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   Chapter 16 Coveting The Twins

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"You are so weird. You didn't ask me, why should I tell you?" Lancy contradicted her confidently, "My baby is so adorable. If I tell people casually that they will be coveted by others

Who would to covet the twins? They were not "beauty".

Jill stood out and said, "Lancy, even if that's the case, you should tell Grandpa. He won't hurt you! He even arranged a blind date for you. How How can Mr. Lakin explain this to Mr. Caspar? "

"Miss Lancy, you, you are married?" Hearing this, Kevin felt his heart ache.

Jill responded with a hint of triumph, her delicate face slightly trembling. 'get married?'? She got pregnant before her get married!

Lancy glanced at Jill strangely and her face couldn't help trembling. She didn't worry that her face would be ruined? "I'm not married!"

"Not married? ?"

"Blind date? Mommy, you want a blind date? " Ray and Rani said in unison again, looking at the only man of the right age - Kevin.

Both of them clapped their hands over their chests. It was so painful that their hearts were about to explode What the hell was going on?

"Lancy, what the hell is going on? Be clear!" Mr. Lakin pounded the floor with his walking stick.

With a smile in her eyes, Jill pretended to be surprised and said, "Lancy, you didn't get married, so you mean that you are pregnant before marriage?"

"Who is the child's father?" Nina asked sharply 'whether she is married or not, she has already had kids. Is it possible that there is such a man?' she wondered?

At the thought of his job, Nina even thought he was a shiver...

In a straightforward tone, Lancy answered, "Dad I don't remember... "

The man who waits for the answer with his ears up is utterly shocked

Nina sneered and rolled her eyes. "I don't think so." What a promiscuous woman.

Nobody could tell whether Lakin was happy or angry. He just stared at the two kids without blinking his eyes.

Rani tilted her head, stared at the white bearded grandfather, and thought for a few seconds. Then she automatically climbed up Lakin's knee. With tears in her big black eyes, she pouted and said, "Auntie, she is bad. Bully me..."

Holding Lakin's index finger with her soft hand, she started to sob. "Great-Grandpa, I don't want my daddy. My daddy is as bad as my aunt. He bullied my mommy."

The words of the female child made everyone present imagine all kinds of scenes. A tear melted the two serious old men in an instant, wishing to strangle the source of their tears.

Seeing this, Lakin felt even more sorry for his granddaughter. She had suffered a lot these years!

Ray raised his little face and looked at Lakin in confusion. "Great-Grandpa, do you dislike us just because we don't have a father? The teacher said that was discrimination. It was wrong. "

When did Ray go to kindergarten? Where did this teacher come from?

Lakin's heart softened. He held up Ray in one hand and said, "how could that be possible? Great-grandpa loves Rani, Ray the most." He had never thought that he would still be able to see his great grandson and great granddaughter in his life. Thinking of this, tears welled up in his eyes.

"If anyone dares to bully my great grandson, my grandfather, I will not let them go." Lakin glared at Jill and said, "Mr. Caspar, my great grandchildren, look so much like my Lancy!"

If Mr. Lakin saw Myron, he wouldn't have said that, would he?

Looking at the two soft and cute kids holding Lakin and feeding him one by one, Mr. Caspar was very jealous. He couldn't help but reach out his hand and fondle the little girl's cheeks. It was so soft, just like cotton candy. They was also a grandson or daughter. How that girl carried twins? His son didn't even have a decent girlfriend?

Kevin was shot innocently.

Ray and Rani winked and admired each other in their hearts.

"Great Grandpa, I and brother are six years old now. We are twins, and Ray is only a few minutes older than me." the girl, who was so sweet, nestled in the arms of Lakin and acted like a spoiled child.

"I see. Rani, do you want to be an older sister or a sister?" With a wrinkles on his face, Mr. Caspar played with the little girl.

Learning from his brother's deadpan expression, Rani pondered for a while before replying, "yes, I'm willing to be a sister."

"But why?" Lakin asked curiously.

"Great grandfather, have you ever heard of the story of Marcus and flora? Brother is smarter than Marcus. "Brother looks after sister, so she'd better be a sister.

"You elfin!"

