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   Chapter 7 Kindred

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Lancy was sitting cross legged on the bed, looking at the handbags and skirt all over the bed with a smile on her face.

Her palm sized face rubbed the newly bought handbag with great affection. While the other hand was free, she flipped the hemline of her dress and asked without looking up, "baby, where is Mommy's jewelry box?" The first question of a woman is how to match.

Ray gazed at his mother speechlessly. He took out a jewelry box from somewhere and handed it to his mother. No matter how many times, he still could not adapt to his mommy's behavior.

Rani was lying on the edge of the bed, her big eyes blinking. Mommy's jewelry is so beautiful.

Mother and child were indulged in it. Like an adult, Ray Like a little adult, he put his hands on his back and shook his little head.

The man with yellow hair extended his head and with a flattering smile. Since he knew he could get rid of the array easily, he was very impressed with the leaders and their sister and had no complaint about it at all.

"Leader, that man came again!" In fact, all the hooligans secretly speculated that when leader's mom is so sincere to the man. In view of the appearance of the similarity between the man and the hall master, is it possible that Leader's mummy slept with the man and gave birth babies, and finally this man found it?

After spending so many days with Leader's mommy, they guessed that they might be able to know them well.

That man? Hearing that, Lancy took a frown and asked, "what's wrong with that man? I said the baby had nothing to do with him. Why did he come to our house so frequently? Damn! "

"Mommy?" "Isn't uncle our daddy?" Rani asked innocently

"I swear to God, it's definitely not him! I just met him. " Lancy replied seriously, forgetting that she had lost her memory.

Yes, she had amnesia. All Lancy could remember was the time when she gave birth to the twins. She totally forgot what happened before! She wouldn't have known her name if she hadn't had the ID card in her pocket.

It was apparent that Ray thought of this, which was also the reason why he allowed Myron to visit his home again and again.

Ray waved at Hanson and asked him to ignore Myron and leave the man alone.

"Ray, where are my bracelets?" After counting the jewelry, Lancy touched her empty left wrist for some reason, and she suddenly remembered the bracelet.

Hearing that, Ray's eyes flashed. His mother had kept the bracelet on her wrist for a long time. Since he discovered the secret of the bracelet, he had kept it. Although Mommy behaved like this, she actually didn't care much about it. It was all because of her shopping hobby.

Only the bracelet, every once in a while, Mommy would always think of it and be reassured by touching it.

Ray put the bracelet on her wrist and said, "Mommy, here it is!"

"Rani, Mommy said it was right to let your brother take care of it." Lancy kissed Ray's forehead and praised him generously. "The color is perfect, isn't it?"

As Rani fidgeted around, She had no idea what Mommy liked about the bracelet.

In girl's eyes, the bracelets were even less beautiful than the pearl necklace. But her brother hid the bracelet so carefully, so it should be valuable?

"Mommy, what's that?" On the other hand, Rani managed to keep the bracelet in her hand. In front of the dim light, his eyes were more and more shiny. "Mommy, look, there is a flash inside the bracelet."

Lancy walked up and saw inside the bracelet, as expected, there seemed to be something flashing! "Really?"

"Mommy, what's this?" Suddenly, something occurred to her. The light likes numbers, or a bar code..

"Well, I don't know. I just found it." Hearing that, Lancy smiled in embarrassment. Now she paid all her attention to the magic bracelet and asked, "are these the selling points of this bracelet? Yes, Mommy must have spent a lot of money buying it. "

While speaking, Lancy nodded heavily. Actually, she didn't remember the price at all. "This is the family heirloom of the Lancy family. I'll leave it to Rani."

The topic was unwittingly taken to the family heirloom. Looking at his mother who was looking forward to the next generation, Ray snickered.

Rani pulled herself out of Lancy's arms and stared at Ray with her burning eyes. The twins had the inborn feeling. My brother was so interesting that he didn't tell me when he found something interesting. '.

Ray lowered his eyes and slightly upward his lips. Just now his sister said she didn't like the bracelet.

At this time, Myron was wandering around outside the door.

Asked him why he would come here every day. It was clear to see a row of hooligans standing in front of him. That was a gang, a gang. How could his son and woman (with a probability of 90%) live in this place.

However, Lancy did not want to see him, which made Myron, who had been going very smoothly, feel very frustrated. He did not know what to do.

