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   Chapter 359 find the password

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Without moving further, Howard put his chin on Nina's hair and took a deep breath, "my silly girl, you are mine. You will only be my woman in this life. Where else can you go?"

"I'm not a monkey, and you're not a Buddha either. Who says I can't run?" Feeling itchy, Nina was short of breath.

"Yes, you're right. You're not a monkey, and I'm not a Buddha either. But my dear baby, you can't escape from me for all your lives. Do you believe it? " Said Howard aggressively.

"Not necessarily..."

Frustrated, Howard cut in her words, "Certainly! Otherwise, I need to prove it now. "

With both hands and mouth, Howard hit on Nina.

"Please don't Howard, it itches. " As he was saying, the tip of Howard's tongue tickled on Nina's neck and Nina's whole body trembled with joy and suffering.

"You want it, but you refused. You are a double minded woman, aren't you?" Hearing that, Howard became more excited, "say, are you mine?"

"I say Could you please leave a little bit? I'll tell you. " Nina shouted incoherently.

"Hum." Howard raised his head with a snicker.

"Yes, is it good?"

"I don't want such a simple answer. Say it again." Howard threatened.

"What a trouble." Nina scratched her hair, but saw that Howard was ready to flatter with her, so she took a deep breath and said, "Howard, I will only be your woman all my life, okay?"

"No. I will you be my only woman all my life. Say it again! " Howard wiped the sensitive part of Nina with his stubble.


"Name it." Howard was deeply attracted and murmured by Nina's ear.

Nina was freaking out, "I Nina will be only Howard's woman all her life. " Said Nina in a huff.

Hearing that, Howard smiled with great satisfaction and said, "honey, I love to hear that. Please say that as often as you can in the future. Do you understand?"

Howard stood up and turned around.

Nina made an angry face to him and murmured, "pervert!"

In the big conference room, there were only two of them. Even if Nina kept her voice down, how could Howard not hear it?

There was a deep smile in his eyes, but he pretended that he hadn't heard anything. "Honey, what did you say?"

Nina shifted the topic and said seriously, "Howard, I want to ask you, why did you sell the shares that Mr. Zhiyao gave me to the old men instead of yourself?"

Raising his eyebrows, he continued in a calm voice, "I have gotten enough shares. It doesn't matter who has those shares. What matters most is that they are not in your hands."

"But, Mr. Zhiyao bought those shares, and we sold them without his permission. I feel a little sorry for him!"

"No, honey. Those shares..." Howard wanted to tell her that those stock were like a big bomb. He would not be relieved if they were kept by Nina.

But he didn't want to make Nina worried, so he swallowed what he wanted to say next.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing special. Take a loo

e of Grandpa Ji when he was walking here.

Nina and Howard went to Mr. Zhiyao's bedroom, but they found nothing. Then they went to the study. It should be the private room where Zhiyao stored the most.

Howard and Nina were carefully rummaging through the crowd. After all, Mr. Zhiyao died not long ago. Neither of them dared to quarrel him, for fear of disturbing the heaven of Mr. Zhiyao.

However, no matter how careful and careful they were, they still got nothing.

They searched every room but didn't find any clue.

Nina was a little discouraged. She wiped the sweat off her forehead, and panted, "Howard, let's go to the garden and find the password. Maybe Mr. Zhiyao has hidden the password there!"

Howard knew it was impossible, but he didn't want to disappoint Nina, so he nodded.

The result was the same as Howard had expected. He and Nina searched every place, but still got no clue.

Butler Wang came over and asked, "young master, my lady, what are you looking for?"

"Uncle Wang, we are looking for..." Nina didn't know how to answer him, so she looked at Howard.

Howard thought for a while and asked, "Mr. Wang, could you please think about where Mr. Zhiyao put his most important things?"

After thinking for a while, Butler Wang slowly shook his head and said, "Mr. Zhiyao is not a man who does things sloppily. Before his last sentence, he must have given his orders clearly. He won't leave behind any regrets. As for what important thing Mr. Howard and Mrs. Nina are looking for... " Butler Wang thought for a while and said, "if it is really something important, Mr. Zhiyao must have told the truth. Or it may have been neglected by young master and lady."

Touching his chin, Howard answered, "maybe."

And he also believed that Mr. Zhiyao wouldn't place the important password anywhere.

As for why Nina didn't know, it must be that one of Grandpa Zhiyao's words was ignored by her.

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