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   Chapter 439 embarrassment

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"ouch. My foot hurts! husband" Melissa shouted and grinned.

More precisely, her hot feet suddenly touched the ice bag. The pain was not obvious, but felt piercing cold.

"Does it hurt?" Wesley asked, involuntarily, but his action was gentler than before.

Nina watched this and went out.

Sometimes, it was better for children to deal with things related to themselves.

Wesley looked more arrogant with Nina around.

Of course, Nina could tell that the injury on Melissa's foot was not serious. Maybe she could recover after she had a sleep.

The sprain of children healed quickly.

"Yes, it hurts." Melissa lowered her head and looked at Wesley.

"Just stay here for a while." Wesley said.

"Yes, you're right, husband." Melissa chuckled.

Raising his head, Wesley might want to scold Melissa. But when he saw her cute face, he smiled too.

"husband, you are smiling!" Melissa said happily.

"You pissed me off, you know?" Wesley said angrily.

"Oh, I'll try to make husband angry in the future, because he looks good when he smiles!" Melissa thought she was smart enough to answer the question.

"Well, you look so happy. I guess your feet don't hurt anymore. Get out of the bed and go back to your room!" Wesley took off the ice pack and put it in the bowl.

What does it mean being so complacent?

Melissa wrinkled her little face in a hurry, "husband, my ankle still hurts!"

"Come down and have a try!" Wesley lifted Melissa up from the bed.

Melissa didn't want to stand at all, so she got out of bed and pretended to cry in pain, then she sat on the ground.

"Really? Or just a fake pain?" Wesley asked.

"husband, Melissa is so painful. I can't stand and walk." Melissa said sadly.

"I take you to your room. Are you satisfied now?" Wesley discussed with Melissa patiently.

Melissa thought for a while with her fingers bitten and said, "husband, I cannot walk along a path now. What if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?"

"What How troublesome! " Wesley was rendered speechless.

"husband, Melissa's foot is really painful. Look, she can't walk now. When she walks, her foot is like being stabbed by glass. It's very painful!" Melissa paused, "husband you know the pain, don't you?"

"You..." Wesley lifted Melissa to the bed and warned, "don't talk about that. You can stay in my bedroom the last night. Do you hear me?"

"But, husband, what if my foot is still hurting?" Melissa said with worry.

"Then go and share the same room with this bumpkin!"

Amanda shook her head like a rattle drum and said, "no way, honey! Tessa doesn't even want to sleep on her own bed. Does husband wants Tessa to lift Melissa off her bed in the middle of the night? "

Wesley was rendered speechless. What Melissa said was true.

Tessa was sleeping. Everybody could be woken up by her.

It was really rare for people to see Tessa's sleeping position! "!

Wesley knew

Melissa. I'll let you sleep in another room with me. But remember, as long as your feet recover, you go back to your own room to sleep. Got it?"

Wesley stared at Melissa arrogantly.

Melissa lay on the bed, blinking her big eyes and thinking about something.

'should I say yes to him?

Why did I return to my room as soon as my feet recovered?

Oh, it's boring to sleep alone!

What if Melissa was scared?

But things are hard to change once Wesley makes up his mind!

"Okay, husband, as long as Melissa's feet get better, I will go back to my own room to sleep." the big eyes of Melissa smiled

Melissa thought she could prevent her feet from getting better, could she?

Wesley turned off the lights and lay down beside Melissa reluctantly.

With her wish being carried out successfully, Melissa leaned against him and called out in a sweet and soft voice, "husband!"

It was the first time that Wesley smiled shyly in the darkness.

The next morning, Wesley woke up early.

For the first time he was not in a hurry to call Melissa out.

Instead, he sat up and looked at her feet carefully.

Since Melissa's injured ankle wasn't swollen, it meant that she wasn't badly hurt.

Wesley stroked her cheeks softly and then leaned down to look at the pink face of her. He stole a kiss on her cheeks.

"Well, Melissa. You're ugly, but you're very soft. ..."

Melissa suddenly opened her eyes and asked, "husband, what are you talking about?"

Instantly, Wesley's face darkened as he covered his uneasiness. "You're so ugly, Melissa. Get up now. Or we'll be late for school."

When she thought that she had to go to the kindergarten, Melissa immediately sat up from her bed. She wanted to be a good child, a good kid that could solve everything.

So she must be punctual for going to the kindergarten.

Melissa was so panic that she forgot her injured foot and jumped out of the bed.

Wesley shifted his gaze to her feet.

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