Although Myron still did not remember the affection between him and Lancy, after looking through his photos in the old house when he w

as a child, he was sure that the twins were definitely the offspring of his family.

Looking at the dilapidated warehouse, Myron felt sorry for a woman for the first time. It was clear that Lancy had suffered so much in such a place!

However, since that day, Myron had never seen her again.

As she was now, she still wouldn't come out even though there was only one door apart. For a few times, she asked the gangsters to drive him away.

As for the hooligans who looked unkind, Myron endured it hard. The restless expression on his face made him want to have a fight with them. However 'no, I can't let that happen. The kids are here. I can't leave a bad shadow on them, ' he decided.

If the hooligans knew what he was worried about, would they cry?

"I will do my best to make up for you and our child..." Myron murmured to himself, and between his eyebrows flowed a rare worry.

Hanson sized up Myron, his eyes filled with sympathy and sorrow. According to the Leader, if a man wanted to be recognized, he had to be trained!

At that moment, Ray came out. Standing straight out of instinct, Myron showed the most kind smile and looked lovingly at his son.

A chill came over Ray's face. Like his sister, he was a little disappointed at this handsome man. He was not the person as his father he had imagined. He was just a man who was not able to please his mother and win her heart. Was he useless at all?

"Uncle, Mommy said she didn't want to see you."

"But I want to see her..." Myron asked anxiously. They could only talk with each other face to face.

Ray looked at Myron, whose face was covered with sweat, and said, "uncle, Mommy said that she didn't know you, but you can make an appeal."

"Well..." Myron didn't know what to say. He was stunned there.

Ray shook his head in disappointment. He knew Myron was a playboy! "It seems that you don't remember Mommy. No wonder Mommy doesn't want to see you! How many women do you have? "

Upon hearing this, Myron was stunned and didn't know what to say Because he didn't know how many women he had.

He was right. Because he had hurt her deeply, so she had been resisting him all the time?

Thinking of that, Myron was almost overwhelmed by guilt. He squatted down and looked at Ray. Resisting the urge to hold him in his arms, he said, "It was all my fault before. I promise you that I will compensate you in the future and not hurt your mommy and sister. Give Dad Can you give uncle one more chance? "

"I don't think so. I have said that you're not their father," Lancy put her hands on her waist. Fortunately, she hid behind and overheard their talk, and almost had a big trouble.

Myron finally saw Lancy. Although She was so angry that his heart beat so fast!

He stepped forward excitedly, but was stopped by Ray. He restrained his trembling heart and hurriedly said, "Lancy, give me a chance to compensate you. I know you won't trust me anymore. Lancy don't need to do anything. I'll prove myself. Just this time? "

Hearing that, Lancy held her head in her hands as her head ached. She could not understand what this man was saying? "I mean it. I didn't mean it because I hurt you before..."

Myron pretended that he knew everything. He didn't hear what Lancy said at all.

"You are so..."

Ray pulled the edge of Lancy's dress and whispered to her, "Mommy, how can you be sure that he isn't my father? "

Ray and Lancy face to face, From Lancy's point of view, she can see two similar faces facing her from the front to the back, which is the evidence.

Lancy walked over her son, stood in front of Myron, pointed at her heart and said angrily, "Mommy is sure, because there is no feeling for this man."

Although Lancy did not care about her loss of memory, because God gave her the most precious treasure in the world. However, sometimes at deep night, she was curious about who was the father of her children?

In Lancy's opinion, she and her children's father loved each other and they had an affection. Or she won't take a one night stand. Besides, it was undoubted that Myron couldn't be the father of her children.

Look like? There were nearly eight billion people in the world, and there should be someone similar to them even if they don't have blood relationship.

Myron was on the verge of suffocation. The feeling was strange to him and gave him an unprecedented shock.

"I'm sorry..." Myron unconsciously kept saying these three words.

Lancy slapped her forehead and gave up completely. She still couldn't understand what the man was talking about.

All of a sudden, Ray, who had been silent all this time, darkened like an iceberg. He jumped onto Lancy and shouted, "uncle, you have to make it up to me. Now there is a chance."

Lancy is hit by the sudden force, she steadied her son with one hand and was still in shock.

Because a bullet passed her ear

After a scream, a hooligan who was hit covered his knee and fell to the ground.

The first reaction of Myron was to hold Lancy and lead Ray into the warehouse. His movement was incredible.

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