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   Chapter 11 Illegitimate Daughter

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"What did you say? Say it again? " Nina almost burst into laughter. She really wanted to pounce on her and tear her mouth apart.

"What? You want me to repeat it?" Lancy showed a helpless expression.

Nina only felt that she was in great fury and her reason had been torn apart by great fury. She roared, "you humble woman! Do you know what will happen if you offend me?"

Humble? Having read the information, Myron stepped forward. His deep black eyes shocked everyone. He said coldly, "humble? Will it be lower than you, who is the illegitimate daughter?"

Illegitimate daughter?

The rest of them couldn't hold back their excitement. They whispered to each other and cast a subtle glance at Nina.

"Illegitimate child? Isn't Miss Nina the only daughter of the Lan Clan? "

"You are lying, aren't you?"

"But, it was Mr. Myron who said that..."

No one would believe this if it was spit out of someone else's mouth. "But it's Myron speaking. They have to think about how Myron treat Anna today. Everyone here must have seen it.".

In this circle, there were a lot of illegitimate sons and women, but compared to those true sons and daughters, they were even not qualified to carry shoes...

In the upper class, the clan valued the family more than the ordinary people did.

Nina was the only daughter in the Lan Clan and her identity remained as a symbol. However, such honor was not worthy of even being her illegitimate daughter.

People only knew that Nina's mother was her father's first love. If Nina was really an illegitimate daughter, then who else could be a mistress?

Nina's face was pale. She looked at Myron incredibly, her body trembling. How, how could he know? No! No way! She bit her lower lip and raised her head. "Mr. Myron, Lan Clan respect you, but this doesn't mean we will let you insult us! Everyone knows that I'm the only daughter in the Lan Clan. "

"Really? Are you the only one? " Myron revealed a meaningful smile.

"You!" Nina slightly opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she kept silent. She stared at those black eyes and felt that she had been seen through by him. Embarrassment and humiliation almost drowned her.

She felt so ashamed, as if everyone was watching her and laughing at her secretly

"Nina?" The woman gently called her daughter's name. Nina suddenly became alert. Her mother's appearance made her recover a little.

Holding her mother's arms, Nina glared at both Myron and Lancy unexpectedly. Even if he knew that, what would happen? Her mother was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Lan Clan and she was the only daughter. The earliest one had long gone, and who would investigate the matter nearly 20 years ago?

Jill heard the noise and came over. She didn't notice that Lancy was hidden behind by Myron. "Nina, go and see if the cake which is sent back by air from Manhattan is available,"

"Cake? What kind of taste? " Lancy reached out her head. Her eyes were shining. "Ice cream is the best. It is good to the elderly. It won't be too sweet."

Was it because of her favorite ice cream?

Nina cast a scornful glance at her and said, "it's my grandfather's birthday. Who gives you the right to tell me what to do?"

"Nina!" Jill frowned and said, "as a daughter of a well-educated family, you should watch your manners. Don't damage your reputation." Her words seemed to rebuke Nina, but actually implied that Lancy was breaking the rules.

"Nina, where is Miss Iren?" Jill looked around and ignored Lancy deliberately.

Nina replied coldly, "you should ask Mr. Myron. Why don't you bring your girlfriend to such an occasion?"

The mother and the daughter cooperated perfectly. Jill was even more surprised, "it turns out the girl behind Mr. Myron is your female partner. I'm so sorry..."

It was until then that Jill looked at Lancy, and that familiar face came into sight. She was so shocked that she could not speak! "Why are you here?" With a shriek, Jill almost stopped screaming. As if she had seen a ghost, her pupils were exaggerating. She, who had always been a gentleman with distinguished appearance, lost her countenance in public.

It was a copy of that woman with eyes and eyebrows, which made Jill recognize the girl at the first sight.

Wasn't she dead? Why, why did she appear in the Lan Clan?

Did she come back for revenge? Or do you come back to compete against Nina? Either way, it would make Jill break down.

"Get out! Get out of here right now!" Jill screamed. Her twisted face made Nina even more scared.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? Calm down!"

"Ask her out, right now!"

'what a noble lady! What could she do to me?' thought she?

Lancy covered her ears with her hands, which seemed to be deafening. Then she picked up something on the table and put it into Jill's mouth.

Jill's mouth was filled with the strange smell. After a short while, she puffed out the... '

"Oh, it's so familiar. Isn't this my mouth towel?" Lancy rubbed her ears shyly. "Because you're too noisy, I'm affected by your noise, haha."

