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   Chapter 12 Did You Have Only One Man

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Except for the two babies, there was no other person in Lancy's life.

On that day, a man named "Grandpa" showed up, and the father and mother that Grandpa said had passed away, Lancy thought She didn't say anything, nor she feel nothing reliable.

With her parents' photo in her hands, she now looked like a fairy!

It turned out that she didn't appear from a stone. Lancy rubbed her chin and made a conclusion that as for people, we should always be more down-to-earth when we find the root.

Besides, grandpa love her so much Thinking that, Lancy smiled like a cat. Thus she settled down at Lan Clan.

To be exact, she took great pleasure in it.

In the super deluxe room, there was the largest bed, which was enough for her to roll from one end to the other, and there was a servant waiting for her every day when she opened her eyes. There were countless clothes in the closet, and Lancy would be woken up with laughter every time. This was her dream!

But she seemed to have forgotten something?

Lancy rolled around with the soft pillow in her arms. Her long hair was randomly scattered. She felt so comfortable that she closed her eyes again. "Ouch!" she shouted. If she couldn't remember, forget it. She would think about it next time.

When the sun was already high in the sky, Jill and Nina finally wait until Nina who comes late.

Before Lancy sat down, Nina couldn't wait to retort: "Lancy, you actually asked grandpa to wait for you for more than an hour. There are some manners at our household dinner, but you can't arrive sooner or later. You have been living at home for several days, right? Why are you not behaving well?"

Lancy yawned lazily, completely ignored Nina. And if Nina didn't say anything to provoke her, she would feel uncomfortable. However, what Nina could do was to pretend to be good in words, which was useless.

For the sake of her grandfather, Lancy thought that she don't care about her.

"Nina, watch your mouth!" Mr. Lakin was unhappy. His granddaughter was finally found. What if she was scared away? "From now on, our family's life will be in harmony with Lancy's."

Mr. Lakin felt sorry for his granddaughter, and with a wave of his hand, he changed the rules of the Nalan clan.

"Grandpa!" Nina was unwilling to submit. In the past, her grandfather loved her so much and didn't make an exception for her. She didn't sleep even for a day in this house. Why did everything change as soon as she came back?

After Lakin throwing a sidelong glance at Nina, Nina pouted and lowered her head, not daring to say one more word.

So far, Jill had realized that all Mr. Lakin cared about was his granddaughter. As for others, they were nothing to him.

She could do nothing but watch her daughter suffer. If she did not take actions now, Lancy would take over the whole Lan Clan.

"Nina, your sister has suffered a lot outside. As her sister, you should take care of her." "Dad, we must make it up to Lancy." Jill said with a fake smile.

Lakin nodded in agreement, "That's a good idea."

"Lancy, you are only one year younger than Nina, right?" Jill said sarcastically. No matter how favored she was, Nina was one year older than her! "Lancy, I have something to ask you. What's your relationship with Myron?" Jill asked

Nina's eyes lit up and reminded them coldly, "are you dating now?"

"The second son of the Lu Clan?" Lakin frowned. Isn't he dating with the daughter of the Iren? " That guy has a bad reputation!

Before Myron entered, Lancy's grandfather has passed him.

Lancy's eyes were as clear as crystal, and she had no idea why Jill and Nina were so excited. "We're just friends."

"Good. He is only fit to be a friend." "You are a good girl. I'll find one for you." Mr. Lakin said

Lakin finished his words, he immediately went out to found those old men (friends) and made a list to check them out.

Leaving Lancy, Jill and Nina staring at each other.

As soon as Mr. Lakin left, Nina showed her true attitude. "Hey, how have you been these years? Look at you, you has not only a man, are you? "

Glancing at Nina indifferently, Lancy took a bite of the bird's nest. Then she spit out in front of them. "Rinse your mouth. It stinks."

Nina gripped her clothes tightly. She believed that she could get the chance to scratch Lancy's secret.

In the afternoon, Nina got what she wanted.

The housekeeper brought in the two babies. As soon as Lancy saw the two babies, she rushed at them and kissed them wildly.

"Oh, my God! I miss you so much!"

With a poker face, Ray pinched his mother's round cheek and asked, "Mommy, are you sure that you haven't forgotten all of us?" Don't be too red faced. It's not persuasive at all.

Rani rested her head on her mother's chest and rubbed her cheeks. "Mommy, I miss you so much."

