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   Chapter 21 Twins Chooses Daddy 2

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Because the invite to attend a three-day later Cruise Party, Shelly, Nina's cousin and Bertha, who was supported by the Lan Clan, came to the Lakin House.

Shelly was disappointed that she didn't see Lancy the first time. She had been well dressed and hoped to defeat Lancy. A woman who had a normal life would become a phoenix in a flash. How could she be compared with the daughter of a noble family? Anyway, Lancy was just a pheasant. She just deceived people with her identity.

Shelly didn't like Amanda, but it didn't mean that she was on the same team with Nina.

When Nina came back to the Lan Clan, she was already seven years old. People might not know this fact, but Nina was an illegitimate daughter! If she did not exist, the direct branch of the Lan Clan would be disown. From then on, Lancy was missing and her parents were dead. Nina was their eldest granddaughter.

In the past, she was almost transferred to the main branch of Lan clan, and Shelly didn't think of any other shameless defeat her entering Lan clan.

"Oh, the only Miss of the Lan Clan, long time no see," said Shelly with a smile covering her mouth. "Ah, no, now that uncle Rhys's daughter is back, Nina, will you lose the only one to be named, will you?"

Nina was elegant. She rubbed the edge of the glass with her index finger and said: "what are you talking about? I don't care about this reputation at all. My little sister has come back. Am I not the daughter of my father anymore? Isn't she the direct descendant of the Lan Clan? It's hard to say about the blood lineage. Some people can't change their bloodline even if they are born, while some can be noble. Cousin, don't you think so? "

"Cousin Nina is right. The bloodline can't be changed." Bertha was a beauty innately and the ideal object in the heart of the otaku man is the childlike face and the giant breast. However, his mouth was well-known for being sharp. Yes, with the help of her noble cousin, she was still planning to pursue her own wealthy life!

Shelly sneered. She knew that Bertha was one of Anna's gunners and she was loyal to Nina! "Sure enough, you're my cousin. People all know that you love your cousin very much. She's so obedient to you and behaves like a doormat. If not for Nina, how could she be at Miss Nancy's party? "

Everyone in this city knows that the power of the Wide Clan is throughout the whole city. Her father is the leader. Although Mr. Wide has just retired from his position, he is still the person in charge of the Wide Clan.

Nancy was the apple of the eyes of the granddaughter of the Wide Clan. Wide Clan had so many sons. However, there was such a lovely girl in his family. Everyone spoiled her and wanted her to be the apple of his eye. Nancy didn't even care about the original plan. She just said holding banquets and staying on the cruise ship.

Coincidentally, at Miss Nancy's birthday party, the successful men in Alaska were invited. Not only beryl was happy, but the Wide Clan were also happy. They could communicate with big shots. Why not?

Nina was also important in Alaska. She was Nancy's friend, so she was invited before she asked for the invitation.

As for Shelly, she only did it for the sake of the Lan Clan. Not to mention Bertha, Nancy didn't know this woman at all. Being invited? Humph! In fact, they were not allowed to go to the heavenly library!

"Who has the luck to have a good cousin like me?" The corner of Bertha's mouth twitched. She had already hated Shelly? Now you laugh at me, but when I marry a rich man someday, I'll let you suffer all the humiliation I've suffered.

Shelly coldly glanced at her and said, "Yes, you're right. How many incense did you burn in your last life?" She said this not only to Bertha, but also to Nina.

Nina was very sullen about the hostile relations between Shelly and Bertha, which made her even more irritated. Nina was about to lose her temper, but suddenly she became very gloomy and said, "The one who is really lucky is Lancy. You don't know, grandpa likes her very much. The servants who serve her are beyond ten fingers. He is afraid to make her suffer. In the future, maybe Lancy to take charge of Lan Clan.

Hearing that, Shelly's face changed dramatically. Lancy was different from Nina. Though Nina was a illegitimate daughter, her family background was not perfect, Lancy was the legitimate granddaughter of Lan Clan. There was a strong possibility that Mr. Lakin would hand over the whole family to Lancy.

"I don't think so, cousin. Is that Lancy who has the ability to take over the family?" Bertha is unbelievable. No matter in education, ability, appearance or contacts, Lancy can't be compared with her cousin's.

"She is spoiled by grandpa. You don't know that in order to persuade her, grandpa played with the Han Clan few days ago." "I don't mind. It's what I should do," said Nina, Kevin is here. I believe my sister is OK. "

"The Han Clan? Kevin?" Biting her lips, Shelly thought, 'if I have the help from the Han Clan...

"Kevin!" Bertha remarked with her hands on her pretty face. A hint of unwillingness could be seen in her eyes.

"But it's not necessarily I remember that the Wide Clan has invited many noble young men. I am thinking that grandpa should take this opportunity to choose a better one for my sister... "

"Better?" Shelly and frank almost screamed?

