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   Chapter 18 The Etiquette Of Dining (Part Two)

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"Ray, Rani want to go with you." She and Ray blurted out at the same time. This was the result of the discussion among the them. Grandpa looked after her at home, and the child followed her outside. Oh yeah!

Hearing that, the corners of Kevin's mouth twitched. Did they know what a date was? One-on-one, the boss of the group. What was wrong with him?

Ray gave her a malicious smile and pounced on her, "Mommy, I want to go. I haven't gone out with you for a long time. Please don't leave me alone, Rani and I..."

"Mommy, you love me the most, don't you?" The girl opened her beautiful big eyes, acting coquettishly.

Lancy's heart was softened. "I love my dear children the most. I'll stay with you forever..." Then she turned to look at Kevin innocently.

With one big man and two small kids, stared at the "gold mistress", and even looked the same.

"Let's do it together." Wish the little girl in his heart was angry, but he had to act as gentle as the breeze. What a weird style!

Lancy went away happily. Together with the twins, she didn't regard it as a date at all. Instead, It's a parent-child activity.

"Kevin." Nina finally found a chance to get close to him. She stared at him plaintively and asked, "are you really going to date with Lancy?" He was shut out by his grandfather, and was difficult to deal with several times. Wouldn't he be stopped?

Kevin shot a curious glance at Nina and put all his mind on her. He didn't have time to ponder over the meaning of her words at all. "Yes."

"What, what exactly do you like about her?" Nina was not convinced by his words. There was no place in the world that Lancy was liked by other people. It was definitely not outstanding at all?

"She's nice. I fell in love with her at first sight." Noticing the admiring look in Nina's eyes, Kevin furrowed his brows.

Fall in love at first sight? Nina bit her lower lip and hesitated How ridiculous! This is the same as Lancy's one finger to catch Kevin's heart and defeat her?

"Let's go!"

Hearing the girl's answer, Kevin turned his head and looked at Lancy. Although she didn't make up, she was still so attractive to him. A beauty without makeup must be beautiful? The young and yellow dress set off her skin, and her black eyes were bright and bright with a shallow smile on her face, like a spirit that had entered the mortal world, attracting people.

Lost in thought, Kevin only felt that his trousers were pulled and pulled by someone. He looked down and saw a baby's expressionless little face.

"Uncle, you are about to roll your eyes." Frowning his thick eyebrows, ray was very displeased. Though his uncle was old, he still couldn't resist the temptation to make love to his mother. What a mess.

Hearing this, Kevin twist his face and picked up Ray. "Yes, sir." He felt both angry and funny. He didn't know what kind of kid Ray was. he was only six years old and always pulled a long face. Although he was cute, his words really hurt him.

However, Kevin would not hold a grudge against Ray and Rani. He had firmly believed that he would marry Lancy, and of course, the child of Lancy was his child. As a father, how could he be so serious with a child? What's more, twins are so lovely and smart. They were like his own babies to him.

But, this was just Kevin's thought. What if other "Daddy" saw this?

Just as he was thinking about it, Myron appeared. Another daddy, rushed here as soon as he heard the news.

In the cafe, Ray and Rani were eating ice-cream, while

Kevin and Lancy were sitting beside the French window, watching the warm scene of the family of four!

Seeing that, Myron almost lost his breath. How could a man dare to seduce his Lancy?

"Uncle, you are so late. I have already had two scoops of ice cream." The messenger said as she poked at Myron's hand discontentedly. What's more, her Mommy and Kevin were having a chat. The atmosphere was too warm!

'I just go abroad for three days. How could it be possible? "Who is that man?"

The two smart kids only told Myron where they were. As for the man, they keep silent.

"Uncle Kevin is Mommy's blind date. I heard that he fell in love with mommy at the first sight." Ray replied unhurriedly, "he wants to be our father."

Be a daddy? Blind date?

'As the baby's father, Myron doesn't think it's a good idea to challenge him. He doesn't care who he is, the babies and the woman are his. What's wrong with this man?' he wondered, clenching his fists?

Myron sat down next to Lancy and smiled coldly, "Lancy, who is he? Why didn't you mention him before?"

"Myron. When did you come back?" Hearing that, Lancy was stunned. As soon as she saw that it was Myron, a broad smile appeared on her face.

They were now facing a formidable foe. Regardless of the path or the road, Myron didn't care at all. He lovingly patted on her head and said, "I came back early because I missed you so much."

Miss you? Kevin squinted at the hand behind Lancy's sofa with an unreadable expression on his face. He wanted to make a demonstration!

"Lancy, who is this?"

Myron waved at Ray. Ray ran over with his short legs. However, he passed Myron and plunged into Lancy's arms.

The similar face was enough to show many things.

"Is he their father?" Kevin's heart sank, but he didn't show it and his face was a little gloomy.

"Nope!" Lancy denied immediately, for fear that the baby would misunderstand her again. It was not easy for them to extinguish the flame of Daddy. "This is my good friend, Myron."

Myron, who had been sent to the "good man" again, was extremely frustrated. His eyes were filled with sadness. Could she not show some respect to him as a rival in love? Or, did Lancy fall in love with this man?

It turns out that you are just friends? With a faint smile on his lips, Kevin said, "nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!"

Damn you! Hearing the deafening sound of the alarm clock, Myron was anxious to feed him with banana ships. And his sight on Kevin was even more unfriendly. "Lancy, who is he?"

"Kevin, the date that grandpa introduced. "." Lancy introduced them friendly.

Blind date?

Myron's smile did not reach his eyes, but Kevin laughed. One was a friend, and the other was a blind date. This proved that Lancy regarded him as a man, a married man, in sharp contrast to a certain good man.

Myron took a deep breath and forced a smile. He would not be stupid to ask Lancy's feelings for him in front of Kevin. What if she said she had a crush on him?

In this round, Kevin won.

Hearing that, Ray and Rani exchanged a glance. Both of them had an unprecedented sense of crisis.

"Mommy, you really don't like Uncle Myron?" Rani whispered in Ray's ear.

But it's highly possible that he is our daddy? how to deal with it? More importantly, compared with Kevin, Myron's scores were a little higher.

"It seems so." Ray touched his chin and glanced at Kevin coldness and then glanced at Myron. He was more severe than his sister, so their score are all zero for Ray.

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