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   Chapter 365 melancholy

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"Howard..." With her hand behind his neck, Nina asked, "tell me, where are you having fun?"

"Honey, it's so evil of you to laugh like that. You must have taken it the wrong way, right?" He didn't want to talk about Cassie with her.

"It's late at night. You ran away while I was lulling our daughter to sleep. What else can you do?"

"Well It's not a good thing. My friend has something to talk with me, so I will go to England tomorrow. " Said Howard.

"England?" When Nina heard British, she felt unhappy and asked, "how long?"

"Three days at most," Answered Howard.

"Howard, our wedding will be held in four days. What if you come back and leave us forever?" Said Nina with doubts.

Nina was scared by the disappearance of the beggar. They were going to get married. If Howard, the bridegroom, disappeared, she would be a joke.

"Honey, you and the kids are here. How can I not come back?" As he spoke, he was more than sincere.

"That's good."

"Yes. But I feel sad when I think that I can't see you and our kids for three days." Howard was a little reluctant to leave them.

"Don't be so pretentious." With these words, Nina pinched his chest.

"Well, it's not pretentious. Oh, I just remember that you belong to me completely at this time. " Now it was Howard's turn to smirk.

Nina was speechless. If she knew that Howard was going to do something evil, she would go to bed early and not wait for him.

"Sweetie, don't be so reluctant. It's so late, why don't you go to bed? Aren't you waiting for me to come back? do something... "

"Howard! I didn't want to do anything! You are so ungrateful. I just... " Nina rolled her eyes at Howard. she was just worried about Howard?

How could he not know that? He was just teasing Nina. Seeing that Nina was really angry, Howard smiled.

"Well, since you are so afraid of me looking for women, serve me well!"

"I have to ask for leave tonight." Said Nina in a low voice.

"What's wrong?" Howard asked unhappily.


Hearing that, Howard was suddenly enlightened. "Sweetheart, your menstruation coming to see you again?"

"Yeah, yeah..."

Frowning in pain, he continued, "don't you feel tired since your menstruation have come so frequently?"

"Yes, I am tired. So I decide that I will never be a woman in my next life, lest I am always troubled by these things."

"Honey, you must be a woman, and you must be mine in your next life. So, you'd better keep suffering." With a snicker, he kissed on Nina's cheek.

Nina sighed.

"What's wrong? Why don't you want to be my woman?" With his hands on the sides of the bed, Howard laid down and looked at Nina.

Nina raised her finger and gently touched his gentle lips. "Howard, I like to be your woman, so you must remember to come back from England three days later. I want you to hold a grand wedding for me, and I prefer to see the children h

sked suddenly.

Nina smiled and said, "yes."

"Mommy loves daddy, right?"

"I love you too." said Nina with a smile to Tessa

"So, you mean that Tessa is the happiest child in the world, right?"


"Mommy, don't separate from daddy in the future. Although I don't like Wesley, I like daddy and obsession. We will live happily from now on, okay?"

Nina rubbed Tessa's little head, "of course, we are families of love."

London, England.

In the garden of the Su family's house, Bonny wore a set of leather clothes.

At this moment, a high-end business car came in.

She smiled. Here came Howard.

How much did he love Nina? he was so bossy and overbearing that he was willing to come to see her in Su family. Wasn't he afraid that the Su family would not let him go and kill him?

As the commercial vehicle stopped, someone opened the door of the car for Howard.

In the morning light, Howard wore a fine black suit, a light purple shirt and a black tie. He wore a pair of diamond filled sunglasses, with a faint smile on his face.

The angular face was cold and arrogant. Although he couldn't see his eyes under the sunglasses, he was still full of spirit, which was daunting.

Howard was a rare handsome young man, even more dazzling than the morning sunlight.

Bonny was in a trance and seemed to have seen herself following Howard in her childhood. "Brother, wait for me."

Howard just smiled and never stopped for her.


Bonny's heart was filled with bitterness. It turned out that no matter what happened, in her heart, Howard was still the one she loved yesterday.

It turned out that he had wanted eternity, but she still wanted to give him.

However, her heart was not with Bonny.

Bonny ground her teeth. It was all because of Nina. If Nina didn't exist, then she would be the only woman who stayed with Howard and could not have other women.

It was all her fault!

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