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   Chapter 369 there were bad women who chased after dad

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10158

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Nina was very upset and restless every time she thought of the picture in which Bonny and Howard looked at each other.

No matter what she did, she still couldn't cheer herself up.

By the sea.

What a romantic place! It's a perfect place for a date. Howard used to attend Bonny's birthday party.

In fact, it was like a thorn in Nina's heart. Every time she breathed, her heart ached.

She didn't want to pay attention to any news about him and Bonny, and she was afraid that the children might see the news about them. The kids might be more sensitive than her.

Hence, Nina collected all the newspapers at home, intending to throw them away.

However, she couldn't find the financial newspaper which had been reported for the past few days. She went to the guest room on the first floor.

She remembered that she seemed to have been to the guest room this morning, and perhaps the newspaper was placed there casually.

However, she didn't know that the financial newspaper was in Tessa's hand now.

This morning, when Tessa woke up, she stretched herself and rubbed her eyes. Since she woke up so early, it was definitely not hard work for Tessa. She just felt itchy, dry and wanted to drink water, so she went downstairs dazedly.

she looked around and saw her mommy busy cooking in the kitchen.

Tessa shouted in a low voice, "Mommy, I want water."

With so many things on her mind, Nina didn't hear it at all, so she didn't know that Tessa was standing in the living room with bare feet.

Tessa murmured unwillingly, "stupid Mommy."

So she got a glass of water and drank it all.

She thought that it was a loss for her to get up so early even before Wesley and Melissa got up.

Thus, she intended to put the glass back on the tray of the coffee table, and then went back to her bedroom to continue sleeping. As soon as she put the glass down, she saw Bonny and Howard's picture in the financial news.

Tessa was confused. How could dad be with such a strange woman?

Tessa took up the newspaper and wanted to run to the kitchen to ask Mommy, but Tessa was cooking and she didn't want to disturb her. So she went to Wesley's bedroom with the newspaper.

Without knocking at the door, Tessa pushed the door open and went into Wesley and Melissa's bedroom.

The two kids were sleeping soundly with their arms around each other's neck.

In the past, when the babies woke up, it was not the time for the babies to get up. Perhaps, the time when the Tessa got up today was an exception.

However, Tessa had something on her mind and she had some questions. She was eager to know who the woman on the newspaper was, so she didn't spare a glance at Wesley and Melissa.

She put the newspapers aside, stretched out her small hands and separated Wesley's and Melissa's arms domineeringly.

"You two How embarrassing! They are sleeping together. "

Look, Tessa was finding excuses for herself. She was the one who interrupted their rest, but now what she said was wrong with their sleep.


must be suffering a lot and his body is easy to get sick If he was sick, you wouldn't be his wife. Do you understand? "

While Tessa speaking, Melissa seemed to be lost in thought.

Seeing the serious expression on Tessa's face, Melissa had to stop talking and followed her downstairs.

Tessa held a stack of newspapers with one hand and held Melissa with the other. She made a noise while walking, "Melissa, look at the man on the newspaper. Is he my father?"

Melissa nodded, "yes, uncle James."

Bonny was on the front page when she expressed her love to Howard by the sea. Bonny raised her head and looked at him with affection with narrowed eyes.

Though they couldn't see the expression on Howard's face, they still saw him lowering his head to look at Bonny.

Only the short distance between them was enough to cause infinite imaginations.

Not to mention a little precocious and imaginative Tessa!

Tessa frowned and said angrily, "Melissa, why is this woman so close to my dad?"

"she is Auntie, um, Howard Something is wrong. " Melissa didn't know how to reply. She grabbed her hair and felt a little annoyed.

"Don't call her auntie. She is a bad woman!" Tessa shouted.

"Who is the bad woman?" Wesley asked from behind him. He had planned to stay a little longer in the bathroom, and Tessa would leave alone. Then he could go back to bed and have a rest.

He didn't expect that when he came out of the bathroom, Tessa would drag Melissa out of bed.

Wesley didn't have a pajama for him, so he had to put on his pajamas and ran after her.

"I thought you didn't care about that, did you? I don't want you to see it! "

But Melissa didn't want to talk to him at all! In her eyes, Wesley was considered the prince charming of the future.

"Wesley, she's the bad woman on newspaper. She tries to take uncle away from me," Melissa suddenly felt very aggrieved, her big eyes shining with tears.

Yes, her uncle is Auntie Nina's, and also hers. How could he be taken away by bad women!

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