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   Chapter 8 Hazard Index Level

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All people were surprised. They didn't expect that the man who seemed polite and only knew how to enjoy could be so calm. His emotions didn't change because of the sniper time.

Of course, this was only the way to deal with Myron to face the sniper time. Others didn't that Myron couldn't laugh at all.

"What the hell is going on here?" Myron couldn't calm himself down in front of Lancy, because she was the target of the sniper. "How could anyone want to kill you?" She have been shot in the heart if Ray hadn't pushed her down. Obviously, they wanted her to die. What scared Myron more was if the bullet hit Ray...

In his mind, the danger index is eight. Finally, there is something worth taking, bulletproof is very qualified.

Myron bent down, Looking at Lancy and Ray carefully, Myron checked them again and again, and then relieved that there was no bullet hole. He asked seriously, "Lancy, did you offend someone? I can help you... "

For the first time, Rani's smile froze. 'did they find me so soon?

Only then did Myron realize that the mother and the kids weren't surprised at this. They seemed to have been accustomed to it?

"Uncle, what can you do?" Ray fixed his eyes on Myron. He indistinctly felt that this person was not as simple as it appeared.

In the past few years, that group of people had never given up. Although their mommy could always deal with them at critical times, that group of people was unintentionally a thorn in the hearts of the mother and kids. Ray had investigated but got no result, but he was suspicious of the person behind the scenes.

They was very professional in tracking, stretching out hands and sniping, but they had never done such a thing without scruple like this time! Finally, they can't stand it anymore? At a very small step, Ray tried to clench the bracelet that his mother put in the jewelry box. He had a feeling that all this was related to this bracelet. He thought that he had to take this time to break its secret.

As his eyes fell on Myron, Ray suddenly smiled, "Uncle, I will leave it to you to handle." He would like to see his real strength.

"I agree."Rani said As Rani held up her little hand, a hint of admiration flashed in her eyes. Rani also wanted to know how powerful her father was. She didn't want to have an extremely weak father.

However, Ray was much more thoughtful than Rani. Whether Myron was his father or not, as long as he had the strength, he would find a way to turn him into their support!

Hearing the discussion between Ray and Rani, Lancy stayed silent all the time. People who were careful enough would find that she had been prepared for it. Her eyes were fixed on the only entrance of the warehouse, and her fingers were deeply pressed into her hands.

Myron thought that Lancy was frightened, so he immediately turned around and dialed the number. Half an hour later, the noise outside the room quickly disappeared, and it soon returned to calm.

It was so quiet that he could hear a needle drop on the ground.

"Yes." After Myron hung up the phone, he couldn't hide his smile.

Seeing that, Ray curled his lips without feeling. Myron had done things much faster than he had expected.

When she heard that the problem was solved, Lancy finally let out a sigh of relief. She was at a loss for a few seconds, but she was different from what she was like just now.

"Myron, I didn't expect you to be so awesome!" Lancy gave him a thumbs up.

Awesome? A gleam of doubt came over Myron's face. He said with a smile, "the power of the clan is well played at this moment." It was not him but a man standing at the top of the world.

What kind of existence was that? Myron had always looked up at him, which was more admirable and intimidating than his father.

"Clan..." Hearing that, Lancy lowered her eyes, while a bright smile appeared on her face all of a sudden. "I envy you so much!" she said

Ray touched his chin and thought, 'clan? The boy knew that he was too young and he was just a new arrival with a shallow foundation. Some things are really difficult to handle. Previously, I investigated the group of killers (from the Internet), but I don't think it's a bad way to solve this problem?

"Who are they on earth? Why did they kill you?" This time those people were forced back, and it was hard to guarantee that they would not come again next time. This was what Myron was most worried about.

"Uncle, if you want to know the answer so eagerly, you can investigate by yourself." Ray snorted defiantly at Myron. Since it was not easy to get her mother's information, it was possible for him to know what had happened.

Instead of being annoyed, Myron's eyes lit up, which seemed to burn people to the bone Kaaahhkkk. Does Ray mean that he will give him a chance to make up as long as he can find out the truth?

"Lancy?" Myron asked tentatively.

