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   Chapter 17 The Etiquette Of Dining (Part One)

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The babies entered the villa of the Lan Clan. Although Jill and Nina were unwilling to let them move in, they could do nothing. Mr. Lakin was so happy to see them that he wished he could take them in his arms. No one dared to say a word?

One Lancy won all the love and attention from her grandfather, and now there are lovely twins, Nina even thought she had no chance to win.

Nina was anxious like ants on a hot fire, her eyes reddening when she saw three people beside Lakin were playing cute.

With a wrinkled smile, Lakin held Ray in his arms and patted his fleshy little butt with one hand. The more he looked at him, the more he felt that he looked exactly the same as his son.

With her eyes wide open, Rani sensed an aura of jealousy in her voice. She locked her eyes on Nina and asked with an innocent voice, "Aunt, are you mad at me?"

"…… No, don't call me Aunt! " Nina gnashed her teeth in anger.

"You are mommy's sister. What should I call you?" Rani pouted and looked like a poor girl.

"Nina, you can't hold a candle to a six-year-old kid, Rani. You should call her auntie," said Lakin, staring at Nina

He is an old man who loves his granddaughter so much. Rani should called her aunt. ' 'But Auntie? What will happen to Nina?'

"Grandpa!" Nina's face twitched, and she was so anxious that she stamped her feet.

"Do you think it is appropriate for her to call you 'elder sister'?" Mr. Lakin was really sharp tongued when he said these words. He thought, 'my sweetheart Lancy is younger than her and Lancy's children are six years old. Can she bear such sharp words?'? Even thought of this, Mr. Lakin still felt embarrassed.

Nina felt that she had been despised by her grandfather, so she blushed and replied, "I..."

"Come on, have you forgotten the manners of dining?" Lakin frowned and felt unhappy.

Embarrassed and exasperated, Nina lowered her head and kept silent! The only way to vent her anger was to take the food on the plate, as if it were the two bastards of Lancy's and Lancy, who were perfectly matched.

Ray's black eyes narrowed slightly, and his lips curved up slightly. A faint smile flowed through his eyes in a reckless manner. He fought back hard in tenfold or even a hundred times against anybody who made trouble for his mother.

Lancy held the milk cup, sniffed, staring at the mellow coffee in front of Lakin, and coveted.

"Mommy..." Ray said in a slow voice, staring steadily at the breakfast in front of him. Without looking at his mother, he knew what mommy was thinking about.

Lakin froze for a while and then laughed. "Make coffee for Lancy." he said

"Wait. No need." Ray tried to stop his mother from visiting his guests. His mother's head drooped. He smiled and said, "Great Grandpa, Mommy can't drink coffee. It's bad for sleep."

"Ray, baby, just one bite. Let mommy have a taste, okay?" She stared at her son with begging eyes and nodded his head for approval.

With a fierce look, Lakin immediately took back his intention to support his granddaughter. His great grandson was right, right! "Insomnia, that's not good!"

"……" Frustrated, Lancy gave the milk cup back to Ray and said like a spoiled child, "honey, Mommy is not a child. Every day I drink milk, my body smells like milk."

Ray's face was tense. When he saw his sister's face, he felt great pressure!

When Ray was about to say something, his thick eyebrows twitched casually. The smell was

The milk had a strong and rich taste, and it was so close that no one could notice the smell of it! If he hadn't had the knowledge of poison, he wouldn't have found out.

Ray gave a half smile. The p

oison was almost the same as water, almost colorless. It was very difficult to arouse people's vigilance with the faint fragrance. It looked weak, but in fact, it could take a man's life easily!

If the user had taken the poison for five days in a row, he or she would gradually lose his or her mind. He or she would kill the user as soon as he or she saw the user. How generous the poisoner is!

Ray took a glance at all the candidates in front of him, and found that everyone present, including Lakin, was suspected. He wondered who had wanted to kill his mother?

The number one suspect was none other than Nina and her mother, who had always treated his mother as a thorn in her flesh. After examining the woman, Ray found that she seemed to be calm. Was it because she had disguised herself too well, or was it someone else?

After deep consideration, Ray decided to take no action.

He looked so intimidating.

There was a flash of pride in Lakin's eyes. He took Ray as his great grandson's dissatisfaction with the behavior of another granddaughter and kept his secret. He increasingly felt that this child was the hope of the future of the Lan Clan.

"Ray?" Lancy was a coward. When her son was silent, she would frightening indeed. "Well, Mommy is wrong. I shouldn't be picky about food, I shouldn't be capricious and I shouldn't be disobedient..."

Only when his mommy did this, she could be counted as a unique case.

The more she spoke, the more guilty she became. She reached out unconsciously for the glass of milk, but it was taken away by Ray. "Ray?"

Ray answered innocently, "it's all my fault. Sister, please change a cup of coffee for my mommy. Thank you."

"I know Ray treats Mommy best!"

Fixing her cold eyes on them, Nina twisted her mouth and said sarcastically, "I heard that your mother couldn't fall asleep again after drinking coffee. Can she drink it now?" 'Put on an act? Humph! You've learned how to act from such a young age!'.

With a contemptuous smile, Ray sniffed his milk and put it in the coffee. "Auntie Nina, you're so stupid."

Hearing that, Lancy took a big gulp eagerly, licked her lips and arched an eyebrow. She said, "honey, you are the cleverest one."

Lancy never thought that Ray could pull her back from the edge of death!

Ray was seen through by everyone. Even the people behind the scene must think that Lancy was lucky instead of his plot being exposed?

Nina seemed to be fine and was about to defend herself, but was interrupted by Kevin. Since the last blind date, Kevin had been reporting to the Lan Clan on time every day, which was one of the severe internal injuries to Nina.

"Grandpa Lakin!" Kevin called. Besides, he was always a loyal dog in front of the twins.

With his back straight, Ray sat on one of the knees of Lakin. His dark eyes were fixed on Kevin. His anger was far stronger than ever. He couldn't stand anyone who dared to snatch his mommy!

"What should he report on time every day? What should he do in front of Mommy?"?

Seeing that, Kevin pursed his lips and ignored the unfriendly attitude of the two kids. He asked Lancy with his lips pursed, "Grandpa, can I invite Lancy for a date today?" In the past more than ten days, if he had not invited her, he was going to cry? Every time he met with Lancy, everyone in the Lan Clan was watching him, fearing that he would cheat onLancy. It made him feel creepy and doubt his moral quality.

Lakin looked at the bored Lancy, and then look at the nervous Kevin. Thinking of the call in the morning, he nodded sulkily, "OK, but you have to send Lancy home before eight o'clock in the evening."

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