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   Chapter 1 The Twins

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Before dawn. In A island.

The hospital located lonely on the island, the commotion in the day had gone, leaving only unspeakable emptiness and loneliness.

In a ward, after a routine examination, a nurse looked at the woman on the bed and muttered, "I don't know who you are. You've been here for nearly eight months, but you haven't woken up yet. Look at the twins in your belly. What if the twins were born?"

The door was closed, and the nurse left. She didn't notice the woman's fingertips suddenly trembled.

She couldn't bend her fingers, nor could she move an inch. She could only feel the pain coming from her lower abdomen when she was totally unconscious.

Lancy's face was pale and dizzy, as if she was struggling in the nightmare. Her eyelashes fluttered rapidly, and the dull pain in her abdomen sped up. She bit her lips unconsciously!

At the same time, a group of people dressed in black appeared in the corridor. They quickly rushed towards the ward.

The hospital was still silent. However, the dense pressure quickly covered the corridor, and dark clouds were on the verge of rain.

The leader of the men in black picked up the phone and said in a unusually low voice, "we have found her. Tonight, we will never let her go!"

He hung up the phone. And his group of people was standing at the door of the ward. The leader turned his head, and the man behind him quickly stepped forward and pushed the door.

They were satisfied to see the prey on the bed -- the woman who had a big belly lost consciousness, and sweating on her face because of pain and unable to move.

"Let me end this pain for you!" The head of the group was sure to win. He took out his gun and slowly pointed the gun at the woman's head.

The sound of gun broke the silence of the long sky

When the police arrived, the ward was stained with bloodstains. The corpses lying on the ground kept their eyes open, as if they were unbelievable and frightened!

But the woman with twins had disappeared from the world

Six years later.

At a domestic airport.

When passing passengers saw the two babies, they all slowed down in unison... The six-year-old boy with a straight face and sat square. On the other side, the adorable little girl with a sweet and soft smile on her face was like an angel trying to melt the hearts of passersby.

"Brother, why hasn't Mommy come back yet? I am starving to death." The little girl suddenly turned around. She pouted pitifully and looked ahead with her watery eyes and a sweet voice.

There was no expression on his brother's face, but he could not help looking for their mommy.

A touch of bright light appeared in the eyes of two children, a tall woman in a white dress and carrying a suitcase coming over. She smiled with bright eyes. She sped up when she saw her two babies.

"Mommy!" The babies' eyes lit up with excitement.

Lancy putting down her suitcase and putting her hands on her waist, and then said proudly, "Ray, Rani, here comes your wise and brave mother. It took me only five minutes to get the luggage! "

"Five minutes? Then add zero at the end... " Ray disclosed his mother with a straight face. However, his eyes stopped on his luggage.

He reached out to open the pressed signature plate. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. It was exactly the same as what he thought... "Mommy, who is Hanson?"

"Hanson?" Lancy seeing of the signature plate, she knocked her son's head and said, "silly boy. Obviously, Hanson is the owner of the suitcase."

"So, our suitcase..." Ray asked unhurriedly.

A group of crow flew over. The whole airport was silent.

After 50 minutes, his wise and brave mother came back with a box that didn't belong to them at all.

"Waah..." as Rani realized the pain of the truth, her face became cloudy and added, "my Italian food and the weapon design drawing which was my brother drew for me..."

"The information and data about the virus, and all our belongings. " Ray said coldly.

"we are done!" Lancy jumped up. "My customized couture in Paris and my limited American perfume!"

"Where are our cases? !"

"I don't know!"

" This is an outrage!"

"I'm so sad!"

"I'm so hungry!"

With a loud sound, Rani broke the suitcase with one hand and shouted, "Give back my snacks!"

The originally unbreakable suitcase was now torn in half by the violent attack from the little girl. Colorful food bags poured out eagerly and appeared in front of them.

"This is Snacks? " Ray frowned.

"Snacks! !"

…… The whole world was quiet again.

"This is someone else's suitcase." Rani held her hands back.

"The person who has lost his suitcase must be anxious." Ray nodded thoughtfully.

