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   Chapter 22 Confidante

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Lancy has made two good friends recently. One is her cousin, Shelly, and the other is Bertha.

It was very rare for Lancy who was outside for years. It was even more strange that she knew two friends at one time.

"Lancy, I didn't expect you to have two kids at such a young age." On the one hand, Bertha could not help but take pleasure in her misfortune. After getting along with her for two days, she felt she was not as noble as before. In the upper class, every rich man would never accept a woman with a burden. "Why is your skin so fair?"

Lancy touched her smooth face and pinched Bertha's, pretending to be serious, and then she nodded, "of course. Look at this little face. I don't know if it is smooth or not. I was surprised when I touched it, but I didn't realize that you have a hiccupping hand. Your face is so thick with foundation. It's not good to apply it! See I never put on makeup! "

This woman, who had made all her efforts to seduce frank and told her the secret of her skin care from the bottom of her heart.

Bertha covered her head and wondered who the hell she was from?

Her baby face was red because of the embarrassment. Bertha tried her best to comfort herself, 'it's not a bad idea to speak straightforwardly. It's easy to offend people. I have to endure it. I must endure it!'!

As for Shelly, she felt like she was the mistress here. She turned over the closet, and then she was working on the jewelry box.

"Lancy, Grandpa treats you so well. There are so many jewelry. You can't use them all for the rest of your life, can you?" Shelly was jealous and hateful. There was everything she wanted, such as gold and silver. She had only returned to the Lan Clan, but there was such a complete set. "If one day you can't live on, sell these to the market and you will have a good life."

Don't be too easy on the day of the bereaved dog

Lancy touched her chin and gave an approving smile to Shelly. "Good idea. Save it for my daughter. I can sell it if I need it later." The daughter was only six years old, but she was already thinking about dowry all the time. How poor parents were.

"Miss Lancy, Mr. Lakin ordered us to send this here." A few servants appeared in front of Lancy in a respectful manner, followed by five or six people. Each of them was carrying a jewelry box, and the rest of them were push out a series of dresses of different styles.

She finally realized what was being pampered! Nina had lived in this world for more than twenty years, and she never thought of being spoiled!

"Ah! Isn't it The Dream of SX?" Bertha screams, if there is no servant present, I wish I could jump up and hold the jewelry box.

Dream of SX was a limited edition of jewelry. There were only four sets all over the world.

The four sets were divided into five different colors, symbolizing the elegant red, the unbearable pure white, the dreamy blue, the noble purple orchid, and each of them was unique! Dream of SX was so wealthy that many people had tried their best to buy it but failed. A pure white and purple were bought by the queen of the UK and the first wife of the Prime Minister of Chicago. They didn't expect that the blue one was bought by Mr. Lakin and he even gave it to Lancy!

"Yes, it's a Dream of SX. Mr. Lakin shot it yesterday. He told us to send it to you in person." The maid enviously stared at the it prosperity. It was the dream of all women, but unfortunately, it was different from others.

The maids got out of the room with mixed feelings. It was a world they had never been able to get in, and the appearance of Lancy inadvertently became the typical representative of the pheasant to the Phoenix in their hearts.

"Yes, it's very beautiful." Lancy touched the quality of the jewelry and began to match the dress.

Shelly and Bertha exchanged glances, and saw a meaningful haze in each other's eyes. If Lancy to wear them on the stage, it will undoubtedly be the one that attracts the attention of all It seemed that Mr. Lakin wanted her at all costs!

"Lancy, Dream of SX, can I wear it?" Before waiting for her response, Shelly held her hands affectionately and acted like a spoiled child.

Bertha curled her lips and said nothing. Only they would like to lend dream to others. It seemed that Shelly made a mistake.

The Dream of SX? If it were Nina, she would never lend it to anyone! This was the Dream of SX! She wouldn't lend it to somebody else if she didn't appreciate it enough?

Lancy was selecting dresses, without raising her head. At the moment, she hadn't gotten the time to serve them yet. Doing two things at the same time was not her strong point.

Both Bertha and Shelly thought that she didn't want to do that. And it was reasonable for her to reject silently.

Only the kids knew that it was not that mommy did not want to, but that her attention was not paid on it at all. Didn't you see that she did not have an eye on Dream of SX? The jewelry box was still in Shelly's arms!

