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   Chapter 9 Father's Love Is Spilling

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A few minutes later, Myron found out what was happening. He took the documents and rushed to the warehouse. He couldn't wait to show that to Lancy and the children.

Ray was sitting on the front seat and reading through the information like a young adult. The dull expression on his face made it difficult for others to guess what he was thinking.

Myron was proud and pleased. The love of father was spilling in his chest. This is his son, how excellent he was, with such a strong aura at such a young age. When he grew up, he must be an outstanding man, but someone's blurred figure flashed through his mind.

That man, his son would reach that height one day?

"Uncle, my brother doesn't taste better." With a lollipop in her mouth, Rani fixed her big eyes on Myron, who seemed to stare at a sheep like a wolf. While she was thinking, she took a bag of snacks and stuffed it into the arms of Myron. "Eat chips if you are hungry."

Myron wiped his face and replied in a soft voice that could melt the ice and snow, "I'm not hungry, my dear Rani."

After moving her buttocks a little bit, Rani grabbed those snacks with her little paws and ran towards her mother.

Since the uncle said that he didn't want to eat it, then he didn't need to eat it. Her brother was not a fool and wouldn't let him succeed! Yes, that was true. Rani nodded her head and held the snacks more tightly. She felt very happy that no one was going to take them away from her.

"Mommy, sister, the last bag." Ray's steady voice came from behind. The mother and daughter, who were eating like little hamster, were frozen and lowered their heads. They were both sad and could not help devouring the food.

At this time, Ray always mean what he says, and Lancy did not have the momentum as a mother.

Lancy would rather be grounded for a month for snacks. Thinking of the difficult time in those days, tears streamed down her face. She thought that it was better for her to be obedient.

"Have you read this document?" Ray asked Myron.

Myron nodded, not denying it. He looked at Lancy with affectionate and dote in his eyes, which he had not noticed. Thinking of the evil woman Jill, Myron's face turned cold and cruel.

Ray was expressionless and pulled a long face. Jill sold his mother to a human trafficker and sent people to kill her. Well!

"What do you want to do?" Ray was leading everything and this seemed to become a habit. Myron never thought that Ray was only six years old.

Staring at Myron with his black eyes without blinking, Myron's heart was pounding with excitement. His blood was boiling. As long as the "son" gave the order, he would do anything, even sacrifice himself. The man who tried hard to make up for his loss and his mind had already been thrown into a state of irrationality.

"You do yours, I do mine, do not interfere with each other." Seeing through this man's mind, Ray unhurriedly spoke out Myron's fantasies.

Myron looked at Ray embarrassedly and wondered, 'what about the team?' Aren't you supposed to be close to me?

Hearing that, Ray shrugged innocently. He had never promised anything to him. It was Myron who had thought too much.

The mother and daughter, who ate the last pieces of snacks, didn't notice the subtle atmosphere between them. With a pitiful look on her face, Lancy gazed at her baby son and said, "Ray..."

"No way." Ray denied directly and turned around to avoid contacting with his mother.

"Brother..." Rani's eyes were sparkling as if there are thousands of golden diamonds there which all flying to Ray. For her all of them were nothing except snacks.

After a short pause, Ray clenched his little fists and said, "I don't agree with you. That's all."

"Humph! You are a petty man, petty man! Petty man!"

Glaring at his sister, Ray gritted his teeth and said, "sister, you have used this trick for a week. What did I say last time?" It would be enough to use this tactic once.

Rani touched her cold neck subconsciously. 'Oh, I forgot what you said last time.'.

"You don't remember?" Ray slightly squinted his eyes which were the same as his sister's and showed his white teeth. How could she forget with her high IQ of 200? "Sister, if you don't help persuade Mommy, it will make things worse. You encourage mommy to be more arrogant. Are you looking for trouble? "

"Brother, what do you want to do to your cute sister?" Rani's eyes widened. 'oh my God! Is he really mad at me?' she thought?

"Mommy, help me!" Rani's whine grew fainter and fainter as she was dragged away by ray. Finally, she was stopped by the door.

Myron stood there, at a loss. whether he tried to stop or he was reluctant. He didn't know what to do.

"Lancy, the kids..." The inexperienced man asked foolishly, but nobody answered. "Lancy?"

Myron was confused. He squatted and saw that Lancy was looking into the distance with tears in her eyes and muttering. Driven by curiosity, he moved forward.

"Snacks, snacks. I want to eat them!" murmured by Lancy, who was completely immersed in the world of snacks. "Just one more bag, one more bag. I promise..."

