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   Chapter 6 He Looks Like Their Father

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As a girl who had learnt Kungfu from an early age, Iren thought she was easy to deal with a little woman!

What? Was it not in line with her identity to slap her in public? What a joke! Her dignity had been trampled under. Since she came out of her mother's womb, she had never been the one who suffered losses!

She started to imagine the scene that the little bitch was trampled on the ground and ravaged by her. When the scene turned, Iren screamed out.

The neck was easily grasped by Lancy. From the bright red marks on her wrist, it could be seen that she was exerting her strength. Iren felt so painful that her face was even contorted by the pain. " So pain"

Hearing that, Lancy took off the Pearl Bracelet from Iren's wrist. "Wow, you even gave me the bracelet as a gift. Since you are so sincere, I will accept your gift reluctantly," Lancy said The color of the Pearl was good. Lancy rubbed it happily.

"You! You! Don't leave until my darling comes. You'll regret it. " Iren covered her wrist with her hand, not daring to move any more.

"…… So, Miss, I'm a woman. That's all Embarrassed, Lancy reminded Iren. Lancy looked at her, full of Mercy for her. Wouldn't that kindergarten children do to ask for help? 'Oh, my boy never complains to anyone. "I'm going home. I won't play with you anymore."

"You! You! You! Stop! If you leave here, I'll throw the bag you bought from the 8th floor. " Like a shrew, Iren was so angry that she didn't realize that she had become the one that focus of everyone. This floor were all world-famous brand shops. There are not many patrons, but they are all from the circle. Especially in Alaska, who hadn't heard of her name, Iren!

But now, she put a girl in such an awkward situation. What an unruly girl.

Did you hear her? Did you threaten her to throw away the things she bought! It seemed that Iren was more unruly than the rumors.

At the same time, from the first floor to the eighth floor, a man strode over. He was tall and handsome, with perfect facial features. Every place this man passes by is boiling!

"So handsome!"

"He's looking at me, right? Seeing me? "

"Fuck off! He's looking at me... Handsome man, I'd like to go with you. "

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, handsome boy, please take me with you as long as you can give me a aplace to eat and live in. Come on, you don't have to be so polite to me!"

Such a rare and gorgeous man This was the voice of all the women's hearts. The top-grade handsome man's temperament was relatively cold, then there was a faint smile in his deep black eyes. The two opposite temperament collided, making the women entranced.

She wanted him to have a look at her. Then there would be no regret in her life.

The chances of meeting a super handsome man was three percent, while the chances of meeting a super handsome man was zero percent of a chance for gentle to approach him. The women in the hearts bit the handkerchief and barked, itching to turn into wolves to push on him! At the thought of the thrilling scene which made all them blood flowing back, they were too excited to control themselves.

Look at the blush on your face! Husband (boyfriend) will cry to faint in the bathroom, okay?

Myron had already been used to these scene. His cellphone was always vibrating. There was a touch of impatience in his black eyes. It's too annoying.

On the eighth floor, he greeted the ladies with a smile.

From afar, he saw Iren holding herself and staring viciously at the woman sitting on the soft chair at the door of JR Well, maybe a girl?

He didn't know what Iren was saying, but the girl seemed not to hear it and played with her cell phone!

Puff, it was a selfie?

Myron had never seen a girl like her. She had a fair face, with her thin eyebrows, big eyes, and she pinched her oval face, making all kinds of funny expressions! Which made Iren so angry... When they stood together, Myron finally understood why he was not interested in Iren at all.

It was not because Iren was ugly, but her beauty was beautiful. At first glance she was very attractive! However, compared with the girl, he was obviously too harsh, too simple.

Since Myron had met so many "beauties", he could know at a glance whether the girl's innocence was the real innocence, just like her clear black eyes, which were simple without any scheming. It was incredible! She did all those ugly things, but not enough to make anyone feel annoyed. Instead, she would smile, making people can't help doting on her any behaviors.

Like now, with a faint smile on the corner of Myron's mouth, he looked at the girl stuck out his tongue and raised his eyes He thought she was much more beautiful than Iren.

"Honey." As if seeing her savior, Iren ran towards Myron sadly.

