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   Chapter 428 Marital infidelity

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On the way back, Nina was still looking straight ahead with an expressionless face.

If it hadn't been for Tessa.

In that case, Nina would never see Howard walking the red carpet with the current red star.

In Nina's memory, Tessa had never been so shrill before.

"Look! Isn't that dad?" Tessa exclaimed

They all turned their heads and looked out of the window at the same time. On the electronic screen of the central building, it was Howard. He was walking on the red carpet with the contemporary star Alina.

It seemed that Nina's mind had been troubled by many bees.

Nina's car almost hit the guardrail. Fortunately, she had an emergency brake and pulled over the car.

Otherwise, she would be in big trouble.

The three little kids sighed.

At this time, a traffic officer came over.

He knocked on the car window and asked, "what's going on? Are you driving with your eyes off?"

Wesley frowned and lowered the window. He stared at the officer coldly.

The policeman was stunned and his tone softened. "What happened?"

Melissa was born with a mild temper. She said, "Uncle police, Auntie didn't feel well just now, so the car appeared in condition."

"You don't need to drive if you feel uncomfortable. Do you need me to find a designated driver for you?"

Nina raised her head from the steering wheel, "thank you, sir. I'm fine."

"Then drive the car away as soon as possible. Don't park it here and get in the way of my way."

Nina started the car again, but she felt weak.

It was said that a seven-year marriage was especially hard.

But she and Howard had a narrow escape from marriage and they had just reached the marriageable age. Why would there be another woman into her marriage.

Was it possible that Howard had an affair?

Nina was confused.

But she could hear nothing at all.

"You little punk! Dad seems to have an affair!" Said Tessa, grinding her teeth.

"You know too much, bumpkin." Wesley's voice was even colder than Tessa's. he wondered, 'where did this woman come out? Dare she steal my dad? Does she want to die?'?

"That celebrity is very familiar. I seem to have watched her TV series, but she seems to be very beautiful!" Melissa said.

"I don't allow you to say she is beautiful. She is not as beautiful as my mommy. Melissa, do you understand?" Rebuked Tessa.

Melissa rolled her eyes quickly and finally figured out something, "yes, she is beautiful. But she is not as beautiful as Auntie Nina or my mommy."

"That's more like it." Said Tessa.

When Nina came back home, she lazily let the children take a bath and brush teeth, waiting for them to sleep. She couldn't fall asleep. She went downstairs and walked into the living room.

Maybe because it was winter now, Nina suddenly felt very cold.

Was her marriage going to suffer in winter?

Nina turned on the TV, and saw the news that Howard and the currently popular star Alina walked the red carpet to attend a charity event.


It was a famil

It was the fragrance of roses, which Howard did not like.

it's Alina's incense.

"Silly girl, the scent is full of wine. Your nose is filled with jealousy. It doesn't have a different taste, right?" Howard rubbed Nina's hair.

"You bring a woman home and you dare to say I am jealous. What do you mean, Howard?" Asked Nina.

With a slight smile, he continued, "little woman, I won't tell you now. I will tell you when you are sober!"

As he finished his words, he swooped over.

Nina didn't resist. She just felt cold, so she tried her best to shrink herself and closed her eyes silently.

She was motionless like a boiled shrimp.

Feeling embarrassed, Howard stopped moving and said, "don't play dead, my baby!"

In fact, he was annoyed. He wanted it, but Nina wouldn't give it to him.

he was not happy at all.

Nina still didn't answer him. After a while, she snorted and breathed evenly.

"Damn it!" Howard reluctantly drew back his hand and cursed.

How fast she was sleeping!

He angrily put Nina to bed and covered her.

Nina turned over and whispered.

But her voice was not clear. Howard didn't hear it.

Nina's beautiful side face was even purer and more beautiful in the dim light. Howard lit a cigarette and stood by the bed, looking at her in such a impudent manner for the first time.

He had known that she was very beautiful many years ago. she had a delicate and pretty face, long eyelashes, big and talkative eyes, small straight nose, and white, transparent small ears

But there were missing something.


thinking about that, Howard smiled faintly.

It was true that she was not as charming as any woman that was easy to flirt with, but he fell in love with her out of love.

Howard smiled. He kissed on Nina's face and lay down beside her.

Then, he held Nina in his arms.

"Honey, I only love you. Alina is just my..."

Nina was not asleep. She was looking forward to what Howard would say next, but he did not continue.

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