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   Chapter 15 Falling In Love At First Sight

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On this day, Kevin was got up by his grandfather early in the morning. He kept telling him everything he should pay attention to in the morning, for fear that he lost his points in front of Lancy.

It was more than two hours away from the appointed time. Kevin and Mr. Caspar arrived at the appointed restaurant. It was said that this restaurant was chosen in accordance with the preference of Lancy. There was really no smile on Kevin's face.

Mr. Han and Mr. Lakin quarreled with each other as soon as they met. So they didn't pay much attention to Kevin. After all, he was always with the same face.

Feeling annoyed, he found an excuse and went out to smoke.

Every move of Caspar had a great influence on Anna, so she quietly followed behind him.

"Caspar." "Are you in a bad mood, Kevin?" Nina asked in a sweet voice

Kevin glanced at her indifferently. Anyone who had eyes would know that he was in a bad mood except their grandpa. "Why hasn't your sister come yet?"

"Lancy went to the Beauty Salon this morning. I guess she wants to dress up to see you." Nina lowered her head and tried to avoid his gaze. "Kevin, don't worry. She won't be late."

Beauty Salon? "If she is a fairy, she will be extremely beautiful without wearing makeup; if she is an ugly woman, it will be in vain even if she wears more. I'm not a patient person." Kevin said coldly

Kevin had been forced to do so. His impression of Lancy had dropped to the bottom. Nina's seemingly casual explanation was adding fuel to the fire.

Noticing that Kevin disliked Lancy, Nina thought happily, 'it seems that Kevin hates Lancy very much!'! 'When mom comes here with her, there will be a good show. This dating will ruin.'

"Kevin, please don't blameLancy. She must have suffered a lot these years." the implication in her words was that Lancy wouldn't let go of any chance to relax.

"Has she suffered a lot?" With a playful smile, Kevin snorted, "She must be a spoiled woman? She is not the only granddaughter of the Lan Clan... "

Nina lowered her head and tried to contain her excitement. She thought, 'Kevin, you mean, you are willing to marry her, right? He had to admit that Nina was a fool!

Seeing Kevin's attitude, Nina was finally relieved. She said in a gentle voice, "Kevin, let's go inside. Here comes Lancy."

"Am I a cowherd?" Kevin bit the cigarette end and entered the VIP room with reluctance.

There was another woman in the room, walking in with her back to him. She must be the highly praised granddaughter of Grandpa Lakin. Nothing special~~

'Mr. kevin, only looking at his back, can you make a conclusion that it was really a hasty decision?'

Mr. Caspar glared at his grandson. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Kevin, "Kevin-my unfilial grandson, this is Lancy."

Unfilial grandson? Lancy turned around and found this strange man. She waved at him.

Guys, Kevin, he is out of his mind.

Oh, look at this eyebrows. Isn't she the girl I met at the revolving restaurant the other day? Seeing that, Kevin became agitated all of a sudden. He felt his blood was boiling. He could not believe his eyes. He could not believe that Lancy was her. She was Lancy!

Getting out of the manic state without warning, he opened the clouds and saw the sun. The huge difference made him speechless.

Nina covered her mouth with one hand to hide her titter. She knew that Kevin would not fall in love with Lancy. Look, he was too frightened to say anything.

Mr. Caspar winked at his grandson. What kind of expression was it? It was his first time to meet this girl, and now he was in front of Mr. Lakin. It was too impolite.

Without receiving any hints from Mr. Caspar, Kevin stared at Lancy, and after a long time, he asked, "are you, Lancy?"

Hearing what he said, Lancy blinked her eyelashes and scratched her ear, "Yeah, it's me. It's me, Lancy. Do you want to see my ID card?"

"Kevin!" Mr. Caspar scolded.

Then Mr. Lakin squinted at Kevin who had a long face and said coldly, "Caspar, don't blame your dear grandson. Anyway, it's just a simple meal. You don't have to worry about it and make ypouself under pressure. If you don't like our Lancy, you can talk to me... "

Mr. Lakin's face was full of malicious anger. It was not 'no problem'. In his heart, Lancy was the best girl in the world, and he would be unhappier if she was looked down upon, or disliked by others. He could not tolerate it. Probably, this young man was really stubborn?

Nina's heart was rubbing her fingers. She was jealous of grandfather's preference for Lancy, but at this moment, she wished that grandfather could favor Lancy more. She hoped that grandfather would leave with Lancy in anger as soon as possible

Just then, Kevin came to his senses and sat upright. A strange light was shining in his black eyes. "Mr. Lakin, you misunderstood. I'm very happy to be with

Miss Lancy!"

