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   Chapter 4 Making Money In Little Leader's Way

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In the middle of the warehouse, there was a big soft bed, which was a gift from Cody last night. Lancy was sleeping soundly, with her babies in her arms.

Lancy's mouth corner was suspicious that the babies in her arms was flushed and cute! What a sweet and loving scene How annoying!

The Yellow haired man came back with heavy steps. The brothers all saw the scene. They wanted to spit blood, didn't they! It was time for them to get more money under the scorching sun. But they had been sleeping at home. Their hatred was worth it!

They were both men, but they were as tired as dogs. However, their faces were so red and smooth. How could they be so happy?

The hooligans felt extremely unfair!

"You're back?" Ray opened his eyes and yawned slightly with tears in them!

His eyes were still wet. He was completely bleary eyed! The hooligans unconsciously touched the bags and the dark circles under their eyes. They were too tired to fall asleep!

Ray stepped aside and led the hooligans to the compartment.

He was just a kid, but now he put his hands behind his back, glanced at the hooligans with a mysterious smile, and said, "you came back with empty hands?"

"Leader, it's not easy to get the money this year." The yellow hair straightened his neck to complain, and his mind was still stuck in the picture of the three of them sleeping together.

"Really?" Ray leaned back on the chair, his round face showing unfathomable.

The young bald man trembled and hastily explained, "Leader, we're telling the truth!" Although they did want to loaf around, but it was true that not easy to get the money! Thinking of this, the hooligans were all crying. It was these people who owed money!

With his finger pointing to yellow hair, Ray said slowly, "you went to east city this morning. When you passed by a steamed bun shop, you chatted with the owner for more than an hour. You even smoked five cigarettes."

" And you took a walk with dogs in the Central Lake Garden and then joined with Darren. You had a meeting with a weapon refiner. But the conversation only lasted three minutes. Then you were driven out. "

"The one with a silly smile, was splashed with mud by a car in the south district around ten o'clock and wandered around the XX light area. You were flirting with three women during that period! It seems that you prefer the woman in her early thirties! "

When Ray ordered them one by one casually, the hooligans who were pointed by Ray were so surprised that their jaws almost dropped to the ground.

This was also That was too incredible?

The hooligans were frightened. They couldn't figure out how Ray knew those things!

The hooligans who thought they had escaped the disaster didn't believe it. They wanted to get to the bottom of it and was beaten up by the mentioned people!

Her fat little hand touched her head. Ray looked at the group of heavenly soldiers helplessly. He was also very tired?

"Are you kidding me?" Ray frowned. His face was overcast and looked intimidating. The cold air shivered the thugs, and immediately listened to his scolding like a primary school student.

The Yellow haired guy was the representative of the hooligans and was pushed out by his brothers.

"My leader, please believe me. We dare not miscarry you! It was not easy for us to work. After all, it was the first day... " The man with yellow hair spoke in a lower and lower voice and acted like a spoiled child, hoping that the leader couldn't angry.

Ray got goose bumps. He couldn't bear to look directly at a man who acted like a spoiled child! "Aren't you kidding me? Or you two doing something wrong?"

"……" The hooligans shut up and didn't want to reply.

No one noticed that a small head stretched out from the door. She said in a sweet voice, "if you make my brother angry, you have to accept the punishment!"

"Rani!" Ray raised his eyebrows and waved to his sister.

As Rani skipping through the hooligans, she complained in a low voice, "You're so naughty, brother. You play games while I'm asleep." "I want to make it up to me, or I will cry in front of you? "

"Yes." Ray's face stiffened! He don't be afraid of anything, but he was afraid that his sister and mother crying.

"Rani know my brother is the best people!" Love you! "

Rani began to lick Ray's face. Her big, flexible eyes rested on the hooligans in front of her, and then rested her eyes on the man with yellow hair.

The hunter shook his waist and felt a chill on his back. He clamped his legs subconsciously and wanted to run away! He looked at his dearest friends for help. They all turned their heads to the sky, oops, today's weather is really good, the sun is a bit fatter than yesterday!

The man with yellow hair bit his fingers sadly and stared at the floor. She moved closer, closer

Standing in front of him, Rani lifted up her leg and shouted, "Hey, big yellow duck! Don't play dead!"

Pretending to be dead? He wanted to die! She glared at him with a smile, which made him get goose bumps all over.

"Hey, little duck, it's not scary at all!" Rani stood on tiptoe with yellow hair squatting. "It's just playing magic. You're my favorite duck anyway. Trust me. Take it easy,"

She said.