Was Mr. Lakin too ambitious


After her calmed down, Shelly looked at Nina doubtfully, "Really?" She didn't want to be used.

Nina smiled and said, "I was just guessing." In other words, believe it or not.

While they were talking, they heard Mr. Lakin's voice from downstairs.

"Oh, Lancy, you're back. Ray, RaniMy baby, come to my great grandpa. Do you miss me?" Holding the two kids in his arms, Lakin said, "Grandpa has missed you so much."

"Ray and Rani miss you too!" The babies replied with sweet voice.

"Ha ha, good girl!" When Lakin saw the shopping bags in the servant's hands, he asked, "Did Kevin buy these?"

Ray put his arms around his grandfather's neck, raised the corners of his eyes and said in a low voice, "yes." The little guy was unhappy. He was not poor. Why should he ask an outsider to buy something for his mommy.

He had no bottom line to please his mother, which made his mother more fond of shopping.

"Grandpa, Kevin a good man." Lancy had never been so happy. Was she over excited? Her round eyes narrowed into a slit, and labeled Kevin heavily as a good man.

good person?

Lakin stared at his granddaughter who presented him the treasure greedily and reduce 10 points on the book of Kevin secretly. "Sweetie, don't be silly. The sugar coated bullets struck the table. That was a trick of a man to cheat a girl," It was no big deal if he was willing to spend so much money, but the Lan Clan couldn't easily afford it! Mr. Lakin would never admit that he was jealous.

"By the way, do you want to play on the cruise ship?" Lakin tried to seduce her.

Cruise? Hearing that, Lancy's eyes turned bright. In an instant, she came to her grandfather and held his arm. "Can babies go there?"

"Of course, my great grandson can go to anywhere," Lakinwidened his eyes. If anyone dared to oppose him, he would let him have the taste of the dragon head walking stick!

"Yes. Let's go together."

Then Lakin touched his chin with his hand and continued, "It's just a good time to know more about youth... "..." It was impossible to hang one tree from the tree!

Mr. Lakin didn't want to give Lancy an explanation about it. Poor Kevin just because he wanted to compete with Myron, so he missed the good opportunity to learn the truth! He was so stupid that he mistook Mr. Lakin for his true reliance

Nina stared at Shelly in silence, with burning eyes. She believed that what happened downstairs was heard clearly by her. Would she still doubt it now?

Lancy's popularity is beyond her imagination

With Mr. Lakin, Lancy would be her strongest opponent Also, Bertha was in a bad situation. She was afraid that Lancy would take the limelight and totally forgot that she was not at the same level with Lancy at all. No, maybe in Bertha's heart, she had long believed that her cousin was the only legitimate daughter of the Lan Clan, and that Lancy was an opponent at the same level with her.

"Not very beautiful." 'it's hard to get a clear picture of Lancy from their point of view, except her figure.

Except for her milk white skin, she had no breasts and buttocks. It was easy to tell that she was not the type that men loved.

"You won't leave her alone, will you, Nina?" Shelly asked in a strange tone.

Nina shrugged her shoulders. With hatred in her eyes, she replied, "what else can I do? It's my grandfather's decision. I can't say no! Grandpa said he would take her there. Can I stop him? " She knew grandpa was biased. Even Kevin couldn't satisfy her? What the hell did Lancy want to do? Maybe she could just marry the president.

"Nina, how can you be so negative?" Bertha jumped to her feet in a hurry, as if she had seen the picture that the man she was looking for was robbed by Lancy. "This is a rare opportunity, and the people invited by Miss Nancy must be extraordinary. I heard that the four prominent figures of the capital will attend it. "

'The four prominent figures of the capital?'? The man coming from the four biggest clans in the capital was the representative of the power center.

Shelly's eyes darkened. She had an idea. Whether Nina really didn't care about it or not, she wouldn't stand by.

Upset, excited and perplexed, Bertha suppressed her uneasiness and said quietly, "Actually, you know, it's very easy to handle the hidden trouble As long as Lancy made a fool of herself at the banquet and offended a distinguished guest, it would be disgraced Even if Mr. Lakin was determined to seek a good marriage for her, it would be useless If it's more serious, even Mr. Lakin can't protect her. Her uncle and aunt won't agree with Lancy to take over the family business. "

Shelly's eyes glimmered with excitement. She rarely spoke highly of Bertha.

While Nina just smiled and didn't say anything. That was why she chose Bertha to stay here. Although Bertha was a little sly and wanted to do something more deliberately, she was kind of complacent. Fortunately, she was smart and could understand her at the crucial time.

From the look in Nina's eyes, Bertha knew what was going on.

"We can do this If he still wants to... ' I won't leave any evidence to blame. I just want to teach Lancy a lesson. " Bertha had a brainstorm. Her plan was carried out naturally.

The enemy of her enemy was her friend. For the first time, Shelly had allied with Nina.

However, Lancy was totally unaware of what kind of storm was waiting for her

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