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   Chapter 14 The Blind Date Banquet

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The girl's fair face was a little pink, and the look in her eyes was so dazzling that they could hardly open their eyes.

Almost everyone in the restaurant could not help smiling. The delicate girl was so lovely, so real and natural.

Suddenly, Kevin frowned and looked at the man who was trying to accost the girl. The man was so ugly and obscene that it stained the girl's innocence. He felt his eyes were dirty at the sight of him.

No one knew what the man said to her, but the girl didn't listen to him at all. The only thing that man could do now was to leave helplessly. Seeing that, Kevin was finally relieved.

Following his sight, the girl who was going on the blind date said in disdain, "what a rude woman!" She knew at a glance that it was her first time to eat in such a high-end restaurant. She felt so embarrassed.

"I didn't expect the service of this restaurant is so low. Let's go to another place, Kevin. A arrogant girl even disdained to be that kind of person who breathed the same breath and stood up.

However, she didn't expect that Kevin would stand still and calm himself down.


With a cold smile on his lips, Kevin said, "Miss Ann, if you are busy, you can go first."

Ann bit her lips and looked at him in disbelief for a long time before she was sure that he was serious. She cried, "Kevin, did I upset you?"

Although Kevin seemed to be aloof on the surface, he was actually a haughty and arrogant person. After seeing the girl leave, he lost his patience all of a sudden. "Miss Ann, my driver is waiting at the door. He sent you home safely."

Without waiting for Ann's response, he strode away.

Ann wanted to catch up with her, but she was struggling on her high heels. She couldn't move because of her reserve.

Where has Kevin gone? He has to go after the girl, of course.

It was the first time that Kevin had a crush on a girl after all these years. He was eager to know her, but when he ran out, no one was on the noisy street.

At this moment, Kevin received a call from his most respectful Grandpa.

Mr. Caspar said, as if he had already known that this disguised blind date would end in a stupid way. He just didn't know that his little grandson was so upset at this moment, and finally, he excitedly added "deadly blade".

The meeting time with the little granddaughter of Lan Clan has been decided.

Kevin hung up the phone impatiently and missed the chance to meet the beauty, which made him even more unhappy with Lancy whom he had never seen before.

Biting the cigarette end, Kevin muttered, "It's better to get married with Nina."

If Nina knew this, she would be overjoyed.

Lancy, who was well satisfied with the dinner, went to her son and daughter. She had no idea what had happened to her.

What were the babies doing now? You are apparently wrong if you think the babies are taking a nap obediently.

The Yellow haired man stared at Ray who held the computer with a serious face without any blink. The only noise he heard in the quiet warehouse was the tapping. The computer was filled with English that hooligans didn't understand. Was it amazing that the admiration for the Leader gushed over.

"Yellow ducks, have you taken back your accounts this month? It's going to be the end of the month!" said Rani, biting the Yakult straw without turning her head. Her eyes were fixed on the computer while her words gave the hooligans a shudder. "Or, do you want to have another escape?"

The yellow hair closed his thighs unconsciously, and his head shook so fast that it was almost out of his control. "I have put them away and checked in."

"So you are so bored that you don't have anything to do, right?" Asked Rani.

The Yellow haired man and the men behind him shook their heads and said in unison, "it's our duty to protect the leaders and Rani. Always ready to serve them!"

As soon as hooligans finished speaking, theY were itching to bite their own mouths. Why did their last sentence come out naturally? They were flattering her, okay? They don't want to serve Rani at all. Staying away from Rani is the secret of a long life!

With a big grin, Rani said in a dangerous voice, "really? In that case, come and help me. Can you show me my little jar? "

Hanson shook his waist. Every time she called him, he couldn't help but shake.

'little jar? And it was a piece of jade, so exquisite! Hanson touched the jade, and felt it felt good. But then he realized that this jade must be very valuable. Then, what was in the jade?

After that, Rani grabbed the can and pressed her lips on it. Those hooligans widened their eyes to see her. "Oh, my God! Finally, you're here. I've been waiting for a long time. "Duck, Where are those two person? "

hooligans was divided into two groups. In a corner at the end of the corridor lay two men whose faces were hard to tell if they were human or unknown. That was the "human" that Rani had called.

The other night, the warehouse were attacked again. Two people were arrested. The leader ordered to strip them off and turn in all the weapons, including the guns. After that, the two men became what they looked like now.

There were only his underwear all over his body. Each inch of his skin was intact and swollen. He could not bear to look at it.

They didn't know why they were still in a coma. If it wasn't for the extremely cold body, the hooligans would think they were dead!

"Rani, what is this?" The

young bald man, who was very curious, could not help asking.