…… People saw crows flying in front of them. Nina was stunned. She turned around in disbelief and looked at Kevin. Her neck was almost broken. Kevin, what did you say just now?

Mr. Caspar was also confused. Looking at each other, he hurried to mediate, "eh hem, well, Lakin, Lakin, let's sit down and talk."

Lakin glanced at Mr. Caspar. It was about Lancy, so he would not listen to Mr. Caspar! "You don't like Lancy, do you?"

"No. in fact, I fell in love with Miss Lancy at first sight Please allow us to be in an affectionj on the premise of marriage... " Kevin made a bow to ninety times. He had never been so serious before.

Lakin's eyes sank but his face relaxed a lot.

The reason why he chose to Kevin was not only because he was on good terms with the Han Clan, but also because he came from a family of equal social status. More importantly, Kevin was the purest one in the relationship of men and women.

Of course, Kevin had his own shortcomings. He was temperamental, sharp tongued and wilful. But it was not a big deal for an outsider! It was the first time that they met. Lakin was impressed that Kevin could lay down his self-esteem and pride for the sake of Lancy.

Sure enough, Mr. Lakin haze was so adorable, which made the old man happily raise his tail.

However, it didn't show any expression on his face. Mr. Lakin cleared his throat and put on airs. "As for the marriage, we are not in a hurry. It all depends on Lancy."

"Kevin, you should spend more time with Lancy. Am I right?" Mr. Caspar was also excited. It was rare for his grandson to meet such a nice person, and he had to help him.

Nina gnashed her teeth in anger. She couldn't believe what she just heard? She could tell that Kevin hated Lancy, but why did he change his attitude? and said that he fall in love with her at first sight? Looking at them who were having a nice conversation, Nina got into an unprecedented panic. She couldn't let Kevin marry someone else. Absolutely, she couldn't

"Mr. Lakin, I'm late." When Anna was about to lose her temper, Jill finally showed up. She was surprised to see the cozy atmosphere in the room, which was totally different from what she expected.

"Why are you so late?" asked Lakin, annoyed, squinting at her

Jill peeked at her daughter. Although she didn't know what had happened, it was not the right time to get to the bottom of it. A good show was about to begin! "Mr. Lakin, we have got a guest. We're late,"

"Guest? Who is that?"

Jill looked at Lancy and seemed embarrassed. She opened and shut her mouth, unspeaking.

"Who is he? Why are you looking at Lancy? " Lakin gave a stern look, full of vigor.

Jill didn't mind whether Mr. Lakin treated her unfriendly or not. On the contrary, the more Mr. Lakin cared about Lancy, the happier she was. "The two guests are looking for Lancy."

"Looking for me?" Hearing that, Lancy pointed at herself. Her curiosity was totally aroused by Jill. Then, she totally ignored Henry, who had been chatting with her all the time.

"Lancy?" "Don't hem and haw. Spit out what you want to say," said Lakin, touching the head of the stick with his fingers, as if he had understood something

Jill was dumbfounded. She tried her best to suppress her fear and said with resignation, "Mr. Lakin I bring her here. You can see by yourself... "

Jill stood aside, and her two little tails appeared in front of everyone. Hand in hand, the twins looked at everyone curiously with big black eyes.

"Who are they?" Except for Lancy and Nina, everyone was stunned.

"The two children, in fact, are..."

Lancy interrupted Jill before she could finish her words!

"Rani, Ray, come here." Lancy was thrilled and continued, "my honey, you are so lucky to find Mommy."

Ray cast a cold glance at Jill and said in a childish voice, "Thank grandma for leading the way. I'd like to express my gratitude to you."

"Thank you, grandma!" the two babies said in one voice at the same time.So cute. But Jill's faces almost twitched? Who is the grandma!

"My baby, is polite ~" Lancy played with the babies and didn't feel the suddenly frozen atmosphere and the petrified Kevin.

Lakin his blood pressure flying into the sky, he stared blankly at the two babies and stammered, "Lancy, they, they are yours, your..."

"Sister, are you married?" Nina seemed to be shocked too. With a cool expression, she continued, "They have grown up You, alas, how can you hide it from us? "

"Who is concealing from you?" Lancy didn't understand. "Both of them are my children!"

Nina just couldn't bear to see Lancy arguing like that. She said, "You, you didn't hide the truth on purpose? Then why didn't you tell grandpa and us? If it weren't for the kids, everyone would have been kept in the dark...... "

All of a sudden, all of the evidences were pointing to Lancy.

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