What on earth happened to them? They were

having a good time?

'haven't you said to be furious? 'didn't you promise me to kick Lancy out of the house? "What about a reputation ruin? Grandpa was indifferent to what Lancy had done to humiliate her family, but liked the bitch very much. Was the whole world in a fantasy?

They had made a perfect plan, but Mr. Lakin had not detested Lancy, instead, he treated her even better. How could Nina feel ashamed?

"Grandpa!" Nina almost jumped up.

"What are you doing? You scared our kids." "Shut up!". Lakin sadi coldly.

Nina was shocked and raised her chin reluctantly. "Grandpa, are you being too partial? Okay, let's not talk about the two children. Do you still have any question about letting Lancy date with Kevin? It's unfair to Kevin and even the whole Han Clan. "

Only a few generations of the Han Clan has been congratulated by each generation. Kevin is the successor of the Han Clan. Let a mother who has two children be the wife of Kevin, and also the hostess of the Han Clan. Is she qualified?

Lakin held his great grandson tighter. In his eyes, there was no person who was not worthy of Lancy, only she did not Lancy.

However, if they really had some complaints, even just a little bit, he would never agree to this marriage. He would not allow his granddaughter to be wronged. When his son and his wife left early, the only thing he cared about was his missing daughter. He would protect his granddaughter anyway.

"I don't mind." Kevin finally opened his mouth. He looked straight into Mr. Lakin's eyes.

"Kevin!" Nina screamed.

Under the gaze of Lancy, Kevin's cold and hard face softened. This was the real Kevin! No one could force him, and no one could make him change his mind. He was determined to marry Lancy, Even if she is not good, in his eyes is the best. "Rani and Ray are adorable and smart."

Nina was so angry that her ten fingernails pierced into her palm. She got mad at Lancy, "my dear sister, tell me what you think?" She can't be shameless enough to marry Kevin, can she?

As her index finger touched her moist lips, Lancy patted on Kevin's shoulder and smiled from the bottom of her heart for the first time, "Kevin, you have good taste. My babies are super cute and super intelligent. In so many years, I have never seen a baby more beautiful than my Rani, Ray..."

Nina's head dropped, and the words "well" appeared on her forehead? And the two kids who were trying to bear the name of "king of the universe", didn't know how to be modest?

"What you said doesn't count." As soon as Lakin heard the words, he fondness for Kevin grew a lot. he glanced indifferently at Mr. Caspar who was pretending to be playing with a child.

Nina also hoped that the executive director of the Han Clan could take her place.

Frozen on purpose, Mr. Caspar didn't say a word. Seeing how nervous his grandson was, he said slowly, "my family is generous."

'damn it! It's all over!' Nina sat back to her seat in frustration.

"Uncle, you want to marry my mommy? Have you ever asked us?" Ray's face fell. His obscene eyes stared at Kevin.

Rani protested with a frown, "Mommy is ours. No one is allowed to steal her from us."

"Don't you want to have your father, Rani, Ray?" Lakin mumbled, embarrassed

Ray shrugged and rested his arms around his grandfather's neck. "Daddy is not a big deal. We only need Mommy."

"Yes, the extra Dadi will rob our big bed with us and take over Mommy, and Ray won't sleep with him." Ray retorted reasonably.

When Lakin pictured the picture that his beloved granddaughter was lying on the bed with a man, he was so shocked that his heart was almost broken.

Hearing that, Kevin was anxious and blurted out, "it is impossible for your mommy to be single all her life, right?"

The three looked at each other and said in unison, "then let's get in contact first..." Wedding date? I'm sure it's going to be a disaster in the last century. '.

"…… What do you think, Miss Lancy? " Kevin was running out of tears. His plan A-to drag Lancy into the hall within a month was completely gone.

Hearing the babies unexpectedly express his love for her, Lancy said with a spoiled expression on her face, "it doesn't matter whether I marry him or not. As long as the baby likes him."

Kevin was worried, unprecedented worried, staring at the two babies with white teeth, he suddenly feel the future is dark.

He really wanted to faint. What should he do? Kevin was so upset.

The Jill and Nina had become wallpaperwork. There was no room for them to interfere in.

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