With a twist of his mouth, Myron touched Lancy's smooth fo

rehead and greeted, "Lancy!"

Hearing that, Lancy came back to her senses. With her clear eyes, she touched her belly pitifully and said, "I'm hungry..."

Myron couldn't even speak a word of blame in front of a girl like her, which made him melt! Myron couldn't help but lower his voice. Looking at her pitiful appearance, he was afraid that she was starving to death? How could Ray like this. It's just snacks. What can I do if I'm hungry

Where is your fatherly love, Myron?

At this time, the servant of Myron came up with his head and reminded him in a low voice, "Mr. Myron, your mom asked me to remind you not to forget to attend the party tonight. It's time to go now."

Myron, who was about to pull the poor little girl into his arms, was forcefully interrupted and stared fiercely at the servant. Korl expressed that he was innocent, so he didn't dare look up.

"Party? What party?" Myron replied. He didn't remember it at all.

"The 70 birthday party of Lord Lan Clan. You received the invitation one month ago." Squatting in a corner, Korl had already known his master's temper, and was ready to be angry.

The Lan Clan? Myron raised his eyebrows and smirked. He coaxed Lancy gently, "Lancy, would you like to go to the banquet with me?"

"No way." Hearing that, Lancy turned her head complacently. In fact, she was busy with her work. She was busy planning how to persuade her baby son to give her an extra bag of snacks.

"I saw a lot of yummy snacks," Myron coaxed. "You can eat as much as you want and wear beautiful dresses. The small sachet you just bought is just in good use..."

Lancy suddenly stood up and pulled Myron outwards. She turned to Korl and said, "Korl, take my bag. Let's go!"

Rani curled her lips and rubbed her aching cheek. 'Brother is so cruel!' she thought.

"Brother, mommy was kidnapped. You didn't stop her?" Rani tried to distract him.

Ray was not completely fooled. He pinched his sister's soft cheek with his two hands again and rubbed it for a while. Then, the two children lay down on the bed and played with each other.

The two babies finally stopped playing. They lay side by side and gasped.

"Brother, I'm serious!" Rani's round face blushed scarlet, and she poked Ray's arm.

"I know." Ray wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "uncle has taken mommy to hit a bad guy."

"A bad guy?" "I'm coming with you, and I'll beat the bad guys as well," said Rani, sitting up

Ray pounced on his sister and said, "sister, please don't. We have something much more interesting to play."

"Something more interesting?" Rani's eyes were alight with excitement. Usually, it was fun for her brother to say so. "…… Brother, you are so heavy. You should lose weight. "

"…… You are the little fat pig! " Ray protested and compared his arms to his. Obviously, his sister was round than him!

Everyone in Alaska knew the Lord of the Lan Clan, Lakin.

Once Mr. Lakin sneezed, Alaska would be shocked. If Mr. Lakin glared at them, the people in the government would sweat profusely.

So, it was natural that a large number of people wanted to take part in Mr. Lakin 's eighty year birthday party. This was only a fantasy and it was absolutely impossible. Therefore, the person who received the invitation was a symbol of glory, which proved their status in Alaska.

The only purpose of these people was to try every means to get Mr. Lakin's notice. Everyone had their own most perfect side, afraid that the Lan Clan would be displeased by them.


The dignified ladies, the gentle gentlemen all twitched their mouths in disbelief and moved their eyes to the corner unconsciously. It was not because they were not strong enough, but because that person was simply too weird.

The pink skirt set off her skin like a porcelain without any blemish. Her eyelashes fluttered, and her big black and white eyes were shinning with a dazzling radiance. Yes, she was so amazing.

Crystal clear girl was supposed to be the noble princess in everyone's mind, but her attention was always on the dessert, like a little dog coveting bones, coveting the delicacies.

What the hell was she doing here?

That was the doubt of the gentlemen. They wanted to accost her, but they didn't want to interrupt her "fun".

Men was more tolerant towards girls and even thought they were cute, but women and men had completely different attitudes towards girls.

these ladies ha-ha.

"Who is she? didn't see her before People in the party were all familiar with this kind of place. But Lancy, who was coveting delicious food, didn't care at all.

"Oh my God! She ate up all the dessert! How could she be that ?"

"Hey, look, she's barefoot."

That was true. Her round tiptoes were still naughty, and her high heels were tossed aside by the girl.

"Whose daughter is she? Who knows her? This is not what a lady should do. "

"I don't know her. We all meet her for the first time?"

"Oh my God! Did she come here to hook up rich man?"

The women were shocked and looked at the men who were staring at the girl beside them with burning eye, they showing no interest in her at all. They despised her a lot.

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