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   Chapter 361 a simple proposal

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Tessa said, "aunt Yvette, it's not like that. We went to the gym today, and uncle Bob said he missed you and insisted taking us here, so we came!"

Yvette looked at Bob, It was obvious that she wanted to meet Bob. But it's your fault to use them as the excuse.

Bob was so shocked that he almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Now the three girls put him on the bed.

Originally, he wanted to explain. However, everything seemed meaningless now, since the three little kids had innocent big eyes and there was a complaining look in Yvette's eyes.

Then he shrugged his shoulders and said, "alright, I'm just passing by. It's definitely not what the kids said that I miss you. If you're busy, you can go ahead with your work. We're leaving now!"

"It's not like that. Uncle Bob told me to propose to you on his behalf today, Aunt Yvette," Said Tessa seriously.

All right. These words almost made Bob faint, while there was a big smile on Yvette's face.

Whatever, she expected him to say that.

"You are a real threat no matter where you go, Tessa. Let's go home right now," Bob directly picked up Tessa

"Uncle Bob, I'm not dangerous at all. You said you missed Aunt Yvette. I swear I didn't lied to Yvette." Tessa would rather die than give in.

"Uncle Bob, if you really like Aunt Yvette, just leave bumpkin alone. If you really don't like her, then we'll go home with you!" Wesley said calmly.

She took a deep breath nervously. As he stood in front of the car, he can reach out one hand and opened the door.

Well, it seemed that there was no bond between her and Bob. Forget it.

But their relationship had just begun. How could they let it go so easily?

Disappointment was written all over her face.

But as soon as she got disappointed, she saw that Bob had loosened his grip. All of a sudden, Tessa fell on the ground.

To her surprise, Yvette let out a long sigh of relief.

Wesley had told him that as long as he put down Tessa, she knew that he was in love with her.

Yvette was thrilled and happy beyond words.

There had been a mess in his mind. It was not true that he didn't like Yvette at all. But now he had to leave for the sake of his reputation. But much to his surprise, Wesley talked to him like that.

Did he do this on purpose to put him in a dilemma?

If he put the baby Tessa in the car, it meant that he had made up his mind not to continue with her in front of Yvette. in the future he wasn't confident to see her.

Therefore, the way Bob walked to the car was as heavy as lead.

However, he couldn't stop any longer. He was caught in a dilemma.

At this moment, he felt a sharp pain in the hand that was holding Tessa. Then, he put Tessa down on the ground subconsciously.

The three kids were thrilled and shouted excitedly, "great! Uncle! You have agr

held her burning face in her hands and turned around. She was so shocked that she almost dropped her chin.

Behind them, stood a group of men and women, with envy and jealousy on their faces.

They couldn't believe what they saw.

every women thought 'why am I not as lucky as Yvette! Why didn't they receive the favor of the little kids!

That was fate!

After a while, someone finally shouted out, "Yvette, you have a good luck. Treat us!"

She finally realized that what she had seen was true!

Well, today, Yvette should treat them.

"Okay, wait here. I'm going to buy ten pounds of watermelon seeds, and we'll split them up!" Yvette said cheerfully.

"You are too mean, Yvette. You are going to marry a famous man of Howard, and that man is rich. Shouldn't you be generous this time and invite us to a big meal?"

Yvette shrugged her shoulders and said, "no matter how much the money is, it's not mine. I can't afford a big meal. I can only invite you to eat melon seeds now. If you don't like them, I don't want to buy them too!"

"Never mind. it is okay for this. just treat us." Someone shouted unwillingly.

'well, Yvette is a good girl. She is frank and honest, ' Bob remarked inside.

He thought Yvette deserved his affection.

Bob had been smiling all the way.

The three little kids looked at Bob.

"Uncle Bob, isn't your proposal very happy?" Tessa was just a little girl without hiding anything.

"What? Well... " Slowly, Bob took back his laugh.

After a short while, he smiled.

"Okay, I know." Not getting the exact answer, Tessa began to speculate, "Uncle Bob is very happy because someone will keep him company to sleep in the future."

At the same time, Tessa felt a little lonely. Why did she have to share her Mommy with daddy?

Bob was speechless. Tessa, are you sure you are still a young girl? This thought was so impure!

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