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   Chapter 3 Nice To Meet You, Little Leader

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"big yellow duck" was a snivel and a tear, the gold cup was eaten up, his brother became cleaners and their base became a kindergarten, which was not important. While his bros thought they could get rid of the bitterness, they immediately said, "it's time to have a noon break.".

The two naughty kids were taking a nap. It was none of their business? Why did they also need to take a nap?

The man with yellow hair wanted to take out his ID card. Please open your eyes, they are all adults?

Because of certain woman, the brothers had to compromise! The point was that they had prepared the same pajamas

Cody, you must teach them a lesson that they would never forget!

In fact, Cody doubted whether the woman mentioned by the man with yellow hair was her?

The woman stood quietly aside with a blank face. What was Hanson crying for?

Cody's eyes sharpened and became sharp. Looking into Lancy's eyes, tried to find a trace of sophistication. However, her eyes was like the clearest Lake in the world, with no impurities.

In the end, Cody gave up and decided to go in and have a look.

At the same time, in the room, the hooligans' eyes, the little devil woke up. They all pretended to stay still in fear of being tortured again. Now they thought it was not bad for kids to take a nap as they were too tired!

"This uncle shouldn't have come into other people's house without the consent of the owner. Be careful not be spanked by my mommy!" Rani rubbing her eyes, she yawned!

"Mommy, it's time to go to bed!" Ray looked at Cody seriously and reminded his mother.

Hearing that, Lancy patted on her forehead and said, "right. No wonder I have such a heavy mind. It's time for me to take a nap. So sleepy! "

On the left side of the door, there was a sofa which was cleaned by a hooligan. Lancy pulled the sheet and threw herself on the sofa.

Soon her eyelids became heavy.

Hearing Lancy's calm breath, all people including Cody, felt extremely embarrassed.

Did she fall asleep so soon?

Having no time to think about others, Cody continued walking inside.

"Uncle, you are so naughty!" With hands on her hips, Rani attempted to stir up trouble while she was lulling mommy to sleep!

"Kids, this is not the place you should stay." Without any pause, before Cody finished speaking, wind attacked him head-on.

When the special forces started to attack, the hooligans watching from afar were so scared that their hearts were in their mouths. To their surprise, when they saw that, Cody was able to dodge the attack from a young girl who was only about five or six years old.

Looking at the little girl who was very young yet with a wind knife in her hand, Cody vigilantly looked at Rani, waiting for her action.

Rani was thrilled to see the man she wanted who can take her actions.

It was a chance to test the real strength of Cody, so she did her best to attract him.

It was hard for an ordinary person to imagine that a girl as tall as a man's knee could even fight with Cody who is the leader of the B region of Alaska. Their movements made hooligans dizzying! Even the Yellow haired guy who had a lot of complaints against Rani was flabbergasted now. He couldn't help but admire her! It was at this moment that everyone finally realized how remarkable the female baby was.

It made sense that they lost totally?

As a six-year-old girl, Rani was not as strong as an adult man. Gradually, she was at a disadvantage. Beads of sweat were coming out of her forehead, shining brightly under the sunshine.

"Cody is going to win. Look!" The bald man was nearly 1.9 meters tall. It was really painful to hide in the corner with his fellows! The big cake's face turned red because of the suffocation, hoping that Cody could beat her and drive the three away, and he didn't have to hide here.

The gangsters seemed to have forgotten the existence of Ray.

Ray stood beside Lancy, frowning with his dark eyes shining which others couldn't understand. He said, "fight back and damage his temples, Glen's and six Hua's acupuncture points! Using your eyes and ears together to fight back. "

Upon hearing these words, Cody immediately felt heavy. When the boy pointed out several acupoints, Rani hit every point. Gradually, he felt that something was wrong! Her back became numb, but he finally didn't feel it.

Cody had great advantage in strength, so his fists had been in gang for nearly ten years and had rich experience in fighting against the enemy! He didn't expect that the little boy was so smart that just a few words, he couldn't resist. No matter how powerful he is, the girl can be returned to him in full!

Which made him more interested in the five elements and the eight trigrams!

In the end, Cody was unable to move all over. The result of the battle could be imagined.

Before Rani took her last blow, she took her hand back. "All right! All right! You are so annoying. Why did you remind me? "

"Sister, you are only six years old." Hearing that, Ray could not help but roll his eyes. He knew clearly that his sister was complaining that he should not get involved in fighting against her.

Her cheeks bulged up as she insisted on not hitting him.

Cody stood there still with an expressionless face like a demon! He seemed to feel awkward, but only he knew that he was sniffing.

