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   Chapter 5 Inborn Shopping Maniac

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The yellow hair managed to get out at the last second. Hearing the cracking sound near his ears, his legs trembled.

At this moment, he understood deeply that against the enemies like this twins, was the toughest thing in the world. Huh

"Duck, I knew you would make it." Rani gave him a thumbs up and complimented him harshly.

At this time, the yellow haired man seemed to be soaked in water, from inside to outside, including the small inner and everything else! Hanson was scared to death.

When he saw the money in Ray's arms without any reaction.

"It's unexpected that Mr. Hanson has this skill!" With admiration written all over her face, Lancy's eyes lit up and her face blushed with excitement. She hadn't seen such a wonderful scene for a long time! Amazing! "You are a skilled man. Aren't you afraid of being fired? You can earn money wherever you go!"

The Yellow haired man had mixed feelings. He needed to have a good cry in others' arms. Lancy who was closest to him was undoubtedly the best choice!

Tears were full in her eyes. Unexpectedly, Lancy turned around and embraced her son, her eyes shining with money. "You have made so much money. My son is awesome."

"Mommy, that's what I'm thinking. I'm the one who should be blamed!"

"I love you, darling. I love you. Rani is the best!"

Holding daisy in her arms, Rani acted like a spoiled child, totally ignoring her saliva all over her face.

Lancy's eyes were full of money of different value. Perhaps it was because her babies were so adorable that the crowd appeared very generous! "Honey, these money..."

Ray didn't show any expression on his face. He packed up the bill and put it in his mommy's hand, acting like a small adult, "All of these for Mommy."

"Wow, my baby is so nice! I haven't gone shopping for a long time and want to buy a lot of things. It's time for my baby to buy new clothes. "

"Mommy, I want the princess dress..."

Slap What was the sound? It was the sound of a heart breaking! The man with yellow hair knelt not far from the three people, and his world was raining heavily, as if to represent his life in darkness, and he could no longer see light of hope. He was the one who suffered. Why all the money has nothing to do with him?

Rani chose a place. It was a commercial street in the central area of the city. There were many shopping malls around the area. It was suitable for Lancy to have a good time.

"Little duck, please clean it up before you leave." When Rani waved hand to Hanson, her mother has already rushed into malls.

The mayor's son knelt down completely, which almost blew up his little Hanson. They had spent the money he had earned with his life to ask him to clear up the messy situation Could you help him call the ambulance first?

Lancy had already forgot the yellow hair who tears streaming down his face. The all kinds of clothes and jewelry outside the window dazzled her!

Following them slowly, Ray and Rani got lost in a short while. But the kids were not in a hurry to find their mommy. Besides, Mommy acted like a different person when she bought things. They'd better go to the stores they were interested in first.

Yes, their mommy was "a real" crazy customer ".

Just a while, Lancy carried several bags in her hand! After all, she was a responsible mother. She bought the children's things first Then, she bought whatever she wanted.

JR is an internationally renowned luxury brand. The dress and luggage were all of the high-end luxury brands, which was Lancy favorite brand.

The low-key luxury was almost tailor-made for her. But the only problem is that, the price is a little higher Yes, a little.

Because of the international well-known brands, the customer in JR who cooperated with them were all members of the upper class. As time went by, they became sharper and they could know the customer's level at a glance.

For example, this girl in front of her, wore simple ponytail all over her body, dressed less than 2000, which meant she was short in her bag. So she just come in and have a look.

Though the JR staff would not drive such a woman away, there was a contempt in their eyes.

That's right. All the staff, even the low locker, would earn two or three times the salary of an ordinary person No wonder they doesn't like ordinary guests.

Lancy stood in the middle of the store with a complex feeling and said to herself, "Should I spend more than 230 thousand for my handbag..." It was the kind of small bag, and the price was indeed able to scare a large group of people.

"Sir, this is the most popular version of this year. It is a small bag that most international celebrities need. Its design is first-rate... Please don't touch them, okay? " They didn't want guests to leave sweat stain on new bags.

The staff followed Lancy closely. Her intention was obvious. She wanted her to leave by herself.

All of a sudden, Lancy's eyes lit up. She was attracted by the pink and light blue bags. The size of the bags were well tailored for the three of them. How adorable.

"They are a group of bags. Not expensive. Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars for it!" The person who was explaining to Lancy was the American director sent by JR. She emphasized the word "not expensive". When she spoke of the price, she couldn't keep calm, as if 580000 was 58. But it was reasonable. The director was full of famous brands, it must be a small sum of money for her.

Compared with Lancy's T-shirt and shorts, this was a definitely win!

Lancy pouted like Rani, "Eight hundred and fifty thousand. It's so expensive!"

With her head down, she counted on the price of the bag and the dress. She thought the Jill on the dress was the cheapest, but it was only eighty thousand! 'What should she do? What should she do?'!

Expensive? It was certain that the price was high, but if the price was no more high, it was not going to be JR.

Hearing this, the director thought, 'since she is sure that she can't buy it, she then opened the glass door and waited for the guest to leave.'.

They had seen too many people like her. Most of them would leave after asking a price.

Why? They knew they couldn't afford it, so they'd better not come in and waste their time!

Hearing that, Lancy took a deep breath as if she had made a great determination. Looking at the direct with a distressed expression, she said, "can't I have a discount?"

