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   Chapter 13 Delicious Food

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Nina was so unlucky recently that she didn't even step out of her room for several days.

The bumps on her body were disgusting and finally disappeared, but the scratches on her skin made her eyes red.

Jill said with her eyes half covered. She shouldn't have said that to Nina, but when she saw bumps on her daughter's body, she almost threw up at the dinner the day before yesterday Did not see that disgusting red, Jill secretly relieved.

Feeling sorry for Nina, Jill wanted to touch her smooth skin, but she retracted her hand reluctantly. She felt very uncomfortable.

"Nina, I have already told you that don't make up all those unnecessary skin care products. You are young and have a good body condition. You just need to do some basic skin care." Jill explained patiently.

"Mom, i..." The brands she used were all world-famous brands. It was okay for her to use them before. How could she be allergic this time? Nina just couldn't figure it out. "Okay, I know. Where's grandpa? Did he ask me?"

Jill's face twisted in a contemptuous sneer. She said, "Mr. Lakin is busy dealing with the date for his little granddaughter. He has no time for you."

Nina snorted, "Who will marry a woman of unknown origin?"

Speaking of this, Jill took pleasure in Lancy's misfortune and said, "Yes, she was. She had a mysterious past in the name of the daughter of the Lan Clan." This kind of news was spreading quickly in their circle. Every man would marry a woman who had lived a hard life in the past?

Without the protection of the family, a lonely girl standing outside alone couldn't imagine what was going on in her mind~~

The mother and the daughter smiled at each other, as if they saw Lancy was disliked by others, and their resentment in their hearts was somewhat diminished.

"Lancy, my dear granddaughter, grandpa is back!" Nina and Jill's face twitched. That was right. This was the voice of Lakin, the legendary leader of the Lan Clan. The whole family was filled with a roaring shout. At the beginning, they were shocked, unbelievable, till now, completely calm, and finally accepted the fact that the man who looked like a child was his majestic grandfather.

Different treatment!

She still couldn't figure it out, her veins throbbing in her temples.

"Jill, let's go downstairs. Listen to me. We have no choice but to put up with it," said Jill

When the mother and the daughter went downstairs, they saw their ancestors and grandson were intimately holding each other, and their footsteps were so stiff for a second.

"Mr. Lakin, what makes you so happy?" Jill asked with a fake smile on her face.

With a mysterious smile, Lakin took out a photo from his chest as if it was a treasure. "Lancy, this is carefully chosen by grandfather. Have a look."

"Handsome boy!" Lancy's eyes lit up. As the saying goes, everyone loves to be beautiful, and handsome men must be eye-catching.

Lakin wore a bigger smile and asked, "are you satisfied with this one?"

Hearing that, Lancy turned her head to look at the screen of the cellphone. She didn't understand what was the reason for her grandfather to "ask for praise". All right, he had really worked hard to get the proposal from the Internet, which was for her seventy year old grandfather.

Lancy thought the handsome man in the pictures was an Internet celebrity!

"I'm glad that Lancy satisfy with him. Let's meet and date then you two can get married after two or three years."

Hearing this, Lancy nodded her head repeatedly and both of her hands showed her agreement.

While Nina's face was as pale as ashes.

Jill sensed there was something wrong with her daughter. She dragged her into her room and scolded, "what's wrong with you in front of your grandpa?"

"Mom, grandpa is unfair! He's unfair!" Fixing her empty eyes on her mother, Nina said, "how could it be? how could it be Kevin? Grandpa want Lancy to fix up a date with Kevin. Why? For what? "

Jill wanted to slap her face. "Calm down! Don't make such a mistake! Things haven't come to an end yet, but you've made a mistake. What did I teach you? "

"But mom..." Everyone had his own Achilles' heel, and Kevin was also Nina's Achilles' heel.

TheHan Clan had a close relationship with the Lan Clan for generations. And Kevin was an invisible successor of Han Clan. He and Nina grew up together. Of course, Nina thought so. Nina was such an inapproachable girl in front of others, but she was more obedient than a cat in front of Kevin and she wouldn't be rude to Kevin.

Because she cared about him so much, Nina didn't dare to confess her love to Kevin. On the contrary, she drove away many women who were coveting chill wish behind Kevin.

In her mind, the Lan Clan in Alaska that deserved to be called as a member of the Han Clan, and she was the only one who would marry Kevin. So the two families should have known about their marriage. But to her surprise, it was Lancy.