He didn't look a

t Ray, Rania as children anymore. Instead, he looked at her with suspicion.

They wondered where they came from, but this was not the point at the moment. The point was

As time went by, the gangsters suddenly plucked up the courage to go out, and they almost wanted to hold a stool and sit on the side to watch.

Although none of them was beaten down, people with discerning eyes could see that who was at a disadvantage and who was experiencing great difficulty!

Being beaten down by a six-year-old girl, he had a hunch that if the news spread out, he would no longer have to work in the underworld.

"Cody Did he lose? " The yellow hair man and the young bald man whispered.

The group of hooligans looked strangely at Cody, and the scene froze for a moment. No one spoke, and no one wanted to speak.

The only way for the present was to self- save!

Cody moved his sour and numb hand, trying to restrain his abnormality. "Well, everybody, welcome, welcome the new leader."


The hooligans buckled their ears at the same time. They should get rid of the eardrums, as they had an auditory hallucination. So they must pay attention to it.

"Applaud! Why are you standing still?" Seeing this, Cody's face turned cold.


"Cody, what are you talking about?"

"Well? Are not we your direct subordinates? "

"Be quiet. Listen to me!" In fact, Cody had been paying attention to Ray all the time. Seeing that Ray had no objection to leader's matter, he was secretly relieved. "I was just worried that you might not accept it, so I suggested our new leader to show his real strength! Now you should know the strength of your new leader. Although he is young, he is strong! "

"In the gang, the strength is the most important! Therefore, it will doesn't no harm to us if we follow such a leader! " "I did so not because I no longer care about our brothers, but because I care about you, I found such a powerful new leader for you." Cody said sincerely

The Yellow haired man wiped away the tears, moved by Cody's words. He had followed and trusted everything Cody had since he followed him. "Cody, you are so kind to us!"

"So you want to risk yourself? Wow, Cody, you are so great!"

"Cody knows us so well!"

"You can rest assured, Cody. We will follow your order!"

Some people even guessed that the new leader, who was aloof and unfathomable, Cody must have paid a lot of attention to invite him, just like the old people that make three calls at the thatched cottage.

Some speculated that the new leader was definitely Cody's family and had been cultivated since childhood. Sure enough, they were Cody's most important people!

No matter what they were thinking about, Cody walked to Rayy and offered his hand, "nice to meet you, little leader."

Ray raised his eyebrows and held Cody' rough and thick hand with a touch of half smile. "It depends on my mood."

Upon hearing this, Cody burst into laughter, for he could not see through her real strength, but his tone is quite big! Since he had accepted the position of the leader, then it was time for him to fulfill the leader's obligation!

Cody kept in mind to tentative Ray and deliberately increases the monthly fee that our gang should pay. "The mission of the gang is 1500000. You must turn in it on time."

The yellow hair widened his eyes in astonishment. Wasn't it 100, 000 last month? Suddenly the task volume suddenly increased by 50, 000?

Ray raised his head and looked at Cody. After thinking for a Please don't be careless, work hard! While, he turned to his men and said, "Your mission is 200000. Please don't be careless, work hard!

A strong wind blew over and all the hooligans fell to the ground.

The brothers felt terrible. Fifty thousand more was added, now it was a hundred thousand more than usual! My dear leader, one hundred thousand is not ten, okay? Do you want to say it without too much pressure and ease?

"Two hundred thousand." Ray insisted on, because he having his mother and sister to care after.

"Leader!" The men with tears in their eyes were staring at their leader who was even taller than the mountain in their heart ----Cody, please! We are all begging for help!

Cody shrugged and said irresponsibly, "Everything is depended on leader."

Cody, please don't abandon us! They wanted to turn away!

"HMM..."Lancy was woken up in a low voice. She lovingly kissed her son and daughter and lazily stretched herself. When she saw Cody and the crowd, she was stunned. "Wow, so many people are playing with my baby! You are so kind people! "

She didn't care about being watched and sleep at all.

Lancy was so happy that she clapped her hands and shouted, "Wow, I'm so hungry! How about I cook for everyone! That's settled then! "

"Okay, Mommy, I want to order." For the first time, the poker faced Ray showed off a smile to the hooligans. "You are lucky to have the meal cooked by my mother," he said to them

Hearing Ray's compliment, all the people, including Cody, were looking forward to Lancy's cooking.

"Let's go to the market!"

This team of buying groceries was absolutely a miracle in history.

However, no one noticed that the always smiling Rani was now in a total gloomy mood. After a while, she followed her mommy reluctantly

Rani said, 'Mom, I'm not hungry at all! Look at her beautiful big eyes!

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