"Honey, we should give the box back to its owner." Lancy gently stroked her kids' heads.

Five minutes later

The mother and son, totally regardless of their image, were sitting at the airport and devouring the snacks in the boxes.

"Mommy, leave me some..." Rani wanted to retort, but the words were stuck in her throat.

"No, hurry up and eat it up before returning the box to him." Lancy refused him vaguely.

Hanson, with ginger hair, was scurrying around at the airport. His luggage was missing, and he was so anxious!

Just in a blink of an eye, the luggage suddenly grew wings? Who took his luggage? Who was so bold to take his luggage, he is the top of the 24 in the western region. 'If I catch him, he must be skinned and cramped! '

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at three o'clock. The mother and the children were happily eating snacks with cheeks bulging like three little hamsters!

Why did the macaron bags look so familiar? Did he seem to know that dessert's box? Besides The box they were standing at the foot was all a hideous mess. Isn't that his suitcase!

You monster, put down my snacks! Hanson's fury was beyond words and he almost turned into a yellow haired monster.

The mother and twins were enjoying their meal when they suddenly felt a burning sight behind them.

"Mommy, there is some French toast left. Here you are." Rani glanced at the yellow hair creepy troublemaker behind her, and then sweetly gave mommy a pouted snack bag.

"Mommy, drink some water please." Ray handed over a bottle of luxury drink insanely.

Put down that bottle of spaghetti water! That was mine! Hanson said furiously.

"Mommy..." Sensing that there was a fire burning in the man's eyes, Rani walked closer to Lancy and whispered, "there is a yellow haired uncle looking at us."

Hearing that, Lancy turned her head in an apathetic manner. "Hmm -- I have no choice. Being beautiful means that there are troubles."

Ray suddenly saw a chest pass on that man's neck.

"Mommy," he said in a low voice, "his name is Hanson."

"Wow," Lancy nodded at the man next to her full of snacks, "Hello, Mr. Hanson. I'm eating and it's not a good time to talk to me now. The owner of the suitcase is gone. We have to return it to him as soon as possible. But

there are too many things in it and we needs to eat for a while. "

Hanson: "...."

"Mommy," the children poked her silently, and their voice was almost inaudible. "His name is Hanson --"

"I know that!" "I don't have time to find daddy for you now!" Lancy shouted impatiently

"Damn you!" Hanson couldn't stand it anymore and finally broke out. "You are taking my suitcase, eating my snacks, drinking my drinks, and! The suit you are using is my tailor-made suit from France! "

"Okay," Hearing this, Lancy finally stopped. She touched the smooth part of the customized suit with her oily claw, and five finger prints immediately appeared on the top-grade customized suit. She said, "this is yours, then Where is mine? "

"How do I know where yours are! You touched my suitcase and eat my food! Believe it or not, I will send you to the hell! " Hanson began to roll up his sleeves.

Have a fight? He was the No.1 iron fist in the west region. No one could defeat him except Cody. The three idiots ate his food. They looked so poor that they might not be able to afford it all their lives.

In this way, they first beat them up to vent his anger. After that, children could be sold as children laborer, and girls could be beaten unconscious to meet the needs of all the brothers in the region!

As he was about to punch the baby boy with his fists, the baby suddenly had something in his hand.

"Hey? What's this? " Ray took out a golden cup from the box.

The man with yellow hair twitched his face and almost fell down to the ground.

This golden cup was made by a famous gourmet in Italy. He used chemical principles to deal with the real gold, and then made it a food that the human body can absorb. The gold itself was valuable as well as the painstaking process, which made the gold cup originally become a high-grade snack that was within the range of value and extravagant.

More importantly, he brought it from Mr. Jim in Italy. And he prepared it as a gift for boss. If he broke it, he would definitely be killed by Cody, and there would be no good treatment for him to travel abroad.

The man reached out his hand and tried to hold it back. Ray took his time and dodged the attack easily. In a blink of an eye, the glass was already in Rani's hand.

