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   Chapter 23 Kevin Takes A fancy To Her

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Nina lowered her head, wiped her tears and faltered, "please don't ask..."

"Nina, do you still take me as your friend or not?" Nancy frowned and said in a heavy tone.

Nina stared at Nancy with a complex expression. It seemed that she had summoned up all her courage. "The two clans are going to get married, but unfortunately, it's not me Is with my sister... "

Nancy didn't know what had happened in the Lan Clan. She asked in confusion, "Who is your sister?"

Lowering her head, Nina hid her true identity and thought, 'She is my father's another daughter, or illegitimate daughter.' Lancy managed to attract Mr. Lakin and brought shame on my family.

Just in a few days, everyone knew the existence of the second daughter of the Lan Clan, which forced the Lan Clan to admit her identity.

What's more, she had no idea how to persuade the Mr. Lakin to introduce Kevin to her. How could she expect that she didn't appreciate Mr. Lakin and was going to look for another handsome man at the banquet! A typical two faced double dealer, who was watching the two in one bowl and watching the other in the other!

With a worried look on her face, Nina frowned tightly and said, "I'm really worried about you. How sad will Kevin be if he finds out that he is fooled?"

"Does Kevin really fall in love with her?" Nancy didn't believe that not as smart as Kevin was, he wouldn't be fooled by an evil woman?

"Kevin said he fell in love with her at first sight..." Nina repeated the words of Kevin's bitterly, while the resentment hidden in her eyes could not be hidden. "Fortunately, Kevinn is unable to attend the banquet. If Kevin saw her like that Fine. When she gives up, she will be loyal to Kevin. "

Fall in love at first sight? Did she mean that Lancy was good-looking? In the eyes of women, it was no exception if gender was related to foxes.

However, Nancy loves Nina. It's not her style to indulge that illegitimate daughter!

It seemed that Nina knew what Nancy was thinking. She murmured to herself gloomily, "since Kevin likes her, he won't marry her unless I wish him happy. What else can I do?"

Tears streamed down her cheeks. It hurt so much as if a knife was cutting her heart when she thought of the fact that the bride was actually not her!

Nancy was also aware of Nina's strong sexuality and her great affection to Kevin. That was why she was beaten so badly by Lancy. That girl was not an ordinary girl!

Not knowing the deep impression she had on Lancy, Nancya had a very bad impression of her.

Nina was worried that Nancy didn't believe her. Holding Nancy's hand, she cried more fiercely. "Kevin doesn't even mind she has two children. What can I do? Nancy, I'm really sad If you can't make Kevin happy, why did you take him away? "

"Why? Maybe you are more open-minded. " Nancy said in an angry tone. She had seen a lot of women like Lancy! "If you want to stand out in my party, you should ask master first!"

Nina dropped her head and hid her face, perfectly hiding the intention behind her eyes.

Lancy, a good show is coming tomorrow! Just wait and see!

The next day, on the cruise ship.

Shelly, who wore a long red dress, nodded at Nina. On the other side, Bertha wore a meaningful smile, and Nina knew what she meant immediately.

"Nina, where is your sister?" Nancy was the princess today. The delicate makeup and the magnificent dress designed by dream outlined her figure perfectly, elegant and nifty.

"She came with Grandpa." Nina touched the necklace.

Nancy raised her eyebrows and smiled interestedly. "Oh!" She was escorted by Mr. Lakin. No wonder she suppressed Nina and didn't say anything more.

Nancy looked around. Looking at the familiar face, she was very satisfied. Ignoring Lancy, she swam among the guests like a butterfly. Receiving the envious eyes of the guests, she praised her sincerely.

Suddenly, it became quiet.

Nina and the other two girls clinked their glasses and lighted up as they saw Lancy!

The eyes of the handsome men and women were all attracted by the person standing in the back seat. The boy was wearing a small bow tie and stood solemnly at the left side of the girl, while the girl on the right was wearing a pink and fluffy princess dress and sweetly smiled at everyone. The group of golden boy and jade dazzled everyone's eyes.

What was more attractive was the girl. The men took a deep breath and widened their eyes. They were really not sure if she was a human or a mermaid in the sea.

What made the women flabbergasted was the jewelry worn by the girl. Was that the 'Dream Of SX'?

"Why are they staring at us?" Lancy blinked and asked in confusion.

"Because Mommy is so beautiful!" Rani said, raising her chin proudly.

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but narrow her eyes into two thin lines. "Oh! My baby is so sweet..."

"Sister is right!" Ray nodded incessantly, indicating that his sister was right. However, his eyes were fixed on Nina who was not far away from him.

