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   Chapter 10 The Hoyden At The Party

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Lancy didn't care where Myron was going. All kinds of delicious food were served on the table, which pleased her very much. She touched her big belly, which was so satisfied.

Other people's sight and whispers were all blocked by her.

Nina slowly walked towards them, arm in arm with her partner. In the crowd's compliments and applause, she showed a proper smile, a deliberate smile on her face and a complacent look in her black eyes.

However, the applause and compliments lasted a lot less than usual. Nina frowned unhappily. She was well dressed and confident that she wouldn't be taken away by anyone. Was everyone so blind not to notice the charming woman?

Even her partner couldn't focus on her. She looked around and finally found the chief culprit.

How could a rude woman compete with her?

Nina's walked to Lancy with her long dress. She didn't know why. At one glance, Nina was very disgusted with this woman. It was a disgust from the bottom of her heart.

"Who are you?" Nina looked at her in disbelief, her face pale with fear. She was frightened, and she didn't know how to react!

Lancy licked her lips endlessly and said, "I'm not the Miss." 'Miss, such as you, is in Red-light district. How rude this girl is! She didn't be taught nicely, But my babies are different. How sweet Rani is!'!

"What?" Nina knew very well that they just fooled around. How poor the girl looked! This JR skirt is also a fake, isn't it? "Miss, this is a private gathering, and no outsiders are welcome. Please go out."

Hearing that, Lancy twisted her slender eyebrows and said impatiently, "I've said that I'm not a miss. You're a miss. Your whole family is a miss!"

Lancy hated to be interrupted when she was enjoying delicious food.

Nina finally understood what Lancy meant. Her face blushed with embarrassment, but it was not good to get angry in front of so many people. So she bit her lower lip and said, "you!"

"Nina, there is nothing to talk about with this kind of woman." Grace, daughter of Nina's friend, who came from the Wang Company with electronic technology, squinted at her in disdain and said, "I've already seen many women like her who are specialized in catching a man. Just tell the security guard to drag her out."

"The shoes..." Grace pointed at a pair of golden high-heeled shoes on the table and asked. 'Is that a pair of

shoes she selected on the fashion show?'? It was impossible for her to wear it at the feet of a poor man No, there are still some available domestically! "Nina, look! This pair of shoes faked so good! Where did you buy them? It's really good! "

Nina didn't say a word. She just raised her chin, showing no interest in giving a glance to Lancy. A cold smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. No matter how real it is, it's a fake.

With a disgusted look on her face, Grace stepped three steps backwards and pointed at Lancy, shouting, "Oh, why do you still eat? Did you hear my words? Have you eaten nothing for eight lifetimes? "

"Forget it, Grace. Don't get angry with her! It's just a pair of shoes. Even if it's true, Sh can afford it only with the help of men. " Of course, no one believed that shoes were genuine.

The reason was simple. Nina was the top woman in the rich lady circle of Alaska. She was the first one to buy these when all new products were released. Even the lady of the Lan Clan didn't have this a pair of shoes. It was a joke for a woman who bought and wore them before!

"What's wrong with you?" She felt pity for them, who asked her to leave first and then held her hands to stop her from leaving. 'what should I do on earth?' Lancy thought?

The maids who mocked were petrified at the moment.

Nina stared at Lancy with an innocent look, not knowing what was wrong she had.

Lancy grabbed a square towel and wiped her mouth. The girls who had mocked her all the time did not notice that, in fact, her manner was very perfect, flawless.

However, when faced with the delicious food, Lancy's expression was a little more rich, because she paid more attention on it and enjoyed the food, so it could only be said that the observing ability of all the ladies was further improved.

"Excuse me, this beauty is in my way." Lancy pointed at Grace who in front of her and took back her shoes. She glanced at the West dishes and thought it was time to change her taste.

"You wild girl, how dare you..." At that moment, the girl who had made friends with Ramona caught Debbie's arm and pointed around. 'under such an occasion, no one is allowed to lose her temper, ' she told herself.

Unable to find a good way to vent her anger, Grace swallowed the curse back.

The group turned to look at Nina with hopes. She had always been the center of her circle and the leader.

Nina held Lancy's hand and said, "security! Take this woman out!"

At the moment when her wrist was grabbed, Lancy's black eyes turned, and in the next second, Nina's hand was slapped hard. Three fingerprints appeare

d on the back of her white hand, which was really fast.

