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   Chapter 20 Twins Choose Daddy 1 (Part Two)

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Murderous will! Hearing that, Lancy opened her eyes. When the man was about to hit her, she nimbly avoided the deadly blow. In the blink of an eye, she retreated from the man.

The man didn't expect that the woman had such good skills. She was indeed a "professional"!

Two shadows came and went. No one could take a advantage with their bare hands. As the two men moved faster and faster, they could only hear the breath of the other, and only hear the strong wind of the fist!

The man's eyes became brighter in the darkness. How long had it been since he met a well matched opponent? Since that woman disappeared

Suddenly, he had great interest in this woman. He smiled and said, "woman, you are very good! How about you get me? I'll pay you ten times the price. "

"……" Lancy was sweating heavily. She had no idea what this man was talking about?

"Hum, I didn't expect you to be so loyal." He turned to a woman and ordered, "tell me your name, woman!"

"……" With Lancy's small mouth slightly open and her big breath taking, the two of them moved faster and faster. She had no gossip at all. This person was really strange. She spoke and fought at the same time. Could you please be more focused!

When the two people were in a fierce battle, it was Kevin who called to break the situation!

"Lancy, are you here?" Kevin and Myron with their baby were looking for Lancy anxiously. Their voice was a little hoarse, which could be seen that they were frightened.

"Mommy, Mommy!"

"Lancy!" It was Myron. He held Rani, walking across the ghost house and headed for Lancy.

This voice is He suddenly stopped and turned back to Lancy. He didn't know who she was, and he just stared at her subconsciously because he couldn't see her in the darkness?

"Ray, Rani I'm here!" Lancy didn't want to fight against. She turned around immediately to meet her kids.

The moment he turned around, the emergency light was activated, leaving only the man a hurried back.

"Mommy, you are running around again." Rani was telling the truth.

"Mommy, I didn't run around at all. After you ride the roller coaster, I came to the haunted house and bleated." Lancy protested weakly and decided not to mention the fight with Mr. ghost.

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have left you alone. I'm sorry..." Kevin apologized

Hearing that, Lancy shook her hands in a hurry. She had gotten lost for many years. It was common for her to run around. She smiled in a guilty manner, "it's not that serious We, we

Let's go on playing. I still want to go shopping! " Lancy is embarrassed to go out without shopping.

" How about going to the top floor ?" Lancy suggested in a hurry.

Both Myron and Kevin put on a doting look, rather than whining!

The group of people left the ghost house. The exited Lancy had long forgotten the word "Mr. ghost", but she did not know from the opposite direction that the "Mr. ghost" was comin

g from the corner.

"Mr. Marvin!" The man stopped Marvin. Even if he was afraid, he didn't compromise at all. "Please don't make things difficult for us. We just follow the order!"

Marvin laughed, "do you deserve to be embarrassed?"

The leader bowed his head humbly, but dared not move a little. Even if his young master had pointed a gun at his head, they could do nothing. If they returned empty handed, they would have the same outcome.

"Mr. Marvin, Mrs. Wilson wants to see you." Another man handed over the phone in respect.

Not knowing what the other end of the line was saying, the man looked more indifferent, which made him tremble with fear.

Five minutes later, a dozen black cars drove out of the building. Everyone was silently relieved.

However, Lancy did not know that such a series of events had happened to her. She had only met a man by chance, and they had not even left any ripples in her heart

Both Ray and Rani covered their faces subconsciously.

Without the twins who could control their desire for shopping, Lancy might lose?

"Brother, Is it ok?" Holding her face in her hands, Rani said worriedly but excited. "What if mommy's admirer runs away?"

"If he was scared away at this point, he wouldn't deserve to be a daddy, or a lover of Mommy." Ray lectured like a small adult, "sister, learn to be careful. Don't be deceived by the men outside."

When he thought that his sister would also get married, he was enraged.

Yes, defending mommy was the first task, and protecting little sister was the second task. So they made the decision so happily.

What about Ray? Was he determined not to let his mother marry him and make his sister unhappy as an old maid?

Mommy and Rani will cry so hard that they faint in the bathroom.

It was an incredible day for both Myron and Kevin~~

On the top floor of the mall, there was a strange view.

The innocent and cute girl was drooling over her beauty through the glass window. When people thought the two men behind her were her sugar daddy, the girl turned to look at the expressionless six-year-old boy and raised her index finger. "Baby, I want the last thing! What? Ask mommy to buy the last one. I promise, Mommy really loves this dress very much. "

The boy was still expressionless, but people who were attentive would find out the helplessness in his eyes. "Mommy, you promised me the same when you went to our store, and when you went to our store to buy clothes." It was not because he was a stingy son, but because his mother was too crazy. If she bought another one, this floor would be empty.

"But the dress is really beautiful, isn't it?" Lancy lowered her head and murmured to herself, "it's a sexy color against my skin and the waist design of the curve fits me perfectly..."

The strapping men had no idea what they were thinking about, and their ears turned red. They said at the same time, "Yes, buy it!"

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