With a pouted face, Rani showed off in an arrogant manner, "This is the thing I've kept for a long time. Do you want to have a look?"


"Of course!"


For hooligans' satisfied reply. Without any cover, Rani merely opened the lid and said, "... Everyone, welcome my snakes..."

Snake, snake? 'Well, maybe some kind of animal emerged in my mind?'

When they opened their eyes wide and saw what was going on, they heard a scream from the warehouse.

The young bald man bumped against a pillar desperately. He wanted to forget all the things about him and deleted them from his memory.

Another man grasped his hair with his unibrow and talked to himself, "I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything..."

The man with yellow hair held himself. He felt goosebumps on his arms and thought, 'God, please help me! I don't want to die!'~~

"Lovely kids, I'm so glad to see you again," Rani said to her lovely pet.

Who likes them?

The man with yellow hair almost jumped. He pointed at Rani tremblingly and asked, "Rani, what... What do you want to do?" It couldn't be like what he thought!

With an innocent look, Rani put her index finger into a jar, allowing the snakes to "get close to her.". "Let me show you how awesome my pets are. Let's see then."

Oh, No. they were all eager to be a fool and wait and see.

However, God was too busy to hear their prayers.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Rani turned the jars around, and countless snakes and scorpions fell on these two people who were in a coma. In a short moment, the snakes and scorpions were submerged in the air. As usual, the snake men appeared.

The advantage of Mommy's absence was that she could play with these lovely pets as she liked.

"My snake snake and little scorpion were carefully chosen by Marin. My mommy was very afraid, so I put them in the jar." With a triumphant smile, Rani patted her chest and praised, "my dearest, very obedient, no running! Brother, see? There must be a lot of them. "

Ray raised his eyes lightly and said, "well, sister, stop collecting snakes and scorpions. Mommy will be afraid."

"I know, I know." with her lips pouted, Rani had no choice but to agree, "I did that for you. You know what, the antidote that my brother made needed to use their poison to verify whether it could survive or not..." The girl clenched her fist.

It was Ray who had developed the poison on the killer. Rani was always responsible for developing antidotes, and this was the favorite game between the brother and sister.

Hanson covered his eyes with his yellow hair, and reminded faintly, "Leader, Rani, don't take people as mice. If you want to kill them..."

With her eyes half closed, Rani said in a stern voice, "then just make a scene!"

'All the people who hurt my mommy deserve to die!' Rani thought in mind!

The man who two bushy eyebrows fluttered. Ray timely reminded her, "sister, those two people are still useful." He meant that she shouldn't overdo it...

It's not appropriate for you to make such rash decisions to decide the safety of others?

The hooligans couldn't look straight into their eyes anymore. Their status in their hearts had reached its limit once again. They shouted madly in their hearts, "Mommy, come back soon!"~~

The hooligans couldn't understand, nor could they understand the viciousness and the ruthlessness of the twins.

Those two people were the group who had chased them all the time. Now they found out the cause of Ray's deliberate exposure. This was also the reason why they did not return to the Lan Clan with Lancy.

Ray had carefully planned and deliberately set a trap to lure them here. For the first time, hedizzied them before they were self mutilated.

In this way, Ray could catch the big shot who was behind all this. It's natural to uproot the danger that threatens Mommy. Ray couldn't wait to have a fight with those people who hiding in the dark.

Seeing the two "snake men", Rani smiled sinisterly. ' As long as they can speak.' she thought?

The men with yellow hair only felt that there was something wrong with their backs. They looked at each other, but didn't dare to leave. Tears filled their eyes silently. "Leader, why don't you ask us to charge another one hundred and eighty thousand?

"Ray, Rani, here comes your favorite and most attractive Mommy!" A voice that sounded so far away suddenly came. The hooligans suddenly heard the voice, howling, and finally they were safe!

As soon as Rani and Ray moved at the same time, one of them put the computer under the bed, and the other commander the hooligans to form a pair of numbers to cover the "snake men".

The girl smiled sweetly while the boy smiled coldly and rushed out with small steps.

"Mommy, I miss you so much!"

"I miss you, too."

"I love you, too. Look what I have brought for you..."

The hooligans were stiff and didn't dare to move. The bald man poked the yellow hair on the left and said, "Hanson. What should we do?"

With a bitter smile, Hanson said, " Just block it..." Or do you want to move them into the henchmen? " Not far from the warehouse, there was an abandoned ox circle, which looked valuable in grey.

The young bald man and even the rest of the men, kept their mouths shut. After imagined that, they all said that they were so tired that they couldn't lift their fingers. That's all.

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