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   Chapter 2 Three Innocent Mother And Kids

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The hooligans who were bare head and with tattoo circled the mother and the kids for three circles. This was the real version of the gangland.

Both Ray and Rani looked at their mommy with confusion.

Mommy smiled politely and shyly, "thank you. We don't need a special car to pick us up."

The man with yellow hair who followed her words almost choked a mouthful of blood in the throat, choking himself to death.

"Guys, don't waste time on them. Let's start!" The man gritted his teeth, and even his most important waist was still painful.

The bald man touched his head and smiled evilly at the three mother and kids, showing his biceps, which he was proud of, and a vivid dragon tattoo on it.

After getting the phone call, someone had blackmailed Hanson's luggage and cash. He had thought that people were malicious characters, but it turned out that they were just three innocent woman and kids. Hanson, did you go through the time machine?

"Mommy, let's go." Ray smartly held his mother's hand and said, "sister is good at refusing others' kindness face to face."

"Stop!" The young bald man stretched his arms, trying to stop Lancy and her babies. Suddenly, he felt something was off and flew into the air.

Followed by a howl. As Rani paced among the hooligans, within two minutes, everyone was stomping on her feet.

The hooligans held their feet and howled.

In a panic, Hanson who with yellow hair grabbed a bottle of water and threw it to Rani. The little girl split with one hand, and the bottle exploded, pouring a light rain to everyone.


What? The hooligan's eyes were gone after they were washed by the water? And the word "tiger" was also getting vague?

That's right, the young bald man's head was shining. The powerful and mysterious pattern on his head was completely covered with dark sweat.

The bald man covered his head and arms with his hands hastily who used to like a powerful and domineering king, he shouted, "howl. What should I do?"

Not only the young bald man, but also all the hooligans were making every effort to hide themselves from being noticed by the public. After all, they were the most intimidating gangsters in the western region.

"Brother, were their tattoos painted?" Rani rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

"Well, they are good at painting." Ray seriously praised them.

The man with yellow hair covered his face. He couldn't bear to see the miserable scene of his buddy!

In his heart, he thought that he couldn't let them go, or he couldn't explain when he went back. So he made up his mind to deceive them back first and wait for Cody to teach them a lesson.

"Well, little guys Please show mercy, kids. We're all convinced. Do you have any place to live? I have a nice place to live in, spacious and comfortable. The bathtub with the luxury king size, and it's a single villa! More importantly, it's free of charge. You can stay here as long as you want without any charge! "

"Great!" The three of them nodded together. It was not the style of them to not take advantage.

The three men quickly stood up and ordered the bald man to take the luggage and speed into the minibus.

Leaving all the hooligans on the ground in a mess.

The minibus slowly drove. After a long time, they finally arrived at the destination.

"…… Is this the villa you are talking about? " Lancy looked askance at the man who with yellow hair, speechless! This is obviously a warehouse.

After they walked in, they found that it was a luminous and deserted house with a ten meter width and a thick layer of dust and a spider web. Besides, there were piles of garbage and mosquitoes here and there.

The smell of sweat, clothes and food pervaded in the air, which made the mother and kids who had been breathe for six years in Alps mountains almost poisoned.

Hanson's little eyes looked around for the figure of Cody. His brothers were waiting f

or him, but Cody, you dropped the chain at the critical moment. Where did you go on earth?

Peeping at Ray, the man with yellow hair held his waist subconsciously. At first, he had to stabilize them.

"Well, it's not what you said before..."

"Yes, you are right. Hanson don't know that our villa was destroyed as a result of a melee a few days ago. Someone grabbed the land with us." Mike who was bald head stuttered.

Lancy was not happy at all. How could she live here? She picked up the feather duster and nodded them, "you, Mr. Hanson, is in charge of cleaning the ground; the bald cat over there removed the iron shelf; and that bean, it's you. Clear the spider web for us..."

The hooligans became cleaner in an instant.

"Why me? !" The hooligans who were called protested in unison.

"Those who don't want to work are all bad people." Lancy squinted dangerously. Ray and Rani found a corner and hid themselves.

"Mommy goes crazy. Let's start!"!

"Ahhhhh, what are you doing?"

"Ouch, my ass! I haven't been beaten up since I was three years old. "

"Ahhhhh, get away from me, woman!"

"How could you do something to my handsome and charming face..."

The woman, who looked weak, flapped the feather duster in her hand and ran about in the room. Her action was so violent that a group of hooligans were beaten up. That was impossible!

The Yellow haired people jumped up and down. It was strange that no matter how fast they dodged, they couldn't escape Lancy's feather duster! It was strange that When the feather duster hit them, they immediately got red marks. The place where she hit them was painful and numb. The person who was hit couldn't even take up the duster cloth in only one minute.

They were all crying with tearful eyes and nasal mucus!

" Quickly. Don't slack off. Do you hear me?" Lancy became the queen and played the role of supervision.

Ray accidentally noticed the paint bucket in the corner of the wall. He picked up the brush and swung it with his brush. A few big, yellow duck appeared on the wall

Three hours later.

Hearing that, Austin got off the car with a little hesitation.

The white bed sheet danced in the wind, and the ground was so clean that it was almost reflective. Was this the familiar "base" for him?

He indistinctly saw a girl, and Cold couldn't help walking towards her.

She didn't wear any make-up, but her big eyes like grapes were sparking. She was so focused, and her pure white dress was like the ripples in the lake. Such a pure and flawless woman made the man unable to take his eyes off.

It was the first time in Cold's life that his heart speed up on a woman, to be honest, an innocent girl.

When he looked at her eyes by accident, Cold's heart stopped beating.

With a dry cough, Cold's stiff face softened subconsciously, fearing of scaring her. He asked in a low voice, "Excuse me, who are you?"

"What?" The woman raised her eyes and said in a clear and gentle voice.

"Miss, where are the people who lived here before?" Cody asked gently.

Lancy blinked, fully out of the situation, "there's no one else here, just me and my children."

children? Cody was shocked. How could she have children?

How could such an innocent and young girl in her early twenties have children?

Just as Cody was petrified, Hanson's sad and wronged voice rang not far away, a yellow unidentified object wiggled at him!

His yellow body and red lips twisted. When he was about to kick him, the yellow thing came closer. It turned out to be a yellow duck!

To be exact, it was a big yellow ducks Pajama, there was a person wrapped in it!

Wait, roast ducks?

"Cody, you're finally back! Bros, they are so bitter! " The big yellow duck held the legs of Cody, with tears and snot. His bros suffering almost made them cry and pass out in the washroom. They pleaded for Cody to against the woman who ruined their lives!

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