"Ouch!" Nina felt painful and her eyes were burning. "You hit me?"

"Don't get in my way! I've told you that you had got in my way. Why don't you understand my words?" Lancy shook her head and said seriously.

Then the captain of security came.

"Miss Nina, what can I do for you?"

Pointing at Lancy, Nina said in a bad tone, "throw this woman out."

"Who are you throwing out?" WhenLancy was preparing to fight back, Myron walked out of the crowd. As soon as he saw the women who were not friendly to Lancy, his face became gloomy. "Whom are you going to throw out, huh?"

Although Myron usually wore a smile on his face but when he was very angry, he was like a rainy night before a heavy storm, which scared the whole people and made them unable to say anything.

Nina recognized him. He was the person she wanted to marry the most, Mr. Myron.

"I'm so sorry for what I have done, Mr. Myron." "It was our negligence that made an unknown woman got involved." Nina gazes apologetically at Myron We'll take her out right now... "

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Myron surveyed Nina from head to toe. "Are you Nina?" he asked in a slightly weird tone

Though Myron had a good reputation, he seldom attended such formal parties. He met Nina but unfortunately she was not that gorgeous.

Nina smiled shyly, suppressing her excitement, and gently nodded.

"Are you trying to drive my date away?" Myron lowered his eyes, showing no sign of joy or anger. "Is this the way for the Lan Clan to welcome guests?"


With the sound of gasping, Myron walked to Lancy, bent over, and gently held her white feet with his warm palm, and put on the high heels for her.

The man's act told everyone that the girl was the one he cherished most.

Jealousy and resentment all turned into envy, and they wished that they could replace Lancy, even her shoes.

"My shoes are too high." Lancy complained in a low voice with her cheeks bulged up.

Lancy's ankle was beautiful, and her skin was white. It was really beautiful to wear the shoes made by the top class masters.

Myron knew that she was explaining why she walked barefoot, so he said helplessly, "you are the only one who complain. Others can't come even if they want to I have asked someone to send this air from Berkeley by air. It is a waste of my time and effort. "

Not until now did Grace realized that Lancy's shoes were real not fake. Her face turned red and she wished to hide herself.

At the same time, Nina's face was not so good. What Myroneston said just now was just a slap on her face.

The women who were leisurely watching the scene of bustle now were with starry eyes, looking at Myron with deep affection, and really wanted to pounce on him

Myron didn't care about this at all. What he cared about was only the woman who was with him now.

Lancy stared at him with her big black and grape like eyes, and touched his forehead with her soft hand, "Myron..."

"Yes?" The sound seemed to have made innumerable turns, shaking a woman's heart on the ground~~

"Do you have a fever? Myron was so weird and jealous that Lancy felt like her stomach was boiling. " Hearing that, Lancy covered her mouth and frowned tightly.

"……" Myron covered his aching temples, hoping that she was so moved improved he was really silly~~

Shit! It's your fault! You ate too much? From the beginning to the end, whose stomach can bear it.

Fortunately, they were whispering to each other in the eyes of others and did not hear the words of Lancy. Otherwise, Myron could do nothing but laugh.

Nina clenched her skirt nervously. The scenes of Myron and Lancy's love softened her eyes. "Mr. Myron, is she really your date?"

Hearing that, Myron raised his eyes, with a dash of indescribable sarcasm in his faint smile. "Are you doubting me?"

"I I didn't mean that. " Nina was stunned.

"Then what do you mean?" Myron asked Nina sharply.

Tim, the male partner of Nina, hurried to mediate the dispute, "misunderstandings, misunderstandings! It's just a mistake. Mr. Myron is a generous man. How could you be so serious with a girl? "

Upon hearing this, Myron responded with a sneer, "do you mean that I have no reason to bully Nina?"

"Mr. Myron?" Tim was stunned. Everyone in their circle knew that Myron was a very good man. That was why he dared to speak for Nina. He didn't expect that Myron would attack him.

All the people present knew that Myron was determined to pick on Nina. They didn't dare to offend either of them, so they all kept their mouth shut and watched the fire on the other side of the river.

Nina had never been humiliated like this. Boiling with anger, she said rudely, "Mr. Myron, it's your partner's fault. She dresses up in rags, and people will misunderstand, won't they?"

"I'm better than someone who can't hide her desire..." hearing that, Nina pursed her lips. Lancy realized that Nina had a bad vibe.

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