Iren, of course, would not cry out loudly, because her eyes were glittering and translucent. More

importantly, her makeup would be ruined.

In fact, Myron really wanted to say that in fact, he didn't know her at all. If someone jumped on him, he really wanted to escape?

Myron walked towards Lancy step by step, so he was staggered with Iren. The woman standing at the door with tears in her eyes was shocked by what she saw. Iren froze and couldn't believe what had happened.

Raising her fair face and pure black eyes, Lancy looked at Myron, "are you the reinforcements that the crazy women bring?"

"Crazy woman Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk.... " Myron couldn't help laughing.

"She must have forgotten to take the medicine before she went out. Have you brought her with you?" She said seriously.

Myron watched her and couldn't help rubbing her head. How adorable she was!

Iren was pissed off. She clenched her bag and pretended to be gentle: "Myron, what did you say to her? She took the bag you gave to me. You must do something for Iren... "

Lancy felt that she had finally met a normal person. Holding Myron, she said the "patient" thing again. At last, she still handed Myron a sympathetic look: "your girlfriend is so pathetic! You have to get cured if it is a disease. Don't give up! "

"…… She is not my girlfriend. " 'she is so funny, ' Myron thought! "I'm still single! Little beauty, do you want me to join you? "

"Myron!" Iren bit her lips and black eyes twinkled with resentment. It was all this woman's fault! Damn bitch.

'how many girls would be heartbroken if their prince charming became a playboy in a second...' No way! A lot of girls were forced to lie on the ground. A player was much better than a prince charming!

"It is Iren's fault. How about this? I will pay for all the things you bought, okay?" Myron said pleasantly that he was worried about Lancy would has a bad impression on him because of Iren's action. At this time, he had to work hard to perform.

In Myron's mind, the best way to make up for a woman was to pay for her! Yes, yes. Even if she wanted to buy expensive jewelry, it didn't matter.

Lancy's eyes twinkled with excitement. What Myron had suggested just fitted in. She would never spend herself too much money on shopping. That was awesome!

"Uncle, what did you do to my mommy?"

The two children stood behind Myron, and they were closer to Iren. One was expressionless, and the other was confused and curious. Both with a childish voice suddenly uttered, and she did not know how long they had been watching.

Iren, completely speechless. She looked at the boy in horror, as if the boy had crawled out of a horror movie, and she was frightened with her mouth wide open!

"You! You! You!"

"Aunt Peggy, what do you eat?" Rani licked the lollipop, and then looked at the unruly creature with her eyes which were similar to Lancy's.

Ray and his sister walked to her side by side. Both of them worked together to push the "unruly" creature away from their mommy and tightly protected Lancy, one on the left and the other on the right.

After Myron saw what the two kids looked like, he was too shocked to say anything! Especially for a boy. Why did he have the same face as his? That's why Iren was so surprised just now!

Ray raised his eyes to look at this man seriously Now, both of them were filled with amazement.

They looked at each other silently. Two, oh, no, the lines of four eyebrows frowned were exactly the same!

"You are father and son, right?" The American director said what she thought.

As tears streamed down her face, she chose to forget about Lancy. "Myron, I don't mind how many girlfriends you have. As long as you are good to me, I don't care about anything! But why didn't you tell me that your children has grown up? " Iren ran out crying.

Myron neither chased after her nor to coax her. He looked at Ray in a daze, and his mind was running rapidly to recall the past romantic history!

He stared at Lancy blankly. Myron really didn't remember having an affection with her! If it was true He would never forget Lancy. Was it because time passed so long?

In his memory, there was no such a person as Lancy. Looking at Ray's face that was very similar to his, he was uncertain.

Was it possible that they were his children? He was confused as he had slept with so many women.

What if this man is their father? The babies also thought, looking at each other.

"Mommy, is this uncle Our daddy?" Rani saked, poking gently at her brother's face and tugging at the corner of Lancy's dress

The two kids had known they were different from other kids. But it was enough for them to have their mommy.

Suddenly, one day, daddy appeared, which shocked these two children. Daddy, it turned out that he was like this. Rani was a little disappointed. Her father is the most powerful person in the universe. By the way, this uncle was still inferior

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