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   Chapter 364 look out for yourself

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"Mr. Howard, what should we do now?" Asked Bob.

As Howard took off his night walking suit, he ordered, "come with me."

He wanted to make it easier to deal with Cassie.

Bob took off his walking suit and put it aside.

When Amanda saw Howard and Bob appear in the living room of the villa, she was so shocked that she squatted down and asked, "Mom, how did you come in?"

Without paying any attention to her, he directly walked in front of Cassie and said, "Cassie, I have given you two million. If you can turn over a new leaf, it is enough for you to live well in the rest of your life. It seems that you have no intention of living a good life. Now you are with Bonny? "

Cassie was not surprised to see Howard. She calmly said, "my mother has already lost two million dollars from you. But, Howard, it's none of your business who is with me? How can you leave me alone? why do you care you? "

Howard sniffed, "not bad!" The next second, he grabbed Cassie's hand that had peeled an orange, "Cassie, tell me, where is Bonny?"

"How could I know where she is?" Cassie refuted.

Since he exerted more strength, Cassie felt a pain in her wrist which was almost broken.

"Please let go of my daughter, Howard. I'll tell you." "Bonny has gone back to England. She said that she was very busy," said Amanda, getting up from the ground

Howard still stared into Cassie's eyes and asked, "really?"

"Believe it or not, it's true." Cassie said, gritting his teeth.

"Don't be a hero, woman. You understand?" Howard said contemptuously.

Howard's cold voice made Cassie's heart tremble. She was forced to soften her voice, "it's Bonny. She said she was very busy and went back to England. She also said... "

"What else did she say?" Howard asked coldly.

"She also said that she wish you and Nina happiness!" Cassie reluctantly said.

Howard narrowed his beautiful eyes without saying anything.

"I know you don't believe it, and I don't, either. But she just said that." Said Cassie.

"Tell me, did you hire to stalk the car of Bob, or Bonny's men?" Howard let go of Cassie's hand and asked.

Glancing at his handsome face, Cassie was frightened and replied in a low voice, "it's me."

"Why ?"

All of a sudden, Cassie stood up from the sofa and said, "you know the reason, Howard. I hate both you and Nina so much that I want to kill all your family members. Now, you hear me. Are you going to kill me? Just kill me. In any case, I don't have any carelessness to live!"

Cassie yelled hysterically.

He sneered, " I got my hands dirty even if I kill you. I tell you, Cassie, you'd better be a little more sensible and take your responsibility. Next time, you will really die. No one knows who will kill you."

"Howard, what do you mean?" Wearing a pale face, Cassie just deliberately gave up in front of Howard, but she didn't want to die. She was a rich woman now.

"I mean nothing. You think about it. By the way, I can release Spark, but you'd better behave yourself from now on. Don't be with Bonny. If you don't listen to me, you deserve it." "Bob, call the police station and ask them to set Spark free," he added

"Howard, you are so kind. It's all Cassie's f


When Howard opened the door, he found that Nina was lying on the sofa in her pajamas.

Howard felt a little distressed. It was so late, but the little woman was still waiting for him. Although he felt sorry for her, he felt warm all over.

He took out his phone and muted it to the ring.

But he found that Nina had called him for many times.

Howard smiled. He thought that it was because Nina worried about him when she went out of Tessa's bedroom and found that he wasn't there. Fortunately, she just called him to wait for him in the living room, instead of looking for him all over the world.

There was no way for Howard to know that she called Ethan, who had already turned off his phone and gone to sleep with Max, there was no response from both of them.

Nina was even more worried, so she had to stay in the sofa and waited for Howard.

Gradually she felt sleepy, so she curled up on the sofa and fell asleep.

As Howard took Nina up, his phone rang.

Howard frowned. He wondered why someone called him at this time.

After Ethan got up and went to the bathroom, he checked the time on his phone and found that it was from Nina.

For fear that something urgent happened, Ethan called her.

Thinking for a while, Howard finally answered the phone.

"What's up? why did Nina call me "Ethan asked in a daze.

To avoid waking up Nina, he lowered his voice and said, "probably she is looking for me. I went out to do something and just came back."

"Damn it! It's so late now. Where do you go to have fun? I don't dare to eat wild food now. You'd better keep a low profile. If you mess around outside, I'm afraid that the kids will teach you a lesson." Ethan smiled.

"You want me to hit you!" Said Howard, grinding his teeth.

"I guessed right, right? If not, why do you hate me so much?" Then, Ethan hung up the phone.

"You bastard! How dare you make fun of me? Wait and see how I will punish you!" As soon as he put away his phone, he saw Nina looking at him with big eyes with a smile.

Nina's delicate face looked more beautiful under the light. But why did the smile look more strange!

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