Hearing tha

t, director's eyes were convulsed. Then she gnashed her teeth and said, "JR would never be a discount!" So, get out of here

"No discount..." Hearing that, Lancy lowered her head. Then she looked up pitifully and said, "if I ask for all of these, will you give me a little discount?"

Well, all of them?

The staff of JR kept on pulling their ears to check if there was any problem with hearing.

"Miss, what are you talking about?" Hearing this, the direct couldn't laugh anymore. They couldn't believe their eyes? All these things?

Can you afford it?

"Are you kidding me?" the director asked

Lancy took out the black card and waved. "I want all of these. Can I use the card?"

"What? !" Hearing Lancy's words, the director was really shocked. Her attitudes had totally changed. She took a sharp turn, which was quicker than turning a book. "Of course, of course! This distinguished Miss, this way, please! "

It was not easy to see such a generous guest, even the director who worked in luxury shops all year round. She almost laughed her head off.

But after a second thought, the director said, "this distinguished lady But there's one thing I want to tell you... "

Before the director could finish her words, Lancy quickly ran to the counter. She was the only one who had made such a positive comment on the payment. They should give some credit to the comment to her!

The dazzled counter clerk paid the bill unconsciously, then discovered that something wrong had happened.

That bag had been booked for a long time. The direct did not think that Lancy would buy it, and she did not expect that it was already sold out so soon. There were no stock in the store Well, the person who booked the bag was coming to fetch it, and she would sell the item for two. What should they do?

Who could have thought that Lancy, who seems to be ordinary, could has been hidden so deeply?

The bag was booked by a most famous lady in the aristocratic circle of Alaska. She was famous for her unruly temper

Seeing that Lancy was easy to persuade, the director thought that as long as she could make breakthrough here.

"I'm so sorry, Miss. I am really sorry that this bag has been booked by another Miss three days ago. We don't have any available goods at present, but we've already sent them here. Just to wait here for about a day. What do you think of it? "

Putting away the gold card, Lancy looked at director blankly, "what are you looking at?"

"…… Can you wait for one day? "

Looking at the three people who were staring at her, Lancy replied without hesitation, "no, I had paid."

'it's resonable for her to pay the money, and get the bags. There's nothing wrong with it, ' Lancy comforted herself in mind.

Rubbing the perfumed medicine bag gently, Lancy almost laughed out loud. the director was about to continue her persuasion when a Miss came in.

In her eight inch high heels, she wore delicate makeup, just like a star in the TV show! But her makeup was too strong in reality.

"Ah, put down my bag."

Lancy raised her head and stared blankly at the woman who suddenly appeared! "Her bag?"? Lancy held the bag in her arms out of instinct, looking vigilant.

Staring at the hand on her bag, Iren said without emotion, "You can't afford if you dirty my bag!"

"This is mine!" Lancy had paid for the bags.

"Miss Iren This noble Miss... "

"I come to JR because of its high-end luxury. You dare to let the poor in. This style has been pulled down by her!" I tell you, I will not come here anymore. You can just wait and see! " Iren pointed at them and cursed! If it were not for the bag he gave her, she would not want to stay in a single room with a poor man.

Hearing this, the American director pulled a long face. She was different from the staff since she was sent here by the head office! She was a foreigner and didn't have the fine tradition that repeated by local people. Although she didn't argue with customers, she had to be impolite to them.

"Miss, this lady has paid the bill. We are negotiate with Miss Lancy." That means, you can shut up now.

Glancing at her disdainfully, Iren said, "She had paid? Just this poor look? "

As soon as Iren heard that the stock in her shop was sold out, she said, "I don't care. Everything should in order of arrival."

"You didn't even give me a deposit, but I paid the full money. Who's the first to pay?" Lancy coldly cut in. She inquired about the so-called reservation was for the phone call of an acquaintance like Iren!

"You!" Iren was so angry that she gave an evil smile and said, "paid a full payment? You? No wonder I have made a wrong judgment. It turns out that you are the mistress of a rich man. The people who can afford JR in this city, five fingers can be counted out! Did you buy these by card? " She said while giving a kick at the packaged bags.

Lancy touched her head and thought that this woman must be insane! She had no idea what the woman was talking about. Did she forget to take medicine before going out? Is it really that hard for her to understand that the goods are delivered and the bill is cleared? Look at her face, it's so red.

Seeing that Lancy was so silly and disdainful, Iren was angry. "You little bitch, I advise you not to put on a fake face. Otherwise, your man will be scared away by you! If the rich man run away, you have to find another one. How troublesome! "

"Who did you call bitch?"

"Bitch, you!"

Hearing that, Lancy shrugged. With a smile on her face, she said to the director, "things are getting more and more weird nowadays. There has people who call herself bitch."

Is that she hadn't come back for a long time, how the thing could be like this.

Lancy pretended to be serious. As soon as her words faded away, the whole shop was filled with the sound of cough!

The shop staffs all flushed with embarrassment. They tried hard to hold back their laughter?

"Ah, help me pack these things and send them to this address." Lancy never made a fuss with these people. She just pushed the glass door and walked out.

"Oh, my God! You such a troublesome woman!" Iren, who had never been insulted like this, pounced on Lancy, and swore to tear her mouth apart!

Her rosy fingertips were about to touch Lancy's delicate face A trace of viciousness flashed in her eyes. Iren disfigured her. Then she would see how she could go out to seduce men after her face been destroyed!

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