The man with yellow hair stared at her. The little girl was so beautiful when she laughed, and his cold heart was melted.

Well, in addition to a higher level of physical strength, the female baby were still cute at ordinary times! Especially when she acted like a spoiled child in front of Lancy, a lot of hooligans fantasized that their future daughters would be as cute as her! It was a boy and a girl who had a lot of thoughts in their minds. The way they could play tricks on them couldn't be very cruel!

After being pacified by Rani, the man with yellow hair completely relaxed. He even imagined that if the little girl asked him to act as her future husband Hahaha!

Ray looking coldly at the giggling yellow hair, he couldn't bear this man has some thoughts about her sister. However, he would know the result very soon! Therefore, Ray, who knew well about sister's nature, he was silent about the yellow haired man's offense.

"Well, we decided to perform street magic. I'm going to wake Mommy up. "Rani went to Lancy happily,. She found that she was so clever to figure out such an idea!

Magic in the street? The man with yellow hair said that he wouldn't do such a thing! Is it possible that little will?

He reached out his hand to touch his chin, and thought that the two babies were not from ordinary people; it was not surprising that they had magic. The man with yellow hair pictured a magic hand and thought he would act as a passer-by to cooperate with the trick like what he had seen on the TV.

If Ray knew the thought in his mind, he would say, "duck, you're too naive.".

The man with yellow hair was totally wrong. At this moment, the only thought in his mind was that his Daddy wanted to make him come back to his mommy's belly and have a baby again. He didn't want to live anymore. He really didn't want to live!

How could life be so cruel, heartless and unreasonable?

The passers-by, If you don't dial 110, please dial 120. Life is at stake. Save his ultimate weapon of inheriting his family, OK? The legend of the Hanson pointed to him giving birth to a son!

Being tied up and dressed in yellow duck clothes, he looked at the walking crowd helplessly. He no longer held any hope on his brothers. When he was out of danger, he would kill them 'Who can save me? No matter who you are, please help me!' Hanson yelled in his mind!

With her eyes open widely, he looked frightenedly at the firecrackers not far away from her body. It was the firecrackers!

The hooligans, who had been hiding in the crowd, subconsciously covered their lower part with their hands. The sight of them alone was enough to make them scream in agony!

"Brother, sister, uncle and aunts, let our ruddy duck perform the freeloader! Let's applaud and cheer for him! " Rani's sweet and soft voice attracted a large number of spectators. She learnt the words from TV in a sweet voice, "The rich holding money and who lack of money holding people. She have adored all the women present. All of trhem wish to hold her in their arms!"

The man with yellow hair just wanted to say, "Damn it!"

Everyone was blinded by the girl's appearance. She was a demon, a demon!

Haven't your primary school teacher taught you not to judge people by their appearances?

Isn't it necessary to be despised to earn money in public? Do you really want to scramble for it?

Ray got close to the Yellow haired man's ear and said coldly, "big yellow ducks, since you failed to do your job, you have to use my way to make money. Try to be a good student."

The hooligans were frightened again by the look of Ray. Go and collect them money quickly! Otherwise, they would be punished

The hooligans got out of the crowd, brandishing the handkerchief and praying for Hanson's success Ouch, it was so pain!

These ungrateful guys!

"Duck, are you ready? I set a time of five minutes for you. I thought for one minute early. You can see that I am so kind to you. I thought you would like to enjoy my love for you, right? " With an innocent look on her face, Rani patted Hanson's head, trying to comfort him. "You have to keep your luck. If you exceed the time limit, your little Hanson will explode. Don't be afraid, I believe you! "

Hanson broke into tears. 'Trust me, it's the first time he play this, ok?

"Ready, time begins!"

'help! Help!'! As soon as Rani finished her words, the yellow hair started to struggle hard. He was like a fish on a chopping block, and although he left the water, he want to survive.

Holding her face in her hands, Lancy's black eyes were shining and she was looking forward to the magic! She was like the onlookers. She had never thought that there would be a possibility of failure to break free!

How could he lose the game? He was not risking his life!

The man with yellow hair who was struggling, said, "Well.".

"Come on!"

"Time's up."

"Duck, fighting, fightingt!"

The yellow haired man turned red in the face of suffocating. Hearing what she said was undoubtedly a death warrant, and the sweat trickled down like rain water.

Rani hands reddened and she urged, "Hurry up. The fire is on!"

'I will try my best to save my little Hanson!' he thought!

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