indifference.

Vivian laughed hysterically. Who gave them the confidence to make them believe that she would definitely help?

Lan Clan or Michelle, none of her business? It was not a small matter, okay?

"Miss Vivian, please do me a favor." Nancy said with an apologetic smile.

Not everyone could steal Nancy's face. Vivian was famous for her bad personality. There were only a few friends in the circle. "It's very troublesome. You can ask an expert for a paternity test after getting ashore."

"Miss Vivian, are you an expert?" Michelle's eyes were burning, "Would you like to do me a favor? Just tell me about it!"

Miss Michelle, this is not a reasonable attitude.

Vivian sneered and said on purpose, "Miss Michelle, I'm not an expert. I'm just a businessman in jewelry business. Don't flatter me."


Justina said, not in a hurry. She took the opportunity to show her personal charm and said, "Miss Vivian is so modest, not mention Ken, who teaches you in person, you must be more professional than experts! Please help them. "

Nancy's words were really beautiful. She was just an outsider of justice who tried to seek justice. She complimented not only her status, but also the way she spoke, which was in stark contrast to the arrogant and domineering Michelle.

"Miss Vivian, please tell us the truth." "I don't think Miss Lancy or Michelle can afford the accuse of selling fake heirloom. It will become a lifetime's stain if we don't find it out." Manla said

Apparently, Manla wanted to kick Lancy out of this circle and shame herself.

Everyone looked at each other and exchanged a knowing look, then Vivian agreed reluctantly.

Surrounded by Vivian, men and women held their breath and watched her every movement.

As a great jewelry appraisal master, she always carried the tools with her. Her tools were customized from German. Although they were small and exquisite, they were all made by famous people and were as useful as the normal ones. They could be carrie

d with them all the time, so Vivian spent a lot of money on this. But she never expected that they would come in handy on such an occasion.

"Please take the Dream Of SX off!" In the face of such an occasion, Vivian was always serious.

On the contrary, Michelle was very happy. When she saw that Lancy didn't move, she sneered, "So, now you know you are afraid?"

"Miss Lancy, if you admit it now and apologize to Michelle... Well, it's too late. We're already here. Just be quick! " Then Manla turned to look at Shelly, waiting for the answer.

After looking around coldly and looking at the disgusting face of Nancy, Ray laughed angrily, "Mommy, since aunt wants to play with you so much, just play with them. Great grandpa is right. It's really a good chance to make friends! "

Hearing that, Lancy tipped her head slightly and seemed to have suddenly understood what had happened. She said, "So you want to play with me. Just tell me directly! I hate being roundabout. Here you are... " She shouldn't have dragged down the necklace. The onlookers were heartbroken even if they had already known that hers was a fake!

Vivian put on her snow-white gloves, carefully took the Dream Of SX on her left and right hands. "On my right hand is the Dream Of SX of Miss Michelle. On the right is Miss Lancy's. is that okay?"

The crowd did not even blink their eyes. Even if Vivian cheated intentionally, she could do nothing!

Of course, Vivian had professional ethics, and she was so proud of her professional skill, so she would not be interested in doing that.

Vivian seemed to be alive with the silver set of instruments. Outsiders had no idea of her means and her actions, but the development of this matter was much faster than people had imagined!

Vivian stressed while studying it, "the reason why Dream Of SX would become the world's treasure is not only because of her ingenious design and production, but also because it comes from the purest jade of four colors. Without any man-made add, the designer spent nearly ten years, and he even tried not to destroy it's natural jade Dream Of SX was the simplest and most complex race because it was painstakingly carved, which built its unparalleled position. "The Dream Of SX becomes the most easily identified emerald... "

As the speech was about to come to an end, the result had already been in her mind.

Vivian stared at Lancy as if she was implying something. "This fake is always just a fake. It's not going to change its nature no matter how high it is!"! Do you know the difference between natural and artificial emerald? "

Her question seemed to reveal the real result to everyone. Everyone looked at Lancy with irony and taunt, wondering whether she was really a good person or she was caring about the Lan Clan's respect for Lancy?

"I don't know about jade." Lancy was so blatant, as if she had nothing to do with her!

Vivian, who was supposed to be serious, suddenly gave a mysterious smile and said, "The dreamy Dream Of SX is not as good as the real one, but it is also valuable. The emerald it is made of superior artificial jade. It is hard to distinguish the difference between the two! The biggest difference between the artificial emerald and natural emerald is that the surface of it is highly corroded. After Charles placed it, the color and lustre of the emerald are different, and even the gravity of it is different... "

"Why do you say so much? We can announce your answer directly. " Michelle raised her chin proudly, waiting for the moment of victory.

To everyone's surprise, Vivian's eyes fell on Michelle, with coldness and disdain in her eyes. "Miss Lancy, Dream Of SX is a real one, and Miss Michelle is a fake."

Everyone was silent and looked at Michelle in disbelief. No one could accept the result, and no one had ever doubted it!

Vivian's words had the same authority as the testing agency. That was also the reason why Nancy had invited her to take part in the task.

"How could it be?" They said in unison one was Michelle and the other was Shelly.

"It's impossible! It's impossible!" Michelle screamed. Her Dream Of SX couldn't be fake, how could it be fake!

Michelle couldn't accept such a fact. When she hysterically looked into the calmness black eyes of Vivian, she was back to her senses with a shiver!

Vivian humphed, "If you don't believe me, you can ask the reliable identification expert to do the test again!"

As soon as her words came out, who was there any doubt?

Everyone looked at Michelle with astonishment. Did she pretend to be ignorant? In fact, she was the one who wore the counterfeit?

She looked back at Lancy's Dream Of SX again and realized that the hers was first-class Some people guessed that Michelle was playing the "Dream Of SX" on purpose.

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