Lancy looked at her son and then at Myron. She thought he was excited because of her

son. Well, since her babies were so adorable, it was normal for them to be loved crazily. For the sake of his love for the kids, she nodded and said, "Okay. I'll listen to Ray. If he agrees, I will not stop you hanging out with them. "

Myron may be wrong, but the hope of love appear in front of you, the people who do not seize the it was a fool!

And it was also because of Lancy's misunderstanding that Myron admitted that Ray and Rani were his children. And that was an confirmation.

Therefore, Myron left at full speed.

Now, knowing that he will be kneeling on the ancestral tablet or something, he will never flinch! Don't talk about kneeling for seven or eight hours, just help him to investigate it, even kneeling for 24 hours.

Ray gave Rani a meaningful look. Then, she obediently ran into Lancy arms and said, "Mommy, I'm sleepy."

Lancy touched her daughter's forehead with worry. It was a little cold. Was she scared? "I'm not afraid. Mommy is here. Let's go to bed."

Holding her daughter, Lancy crawled into the quilt. Ray excused himself to play puzzle and went to the cubicle.

Although with the help of Myron, Ray was still worried. After all, he didn't trust a person he just knew? Ray would always take care of everything related to his mother himself.

At the same time, in a detached villa on Filial Piety Road in Alaska, two women anxiously strolled back and forth in their rooms.

"Mother, are you sure it's her?" Even at home, the young girl had delicate makeup. She couldn't remember when the last time she had no makeup in front of others. Or maybe, she had been accustomed to this face with heavy makeup. Because it was beautiful and stunning.

The older woman did the same. They maybe the mother and daughter.

"It must be her. She looks exactly like her mother." Jill's face was distorted when she mentioned that woman. At this moment, she didn't look like an elegant and demure lady as she used to be. "I didn't expect that she was still alive. She was kidnapped many years ago. How could she come back?"

"Mom, stop spinning around. I feel dizzy." Nina impatiently rubbed her head and replied, "that woman has been dead. Even if her daughter has come back, so what?"

Jill squinted at her daughter peevishly. Her daughter was good in all aspects, except that she was impatient and was far worse in plot than her.

"You, let you go home to accompany grandpa, you do not listen?" Jill poked her daughter's forehead and said angrily, "your grandpa is getting old. In the past few months, he often talked about his passed daughter-in-law and his missing granddaughter. If your grandfather knew that he is still alive, do you think you still have a place in this family? "

This old man was nostalgic, especially the old man, who only cared about his granddaughter! Wasn't her daughter good? In the end, it was her and her daughter who sent him to the heaven.

At that time, she had to work hard to defeat the legal wife. Seeing that the house belonged to her daughter Nina, Jill would never allow anyone to stop them.

Nina finally realized the seriousness of the problem. It was because her grandfather always praised that woman and thought that his missing granddaughter made her unwilling to accompany him. 'if Grandpa really recognizes that woman, I won't have a place in the Lan Clan.'?

"No, never let her come back! Mom, what should we do? "

"What should we do?" Jill gave a sinister smile and said, "don't worry, my dear. I've already asked someone to deal

with it. I will plot everything for you. No one can steal anything from you. "

Hearing her mother's words, Nina relaxed a little. She felt much better with her mother around. "Mom, what if that woman is not who we want?"

"Humph, it's her bad luck. Why does she look like that bitch?" Jill said coldly. She would rather kill anyone who made a mistake. She had a hunch that the woman she met in the mall was the girl she had sold that year.

'it's so late. Why didn't Mr. Jones call me?'?

Did it need such a long time to deal with a woman? Jill furrowed her brows. Things were getting more and more complicated. She had to have a good talk with him next time.

She just thought that Mr. Jones could have a good time with the money given by her. She never thought that the mission might fail.

She didn't know that Mr. Jones didn't dare to call her, and he was very anxious at this moment! Because his men went missing.

Having been in the gang for a long time, Jones was very sensitive about this kind of thing. After a few groups of people failed to return, he knew that they must have been found by someone, and that person must not be the person he offended. Otherwise, he would not have no clues at all. Jones immediately booked the midnight flight to Buckeye for avoiding trouble.

Because of that, Jill thought that the man had been thrown out by Jones. Later when she saw her again at the banquet, Jill lost her manners for the first time

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