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   Chapter 19 Twins Choose Daddy 1 (Part One)

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"Brother, who do you like more?" Holding her head with one of her hands, Rani held Joyce's head with the other. "I like Uncle Myron, because he looks like us."

Girl, you choose Daddy, not son, Looking at the two men who were fighting for his mother, Ray said coolly, "I don't like anyone except my daddy."

But the problem was who his dad was? Myron? Rani looked at her brother's face. 'does he seem to like Myron?' she wondered~~

"Will anyone be my daddy?" Younger sister was too naive. Ray carried his small hands with his back and his expression was unfathomable. It was really cute to show up on a kid's face like that.

Rani put her head on Lancy's back and made up her mind to play with her.

The two kids held their mommy's hands, one from the left and the other from the right, leaving no chance for the two big men to take advantage of. In the face of the young children, Myron and Kevin could do nothing but goggled at them.

The West Dragon Center was the largest shopping mall in Alaska, and the most famous one was that it had amusement facilities in its room. There were even a small roller coaster. The two kids want to play them, but Lancy was afraid of heights

Lancy stared blankly at the woman who was about to be thrown out and screamed. She was so scared that she looked at the babies pitifully and begged for mercy.

"Ray, Rani, are you sure you want to sit here?" The highest point of the roller coaster was the highest point in the heart of nine dragons, and if someone accidentally flew out, it would definitely not be weaker than the roller coaster in the happy valley from the visual stimulation. Lancy was just watching and her legs were weak. If she really wanted to ride on it, there was no other way.

"I'll go with the kids," the two intimate men said in one voice. As soon as they finished, they gave each other a fierce look.

Lancy waved the invisible handkerchief and waited for them at the viewing platform on the second floor.

Biting on the straw, Lancy waved to the twins. Suddenly, she felt something indescribable and spread from her heart.

Lancy had never had such a feeling. The complex feelings of tension, fear, panic and expectation were mixed in words, which made her feel uncomfortable all over.

Frowning, Lancy covered her chest with her hand and couldn't figure out what happened all of a sudden?

Sick, or cold? With this in mind, Lancy climbed into the ghost house set up on the second floor unconsciously.

The meticulously dressed suit seemed to have the edges on the very edge neatly. Although the sun glasses had covered most of his appearance, others knew that he was extraordinary.

His cold lips pursed slightly, as if showing his serious character. He was like a born king, who was looked up upon by others naturally. No one dared to approach him or even have the courage to raise his eyes.

"Boss, you must be tired as you just

got off the plane. May I send you home Mr. Wilson is waiting for you... " The men behind him was in a dilemma. It took them a lot of courage to say something reluctantly.

However, the man just glanced at him without saying anything.

The man glanced at his subordinates with a faint look, indicating that they knew what he meant. The men obediently stopped and stood at the entrance and the exit, awaiting orders.

Admiration, admiration, curiosity and speculation of the women on the second floor were not enough for him to stay for any longer. However, somehow, he stopped at a gloomy place on the second floor.

When he came to his senses, he was already in the ghost house, as if someone was calling him

"Sizz!" The man responded with a sneer. He didn't believe that he would think like that.

"Who's that?" A sudden female voice suddenly sounded, making her particularly scary in the dark ghost house. Scared, the crows in the ghost house pounced their wings and flew around.

It turned out that this was already the center of the ghost house.

Frightened crows extinguished the weak candle light instantly. The room was in endless darkness.

Hearing that, Lancy walked to him and put her hands on her chest. Overwhelmed by excitement and fear, she asked, "could a ghost be here? Or a monster? "

In the darkness, the man was still calm. There was no emotion in his dark eyes. He didn't want to respond to this woman, and he disdained to respond.

When he was about to turn around and leave, Lancy grabbed his arm Yes, it was unbelievable. When did this woman come to him and even grab him? He had always been vigilant, but he didn't expect that she would be able to touch him. Few years ago, a women had carried her and thrown her to the Pacific to feed fishes

"Who allows you to touch me?" The cold words were full of obvious disgust.

After knowing she was disliked by the man, Lancy held the man's arm tightly and didn't let go. She poked the hard chest with her index finger and said angrily, "Mr. ghost, you are so cruel. What can you do even if I touch you? I want to touch you just because you are a ghost! "

"Fuck off!"

In fact, Lancy was not very well herself. The previous strange feeling seemed to have become worse at the moment. However, rain was too sly. She decided that she must "teach" him.

"Mr. ghost, you are so rude. Do you know what your boss will do?" Lancy complained angrily, "Don't think you are really a ghost when people call you Mr. ghost. It's almost like cheating my babies!" Be careful about my complaints! "

The man's patience ran out The man frowned and grabbed her slender wrist, "Who the hell are you? Who sent you to follow me? "

"Ouch! You are hurting me!" Lancy screamed painfully as her eyebrows twisted.

His cold eyes angered the man, who laughed, "hurt? Confess to me, and I'll spare your life. " How could he be afraid of a bloody hand?

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