"Mommy, it seemed that uncle wants to eat this." Said Rani, holding up the golden cup in her hand.

"OK!" Mommy snapped her fingers and said, "then we'll divide them into four parts. We'll handle them one by one!"

The Yellow haired man raised his head and shouted, "That's mine! I don't want to break it into pieces!"

"We will be divided into three parts." Mommy ordered decisively.

Little twins took out their knives and forks swiftly and ground the knives towards gold.

"Ah! My goddess! Don't destroy it! Put it back now!" The man with yellow hair knelt down in an instant and his heart beating fast.

Ray's eyes squinted, and his voice was calm and dignified, which was against his age. "Find my suitcase, or I can't keep it completely."

"Why Okay, I'll help you to find it. Don't touch it, okay? " The man with yellow hair held up the white flag.

'He used to be the most powerful and intimidating man in the western region, but now he has to pick up luggage for this wimpy kid. What a shame!' he thought!

'But it doesn't matter. When I get back the box, I must kill all of you!'——

However, when he finally got back to the starting point with the sign of "Lancy" on suitcase Who could tell him where the golden blood came from in their mouth?

"Gee, the taste of gold is just so so." Lancy protested.

"Mommy, babies are thirsty." "It's too sweet. I don't like it," Rani complained, sucking her finger

"Running out of water? How mean the owner of the suitcase is." after Ray found there is no water in luggage. Why not buy more drinks? "

The man with yellow hair: "...." Petrified, he stood still.

The next second, he clenched his fists, kicked over the suitcase and stared at them with a ferocious look.

If you irritate him, you will go to hell, whether you are cute or pretty, or play cute. As the saying goes, "children are sent to children as children, and women meet the needs of all brothers in the region!"!

The man with yellow hair sprang to his feet and gave them a hard kick!

Hearing that, Rani, who had just been looking for water, flashed flexibly outward. "Ouch!" she screamed. Then hit the man directly.

The man kicked over directly, his left face touching the floor hard. He lay on the ground like a tortoise and was stunned with a little footprint on his back.

What happened?

'it must be an illusion to be trampled by a six-year-old child!' he thought!

The yellow hair struggled to get up, lifting the hair that was used to clean and cut his bangs, and the cool, arrogant fighting posture had not been set up yet One point seven or six meters high flied out like a rag

"Howl!" A dreadful voice resounded in the airport hall, "I haven't started yet... Against the rules! "

"How much is gold now?" Lancy took out a mirror from her suitcase and wiped the crumbs from the corners of her mouth.

"Only three hundred and thirty-eight one grams." Ray raised his hand and looked at the battlefield coldly.

The man was unwilling to be defeated by the little girl, and he stood up frequently, which perfectly explained the meaning of "Failed and fought, fought and frustrated".

"So annoying." Ray, who was watching aside, finally impatiently frowned and said, "sister, hurry up. Mommy is already sleepy."

"No way!" With a pout, Portia stomped on her yellow hair and retorted, "this toy can move and scream. I'll take it away."

Toys The man with yellow hair bore a mouthful of blood. He rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

He hadn't checked his calendar when he bought the ticket, but had met such a little girl with strange physical power. The earth was too dangerous for him

A pair of slender legs in front of him, Ray looked down at him and said, "I'm sorry, my sister has fallen in love with you. Give me fifty thousand and I'll help you persuade her to give up on you. "

The man with yellow hair spat out blood and died.

Three minutes later, he lay down beside his own shabby suitcase, and started to count the changes the babies left for him.

It was his fancy snacks, his golden cup and his custom-made suit. All his savings in the past twenty years

The man with yellow hair took out his phone and dialed a number. His face was distorted because of anger and pain.

Now, let's wait and see. I'm not the one you can mess with!

At the an exit of the underground passage A, Lancy and her son were intercepted.

Five minibuses besieged them. A man with a fierce and ferocious look got out of the car. The left cyan dragon and right white tiger had tattoos all over their bodies, and even the head. The passengers were all scared away.

The man in the front had tusks with a mouthful of fangs. "Little devil, you want to take advantage of me?"

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