Nancy frowned a little. She finally found a strange source. She talked to the girl who was known as Lancy, "Ni

na, is this your sister? 'She is really a little beautiful. "

Nina stared at Lancy with discontent and replied, "yes..." If she doesn't have a pretty face. How could she win Kevin's heart?

"Whose daughter is she? Why haven't I seen her? '? The men kept asking about her.

"Dream Of SX..." Dream Of SX The women ran into a dead end named "Dream Of SX" and couldn't get out.

Shelly winked at the girl, who was a few steps away from Lancy. Noticing this, Manla approached Lancy with a smile, "Hey, aren't you the daughter of Lan Clan just reunited? Is this your child?"

"I am Lancy. Who's that?" Lancy was sure that she didn't know this woman.

"We met before in the Lan Clan. You are such a busy lady. I'm sure you don't remember us." "It seems the rumor is true. You really got pregnant before marriage?" Manla said coldly and staring at Dream Of SX How dare you. If I had done such a embarrassing thing, I would have been thrown out of my house. "

"Oh, so she is that Lancy."

"It's shameful to have the face to attend such an occasion with your kids. "

"I heard that you don't even know who is the baby's father!"

Lancy didn't know why Manla said that, but she knew the viciousness in it. She said, "this lady lives by the sea, right? I don't think you should cares about anything about me."

"Miss Lancy, you're such a clever girl. You can do whatever you want, but you can't stop others. Everyone knows you have coaxed Mr. Lakin into believing you. We can't afford to offend you. Why don't we just shut up?" Manla said

What a shameless bitch! She still wants to pretend to be a chaste lady. That's typical of the noble lady, Miss Lancy!

Manla left with a look of defeat, making people feel that Lancy took advantage of the power to bully people. People looked at Lancy with their eyes full of contempt.

"Who sent Dream Of SX to her?" He raised his voice so that everyone could hear, "How generous he is!"

"Well, beautiful women always need gifts from men!"

Lancy scratched her ears. It was her grandfather who sent her Dream Of SX. How could that become a adulterer? Just as she was about to say something, Ray tugged at the hem of his mommy's dress, his serious face wearing a sly smile.

"Look!" Someone shouted, "How come there are two sets of Dream Of SX?"

The belated Michelle wore the same Dream Of SX as Lancy's. There were only four sets in all four colors in the world, and they were unique, and would never be the same in two sets! Unless one was a fake.

Everyone in the business circle knew that Michelle wore famous brand clothes or was very generous. Since the Sen Clan ran the oil business, she didn't need to buy counterfeit goods at all. Everybody judged who was the real and who was the fake.

Michelle was obviously stunned. She stared at Lancy with an unfriendly look and raised her eyebrows, "Dream Of SX, interesting..."

"It's the same with me!" Lancy giggled. Don't you think it's interesting? It was like a movie star who had the same dress as on the same occasion. Fate, it was a matter of fate.

Unfortunately, nobody else thought it was fate.

"The same as you?" Michelle sneered, "Who's the same with you? Fake!"

"Miss Lancy, please don't put on any other things that a man gives you." Manla giggled.

"You're right. Who would be so generous? It turned out to be a fake."

"Tut, tut, look at that ignorant little appearance. Do you think she is pretending or she is really stupid?"

Michelle walked to Lancy and looked down at her, "Don't stand here like that any more. You're so humiliated!" Take off your fake one! " Although it was a fake, it was an eyesore to her.

Michelle was as hot as her chest. She hated it the most when others owned the same thing.

Lancy stepped back subconsciously and covered her neck, "What are you doing? Robbery in broad daylight! It's a gift from Grandpa. If you want to remove it, just do it. "

Grandpa? Was it Mr. Lakin? Did Mr. Lakinn send her Dream Of SX?

Nancy squinted slightly. She couldn't understand the required meaning of this farce.

"What did you say?" Michelle stared at Lancy in disbelief and asked, "you mean, my Dream Of SX is fake? Do you think that everyone will believe you if you tell them grandfather's name? "

No one would believe that Lakin would give a gift to Lancy. After all, Lancy had not been officially recognized by the Lan Clan. Moreover, Mr. Lakin was not the kind of person who liked to give gifts to others.

"Grandpa sent it to me. You are so weird." Would Lancy be scared by the furious Michelle? Stop kidding! "It's just a show! Don't make a fuss? My Ray knows it's wrong to steal others' things. If you like it, I can borrow you to touch it. But you... "

She couldn't even compete with her six-year-old son Lancy shook her head, her face full of disappointment.

"Miss Lancy, you are such a sweet talker!" Nancy appeared in the manner of master with a warm smile, but unfortunately the smile did not reach her eyes!

"Who are you?" Lancy said angrily.

"I'm Nancy, the host of this party." Nancy looked up proudly, waiting for Lancy's admiration.

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