"It's so bright! It's so pretty!" remarked Rani with a grin. Unexpectedly, the eardrop was held in Rani's hand with two fingers. Then, she put it in her own ear and drew it in the air.


he eardrop was going to drop from her hand, as if it would fall on the ground the next second. Both Shelly and Bertha were breathless with fear, especially Bertha. Beads of sweat dripped down her forehead. As an adult, she had never been so nervous in front of others.

"Rani, be a good girl. Give me the eardrop," Shelly's eyes were wide open. She would like to grab such precious things more if possible. How could it be played like a toy by a child?

Of course, the baby didn't give it to her. Hanging the earring on her index finger, she said in a wobbly voice, "Why did I give it to you? This is my mommy's Mommy, would you like to play with them for me? "

"Okay!" Lancy agreed without hesitation.

Holding her breath, Shelly was about to faint! She wanted to use the collar of Lancy to wake her up. Did she know the unique treasure of the Dream of SX? Even if one lost one of the small accessories, it would become the most regretful thing in one's life.

Holding the jewelry box tightly, Shelly was afraid that Rani would take other things when she was not noticing. Only a woman like her who didn't know how to cherish didn't deserve the opportunity to get the necklace.

A complicated thought eventually came up in her mind and she just couldn't get rid of it. Shelly stared at the dream of SX, and then looked at Lancy. She finally had a very good idea!

Ray always paid attention to the expressions of these two women. Seeing that Shelly was lost in thought, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

"Lancy, well, can you lend it to me?" It took Shelly a lot of efforts to achieve her goal! Just now, she just wanted to appreciate, but now, she had to get the Dream of SX. If Lancy was still unwilling to borrow it She didn't mind using dirty tricks.

"Rani, even if you know Auntie can't afford it, you shouldn't mention it in front of others." "She will be doomed." Ray pretended to be kind to educate Rani

Shelly almost fainted. Was it embarrassing if she got off the stage like that?

"Since Auntie likes it so much, Mommy, let's give her all the jewelry." Ray changed the subject and said with a smile.

Well Bertha pinched her ear, wondering whether she had a hearing problem.

Shelly, who was ready for being rejected, was also stunned. She looked at Ray like a demon and sneered, "Don't be naughty, kid. You can't make decisions on this matter." He is just a little boy, not a smart boy!

Bertha rubbed her head and smiled coldly.

"Okay, as Ray wishes." Lancy nodded her son's nose with full of love! If it was Ray who asked her to flush the toilet, she would do it without any hesitation.

"……" These crows flew over Shelly and Bertha's heads. No matter how much they beg, they could do anything they wanted?

"Well, we are friends. How can you make a friend unable to see and touch? "How generous I am!" Lancy waved her hand leisurely without the slightest care.

Shelly didn't want to say anything more. Since they were friends, why did she act like that?

Putting the earrings back, Rani said coldly, "Auntie, do you want them or not?"

"I want it!" Without any hesitation, Shelly kept moving without a pause.

Lancy waved her hand casually and said, "You can take it if you like. Remember to give it back to me."

"Just an hour." A devilish smile appeared on Ray's face.

"How can an hour be enough?" Shelly protested.

"What? You are not willing? If you don't want to go with us, please give us back, "said Rani indignantly.

"Okay, I will get there in an hour." Shelly clenched her teeth. She would be satisfied if only she could move fast.

Hearing that, Ray and Rani looked at each other with a smile. Nobody except themselves knew clearly the deep meaning behind each other's smile.

The baby looked at his mother who knew nothing about it. Ray stood tall and felt that there was a heavy weight on his shoulder. Poor baby, at a young age, worried about his mother.

When Shelly returned jewelry to Lancy, Lancy winked at the twins, as if to show off that her new friends were reliable.

However, Lancy did not notice the strange expressions of the babies.

On the other hand, Nina only learned everything from the phone. As the "best friend" of Nancy, she was more honorable than usual. She had met Nancy the day before.

If Nina was the miss of the big family, Nancy was the daughter of a famous family. She was more like the little princess in the castle and didn't know what difficulties the world had. Although she seems generous, deep inside, she is a self-centered. She always has a sense of superiority, even for her good friend Nina.

"Nina, why do you look so sad?" Nancy asked curiously.

"I am not!" Nina managed to force a smile. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that.

Nancy was amused and said, "you are seldom in low spirits. What's up? Is it related to Kevin?"

Nina lowered her head and felt wronged. Tears were shining in her eyes. "He is not my Kevin..."

"What's going on? The marriage between the two families will be held sooner or later. Didn't you make your plan well before? " Nancy had known Nina for almost ten years, but she had never seen her in such a way!

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