Hearing that, Lancy smiled sulkily. She felt guilty for

no reason. Then she straightened her back and said, "How can I forget you? Ray and Rani are my favorite children!" Maybe I just forgot you two temporarily.

Hearing that, Ray pouted. Looking for mommy has become a habit of his generous expression, this time even.

"Mommy, is this grandpa's house?" Leaning her head against Lancy's shoulder, Rani exclaimed, "Wow, it's so big, so beautiful!"

Lancy raised her head proudly and said, "okay. Let's go. Mommy will show you around grandpa's house. Ah, Mommy's bed is very big. The three of us can play on it."

Hearing the noise, Nina came over and saw the mother and her kids playing happily on the bed. This was not an amusement park and trampoline!

Where did the two kids come from on earth?

Nina's face blushed scarlet with excitement, as if she had discovered a great secret.

She held the doorknob so tightly that her hand turned white. After thinking for a while, she left secretly.

Besides Lancy, the kids had already noticed Nina. When they heard the noise, they knew she was coming to look for trouble. But she left for some reason and thought nobody noticed them. What a gossipy woman!

Ray and Rani made eye contact with each other as if they understood each other very soon. The younger sister got out of bed at once and said, "Mommy, I want to play hide and seek. Mommy hide, I want to find you..."

Of course, Lancy would say yes to her daughter's request, and she went to a place with joy to hide.

Hand in hand, Rani and Ray found Nina's room and opened the door. They stared at Nina with their big innocent eyes.

Anna's first reaction was that Lancy found it out but the little girl dispelled her doubt.

"Auntie, is my mommy hiding here?" She asked.

Nina's good-looking face convulsed. Aunt? It was the first time for Nina to hear someone call her aunt. She was boiling with rage!

'be patient, Nina. It's the best time to ask something. Don't lose your temper, ' Nina told herself. "Cutie, cutie, tell me, who is your mommy?" It must be Lancy, right? Getting pregnant before marriage, Anna could almost imagine what a storm it would cause in the Lan Clan.

Glaring at each other, Ray and Rani said in unison, "Auntie, you're so stupid."

Nina's forehead was stamped with the word 'well'. Gnashing her teeth, she said, "I'm your sister, not your aunt!"

"What's your names? Is mom Lancy?" As she didn't want to waste time on small things, she cut to the chase.

"Does aunt know my mommy?" As if speaking to herself, Rani climbed on the chair before the dresser and began to deal with the jars. "Auntie, why did you wash your face with that lipstick? No wonder your skin is so wrinkled!"

"……" She tried her best to control her anger and forced a smile on her face. "Is Lancy really your mother?"

Ray glanced at her indifferently and said, "aunt, do you have bad ears?"

"Lancy is Mommy! Mommy is Lancy! Auntie, you are a fool!"

Damn child!

Anna tried every means to get the positive answer. Her face changed and she threw the two dolls out of the room rudely.

Anna didn't care whether her children would get hurt or not. She was happy to see them get hurt.

As she closed the door too fast, Nina didn't see that Ray and Rani didn't fall to the ground as she expected. Instead, they landed steadily. A devilish smile appeared on their face and they stopped at the corner.

Staring at the yellow duck watch with her round eyes, Rani began to count down. "Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

"My D perfume..." Nina was flustered and exasperated. Damn, did she know how much it cost? No, she couldn't get it even if she had money. How could she get half of it? It was really

Said Nina in a painful tone. She applied the last drop on her wrist, around her neck and at some sensitive part of her body.

"Three, two, one, bang!"

At the same time, Nina suddenly rushed out of the room and kept shaking. All her muscles were trembling. Under the frightened eyes of the servants, the white skin gradually turned red.

No, that wasn't an ordinary rashes. It was just like a small red insect that was densely covered in its skin.



"Oh my God! I feel sick..."

Even though Miss Nina was wearing a sexy lace dress, her high and sexy figure could not attract anyone's attention. On the contrary, the people who saw her could not wait to poke their eyes to show how horrible she was!

Miss Nina had told everyone with bloodshed fact that other people's Mommy was not easy to bully.

His lovely sister pulled Ray and asked, "Brother, will she be killed?" Anxiety was written all over his little face. It would be more persuasive if he ignored his bright eyes.

Ray took his sister's hand and said, "it doesn't matter. She will recover herself in 24 hours ." As for whether there would be scars on her body, if that stupid woman hadn't held them too hard.

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