"Bitch!" She was as mean as her mother! Jill gnashed her teeth in anger. At last,

she managed to hold back the curse. She tasted the blood in her mouth. She should have known that this woman was her disaster!

What was her purpose on earth?

Jill was very excited. She couldn't let Mr. Lakin see her!

Regardless of whether she would offend Myron or not, Jill asked Lancy to leave, "Abel, please Take her out. She is not welcomed here. If you dare to offend Mr. Lakin, I will hold you responsible! "

The strange actions of Jill were guilty in the eyes of others. It was more like what she was afraid of.

"Hurry up! Move!" Jill shouted angrily.

"Violence?"? With her? Lancy made a face and stuck her tongue out. Her smiling eyes were filled with coldness. At this time, the person that Jill feared the most appeared.

Mr. Lakin stood with his dragon head walking stick, looking imposing. Just a look was enough to frighten everyone. "What are you doing? Nina, are you being childish again? Jill, what are you doing? "

Jill was petrified. What she feared the most finally happened?

She tried her best to defend herself from Lancy and said with a bitter smile, "it's not what you think Nina has ordered the best cake for you and she's going to take it! " Jill's fear toward Mr. Lakin had invaded into the deepest part of her body, and even after living together with him for so many years, she still couldn't overcome her fear for him.

"Yes, yes, Grandpa."

After hesitating for a while, Lakin said, "that's good." He didn't like desserts and had no interest in young people's gadgets at all.

"Jill, what are you doing?" She was submissive and taught granddaughter to be like a pampered child. A hint of disapproval flashed through Lakin's eyes. If only his daughter-in-law was still alive. Casting a glance at Jill, he stopped abruptly. "Who's that?"

"No... nobody..." "She's Mr. Lu's female companion. I'm so shy," she continued

Shy? Hearing that, Lancy touched her soft cheek with her finger. She put up her hands and gave him a sweet smile: "nice to meet you, Grandpa. I'm Lancy. I wish you a good health and many happy returns. The food of your family is super delicious!" During his birthday party, she also praised the chef of the Lan Clan.

When Lakin's crutch dropped, his sharp black eyes gradually softened, with some tears in them.

Jill knew that she was screwed. All her efforts were in vain when Lancy showed up.

Lancy walked up to Mr. Lakin and touched his wrinkled brows somehow. She said softly, "if you are not happy on your birthday, you won't be happy in this year. Grandpa, don't angry with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter, smile."

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but smile, showing her white teeth.

Lakin twisted her mouth without being noticed, but his usually serious face suddenly revealed a brilliant smile. It was very difficult, wasn't it!

The subordinates all shivered and frightened. The smiling old man was so scary. He had better stop laughing and keep a straight face instead. It was just like a spring breeze and couldn't be uglier!

Mr. Lakin wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, pulled Lancy's hand and asked, "my child, are you really named Lancy?"

What kind of problem was this? Lancy replied seriously, "well, I'm not sure. It's written on my ID card."

Mr. Lakin was not disappointed at all. He looked at Lancy, carefully examining her face. He didn't care about her name or anything else. "Good girl, show me your left ear."

As he spoke, Mr. Lakin lifted up a strand of her hair. He was so excited that he said, "there really is a red mole! Same as Laura. The same... " Tears coursed down his cheeks. No one could understand how sad and desperate he was when he found his granddaughter who had been missing for years.

"Grandpa?" Lancy didn't understand why this grandfather suddenly burst into tears.

Lakin touched her head gently and sobbed, "good girl. I'm your grandpa, your own grandpa. My poor granddaughter, Grandpa finally found you I feel so ashamed to see your parents now. "

Regardless of the huge chaos caused by the family reunion, Jill's face immediately darkened. "Father!"

When Nina heard her mother's words, she was on the brink of collapsing. Now she understood why her mother behaved so abnormally. She was exactly that girl!

Wasn't she dead? How could it be? How could it be? '? It was a heavy blow to Nina. She looked at Jill, who was in the palm of her grandfather. She was the only granddaughter, and the only successor of the Lan Clan!

"Grandfather, is it too rash to conclude that she is our daughter just by one mole?" Nina protested.

"Shut up!" Lakin snapped, "there is a red mole in the left ear of every branch of the Lan Clan. Without exception, Lancy and the Laura were printed out in the same way. How can it be false?"

"Grandpa, it's ridiculous. I'm your only granddaughter, and..." Under Lakin's cold gaze, Nina remained silent. She touched her left ear and found there was no blemish except for the hole.

Jill's face was as pale as a sheet. If it weren't for Nina, she would have been paralyzed with grief.

And people all know why there is no red mole on Nina left ear

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