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   Chapter 360 The kids' prank

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"I'm too tired. Let's not look for it. Let's go home."

In order to find the password, she was exhausted and her body ached. Nina despised herself.

"Give up?" Howard thought It was odd, but he couldn't figure out the reason. Zhiyao was a shrewd man, and had no idea why he did that.

"What else can I do?" Nina took his arm and said, "Howard, I'm very tired now. Would you like to hold me?"

Nina shamelessly hung on Howard's arm. Yes, she was too tired to walk.

How could I not be tired? These days, she was "bullied" by Howard every night. Today, she had been busy looking for the password for the whole day. She even hadn't had her lunch. Therefore, she felt a little better after finding something. However, she didn't find anything.

Alas, how disappointing.

Looking at Nina's behavior, Howard smiled. He reached out his hand, and Nina fell into his arms the next second.

The setting sun shone down on his handsome face, making him look gentle and elegant, which was rare to see.

Nina was totally obsessed with it.

She said like an anthomaniac, "you are so beautiful, Howard."


It was rare for Howard to hear such emotional words from Nina. He responded, "woman, we are now in Mr. Zhiyao's house. It seems that we can't do anything else, right?"

"You are this people who cannot be praised. Come on, you are an ugly monster. Let's go home? I'm hungry. " Nina winked, stopped smiling, and said seriously.

"Yeah. I'm hungry, too." Howard's Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. if he said he didn't have any thought to Nina, he was totally self deceptive.

But it was not a good time for their intimacy.

After put Nina into the car, Howard drove directly to the Hua family.

"Honey, did Mr. Zhiyao say anything incredible to you before he died? Or did he give you some weird hints?" Howard frowned. He had been thinking about the password of the shrewd old man Zhiyao, he should give Nina the password. It sounded reasonable. Perhaps she had forgotten the password words that Zhiyao said.

Nina leaned against the seat lazily. She was in a semi conscious and half asleep state, so her consciousness was completely in a state of daze.

She heard what Howard said, but she didn't quite understand.

So she answered in a daze, "no, he left nothing except for the card."

Since he couldn't get more information from her, Howard decided not to ask anything and drove Nina back home.

The three kids rushed out of the villa's living room as soon as they heard the car ring.

"Mommy, daddy --" Tessa shouted.

Howard opened the door and took Nina out of the car.

"Mr. Howard, what happened to Mrs. Nina?" Bob asked nervously, completely clueless that the two were showing off love.

With a shrug, Howard answered, "it's nothing. Nina was just tired, so she took a nap for a while in the car. But... " Pausing for a second, Howard continued with an ambiguous tone, "Bo

were lit up and he came to them with a big smile.

"Mr. Bob, are you looking for Yvette?" The boss asked with a red face as soon as the Bob's car stopped.

"Well, how do you know I will come?" 'why doesn't he go to meet the clients and carry out the business? Is he waiting for me?' Bob wondered.

"I have been always looking forward to Mr. Bob's coming. I'm going to find Yvette for you right now." The boss rushed into the building as soon as he finished his words.

Biting his lower lip, Wesley replied in a cold voice, "Bob, that boss looks like a clown."

"Wesley does have a good taste." Bob also didn't like the boss. "Tessa, Yvette is here. What are you going to say to her?" he asked, "I said I would let aunt Yvette marry you. "


Bob was shocked by what Tessa said. "Tessa, are you going to propose to her for your uncle?"

Tessa pretended to be serious and nodded, saying, "yes. If Uncle Bob directly proposed to Aunt Yvette, I wouldn't have said that."

"But We just met a few times, but you already asked Uncle Bob to propose to Aunt Yvette. Isn't that a little too fast? "

"I think the bumpkin's idea is a good one, isn't it?" Echoed Wesley.

Hearing Wesley's words, Melissa raised her hand and responded, "right. Uncle Bob, I like aunt Yvette very much."

Bob became desperate. He felt as if he had been abducted by three little kids!

Bob opened the door and released the three little kids.

At this time, Yvette rushed out in excitement.

Yes, she was in high spirits. Her little face turned red and her chest heaved violently.

Now she was here waiting for Bob. How could she not be excited?

On the contrary, he was a little embarrassed.

"Yes They miss you, so they ask me to bring them here. " As he spoke, he wanted to show that he had no intention of coming here. It was all the decision of the little kids.

Unexpectedly, the three little kids shook their heads simultaneously.

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