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   Chapter 363 an unexpected surprise

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The culinary skill of Tessa made Bob very surprised. The little guy was busy in the kitchen. Sometimes she called Bob to bring some cream, and sometimes she called him to wash chicken legs.

Just as the dinner was ready, they heard the sound of Howard's car coming from the garden.

Therefore, the three kids ran out of the villa immediately.

Hearing Tessa's bragging, Howard took her hand intimately and said, "yes, Tessa is much warmer than Wesley."

Upon hearing that, Wesley pursed his lips and said, "Dad, it's just a meal? Humph, every maid will do it. "

"Wesley you don't know how to cook?" Tessa shouted angrily.

Nina interrupted the two kids in a hurry, "Tessa, you said that you would give a surprise to Mommy. Where is it?"

"The dinner made by Tessa is a surprise!" Howard pinched Tessa's chubby face lovingly.

"Uncle, it's not the truth. It's ours..."

"Don't talk nonsense, Melissa." Wesley glared at Melissa.

Melissa closed her mouth obediently.

"It's so mysterious. I think we'd better have a good look at it." To not be a killjoy to the children, Howard pretended to be very interested.

But her heart was heavy.

"Bonny was coming!"!

He wouldn't allow his baby to be hurt in the slightest. He had to!

However, Nina had no idea what danger was waiting for her. She was interested in the surprise told by the kids now.

Melissa held Nina's hand, and she couldn't help laughing. 'well, the girl cannot hide secrets in her heart.'.

In the room where the wedding photos were stored, Wesley said, "Dad, mom, you'd better close your eyes. I'm going to open the door."

Cooperated with him, Howard and Nina closed their eyes.

Wesley opened the door and said, "Dad, mom, you can open your eyes now."

"ha..." Nina smiled, "it's back so soon?"

Nina was very excited, with tears in her eyes. It was really happy to be close to Howard and their children.

"We went to the wedding photography company today, so we asked someone to send the pictures back. Are you very happy? " Tessa said proudly.

"Dad, mom, of course, are very happy to have such a capable baby." Howard kissed every little kids on the face, and then ordered Bob to hang the wedding photos.

"Daddy, Mommy is getting married..." Tessa shouted.

"Uncle Bob and aunt Yvette are getting married." Melissa shouted.

"Dad, mom, uncle Bob proposed to Aunt Yvette today. Are you going to hold your wedding on the same day?" Wesley asked.

"Of course. This is the more lively. Is it right, dad?" Tessa asked.

"Of course, daddy and Mommy will be with you on this matter." Said Howard.

"Mr. Howard, is it too hasty? We..." Bob hesitated.

"you have already proposed. There is no need to be shy? All you need to do is to prepare the Groomsmen and the bridesmaids. As for the rest of the arrangements, we will hold a collective wedding. It happens that


However, Bonny said to Cassie, "you just stay here and have a good rest. I'm going back to England and I'm very busy!" she took out a check from her pocket and said, "the money on it is enough for your whole life. You can use it as you like."

"Why do you treat me like this?" Cassie asked

"Even if I owe you a lot, after I go back to England, you can live here as long as Spark leaves. the house is belong to Spark." Bonny patted her shoulder and left without looking back.

Of course, Bonny didn't tell the truth. She just wanted to draw the attention of Howard by taking advantage of Cassie.

It took Cassie a while to realize what she was talking about.

Did Bonny just want to make up for her?

Bonny was not an easy-going woman, was she? She would never be so merciful.

But it was better than no money.

Hearing Bonny's last words, Cassie was moved. Since Howard abandoned her, it would be a good choice to live with Spark.

However, when she looked for Spark, she found that he was sent to the police station by Howard.

Now, she hated Howard even more.

She couldn't wait to tear Howard and Nina apart.

Therefore, Cassie paid people to set explosions and followed behind the car of Bob, trying to find an opportunity to blow up the car.

She was very happy when she thought of the pain of Nina for losing her child.

Yes, she was not the only one to suffer. She wanted the person she hated to live more painful than herself.

However, she underestimated the ability of Bob, and even underestimated the ability of Howard.

As the car didn't crash, they didn't expect that Howard and Bob could find them so quickly.

The sound insulation effect of the villa was good, so the conversation between Cassie and Amanda was not heard by Howard and Bob.

But Howard assumed that there must be some sort of deal between Cassie and Bonny. Bonny had never been a gentle woman.

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