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   Chapter 362 not familiar

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At the same time, Bob was taking several little kids with him on the road.

When they passed by a busy city, Wesley looked out of the window.

Suddenly, Wesley saw the pictures hanging on the wall of the wedding dress company. In the pictures, Mommy, Dad, and the three little kids were happily together.

Wesley was not happy at all. He didn't want his family to be used for advertising.

Dad and mom wouldn't like this, either. Last time they were in a model's company, daddy had their photos removed!

"We're going to the wedding photography company, Bob" Wesley said

Bob also raised his head and saw the photos outside.

he couldn't believe that these people would be so unscrupulous for their own interests.

He understood that the wedding photo company put the photos on the wall by itself. Their purpose was obvious. It was an advertisement with the family photo of Howard.

It seemed that these photos were just being hung to the public for a short time. So they would delete them after tonight. because of being afraid of Howard.

To their surprise, Wesley saw it.

Bob pulled over and opened the door for them.

He together with several kids strode into the company.

A staff immediately walked up to them and greeted, "nice to see you, sir."

"Not very well." Wesley answered.

"Oh, my God! Wesley What's wrong with you, young master? " The staff was a little flustered. Now the Hua family's several babies were the hottest people in a city.

The moment the three kids and Bob walked on the catwalk, they became more and more popular.

The child of an ordinary family would have been signed by an entertainment company.

But none of them dared to take any action to Hua's family.

'he doesn't lack money, nor fame. How could he be willing to let those two kids be models?' she thought.

So, I can only think of it in my mind, but I dare not put it into practice.

"I didn't do anything wrong. I came here today to take away the wedding photos of my family, and, the ones outside..." Wesley replied flatly.

"Remove the outer space, and don't hang it in the future, understand?" Bob ordered coldly.

Won't the staff listen? She smiled at him. "Okay, I will do as you say."

"Good aunt. I have a good news to tell you. This uncle by my side, uncle Bob, is also coming to take wedding photos. They will be here soon. So you should listen to him!" Melissa said to the staff in a cryptic manner.

"Well, that's it. Well, I am going to find my manager now. I am going to take the photos outside. As for the other photos, they are now deliver to your home. Mr. Bob, what do you think?" The staff turned to look for the manager.

As much as the space of Bob's car was rather large, he had no choice but to accept them. After all, the size of the wedding photos was too big for his car.

"Let's go home. They will send the photos home. "

"But what if they don't take off the pictures? Uncle Bob, what should we do?" Melissa said worriedly.

"No way. Don't worry, my dear Melissa." Said Bob. Self belief was the root of success.

lowing them appeared in Bob's mind one after another.

As expected, they were all taken into the room safely.

After people of the wedding dress photography company left, Tessa walked towards them with fear.

"Uncle Bob, Wesley said there was a bomb in the photos. Is that true?"

Seeing the fear on Tessa's face, Bob gave Wesley a reproachful look.

With a cunning smile, Wesley said, "Uncle Bob, that's how it is."

"Tessa, don't listen to Wesley's nonsense. There isn't any bomb in the photos. Uncle Bob will cook for you." He held Tessa's hand and thought, 'Wesley has been making fun of Tessa. Does he have some dirty tricks?'?

"Great! Uncle Bob, I'll give daddy and mommy a big surprise. I'll make the most delicious food and photos for them. I'm sure Mommy will be very happy to see them. I'm so happy!" Tessa was not only good at comforting herself, but also a strong minded little girl.

"You are right! they will praise you when your parents come back!" Bob gave her a big encouragement.

"Melissa will cook with Tessa, too." Melissa followed cheerfully.

"Little Traitor!" Wesley snorted.

"Wesley, don't you eat?" Melissa asked carefully. She didn't want Wesley to be unhappy!

"I want to eat desserts, but I don't want to eat food made from bumpkins. They must taste terrible!" Wesley walked into the living room and began looking for some snacks.

"Mommy told me that kids will be precocious if they eat too much desserts." Melissa murmured.

With an evil smile, Wesley said, "you silly Melissa, don't you know that you're precocious?"

Melissa looked down at herself and replied, "Wesley, I'm not precocious yet."

Wesley pursed his lips. "You're only about precocious. Don't you know that I like babies who are about precocious most? " Wesley said and made a face at Melissa.

Frightened, Melissa ran to the kitchen with her hands covering her eyes. "Wesley is so scary like a monster. I'm so scared."

Wesley curled up in the sofa and said casually, "girls are usually timid."

Wesley smiled proudly.

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