"Lancy, Lancy! Why did she come back? Why

? "

Jill placated her daughter, her eyes filled with coldness, "she's coming back to take everything from you Nina, don't lose your temper like a child. You will lose your place at home if you don't control yourself. "

"Mom, what should I do?"

"Calm down. You have to spend more time to please grandfather. Moreover, secretly, we have to take actions to punish Lancy, and must drive her away." "I remember you mentioned that Lancy has two babies? That's our chance. "

"By then, that's it for us..."

There was fire in Nina's eyes, and her face darkened with ferocity. She thought to herself, 'this time, I'll let her fall into hell!'.

"Achoo..." Lancy gently rubbed the tip of her red nose.

did she catch a cold? "Ouch, just eat a big meal and fill my belly!" Lancy clenched her fist and made a decision happily.

But what was the connection between the two things?

Lancy was obsessed with delicacy. She studied the famous restaurants and special cuisine of Alaska and made a good plan.

This time, Lancy chose a revolving restaurant.

The decoration, romantic music or anything else didn't matter. Lancy stared at the menu intently, eager to stick her face on it. The picture on the menu was very attractive.

She poured the fresh sauce on the steak which was a freshly cooked one, and the every pattern on it was stained with bright colors, bubbling

The waitress picked up her ears, and doubted if he had heard a suspicious voice. With her eyes down, she wondered, 'Is this a girl swallowing saliva? What was that with a twinkle in the corner of her mouth?

He had worked here for two years, and the first time he saw a customer who could drool at a menu. Isn't a woman supposed to pay attention to her image?

"Well, Miss, have you made up your mind?"

"Okay!" Lancy was thrilled. She raised her hand and said, "I want the main dish to have a delicious coffee steak with brown sugar, and a baked snails with mince cheese in Ford. How about the soup? I want a Mediterranean cream and pinenut soup, then pulled the astounded vegetable color over! Dessert, this one is ok, Saint Zara pudding of northern Europe and fresh chocolate mousse... "

The boy with short spiky hair was totally in a bad mood. He only saw Lancy opening and closing her mouth. He stuttered, "do you have any friends?"

"No, just me." Lancy shook her head and said, "No. let's have dinner now. I'm in a hurry."

Then he turned around and walked away. He wondered how hungry this girl could be?

However, the bright smile on Lancy's face didn't realize that she was a scenery in other people's eyes.

Not far away, a lady sat upright and sipped the kiwi fruit juice. She was so nervous that she spoke in a low voice that could only be heard by mosquitoes.

"What do you like, Kevin?"

Kevin's' eyes were burning as he said sarcastically, "I have no hobby. You should learn from your father."

The delicate girl even dare not look up at her. Her heart seemed to jump out of the next second. She had never dreamed that the date with her would be Kevin.

"Kevin, you're so awesome...".

The corner of Kevin's mouth twitched. These women were so boring? 'This is always the way it is. They always blush at little words. Can we talk now?'? 'Whatever he says and does, will your thought be eaten by a dog?'?

The western food in front of him remained untouched. It was not known whether it was because of the so-called "etiquette" or the lack of appetite. Anyway, Kevin had no appetite at all.

How could such a boring woman stand side by side with him?

If his grandfather hadn't put pressure on him, he would have lost his temper at the thought of the next blind date!

Where did this woman come from? Was she the eldest granddaughter of the Lan Clan? And that the ordinary women from the bottom of the society could not match him?

Kevin knew that dad and grandpa prefer the Lan Clan more Thinking of this, Kevin sneers. It's better to marry Nina than that woman!

"Kevin?" Seeing Kevin stop talking all of a sudden, that girl stared at him nervously.

"It's okay. You can continue." Kevin curled up his lips.

"I like playing the piano and drawing. My mom hired people to teach me..."

This girl poured out what was on her mind as if she wanted to tell Kevin everything, but Kevin had heard too many of her words.

Just as he was bored to death, the girl sitting by the window drew his attention.

Her rosy cheek was plump up, and her pink little mouth was slightly moving. Her black and bright eyes narrowed. It was obvious that she was eating, and the food in front of her seemed to have become the top food in the world. She was so enjoying it, so happy that people could not help but touch her with their fingers.

The manners she used were so perfect that he didn't feel any rudeness at all. Looking at the bird stomach princess in front of him, Kevin thought she was really enjoying it.

She enjoyed it with her heart, so she was not like others.

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