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   Chapter 358 just come as you like

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With these words, Nina sat beside Howard and tried to calm down.

She had to behave herself since she was already a member of the Hua family. Now she was the wife of Howard, the beggar. she didn't care these old men who didn't like her would be happy.

Well, although this sounded a little strange, but it was true.

Since then, Nina wanted to know what would did Howard do to her stock.

Howard gave his coffee cup to Nina, because his coffee was the safest. His secretary made it himself, and no one was allowed to interfere in.

This was what a secretary should do. No one wanted anything wrong with coffee, she lost her life because of it?

Nina was well aware of all of these. She didn't want to put Howard in any danger.

Especially now, Su family even hoped that Howard would die.

"Yes, I want to drink with you. Isn't it better?" Howard said sentimentally.

Nina's face suddenly flushed. Howard's tone was too gentle, and she was a little embarrassed in front of these shareholders. She was afraid that they would laugh at her.

However, it was not like what she worried about.


"Wow, Mr. Howard and Mrs. Nina love each other very much!"

"Look at Mr. Howard and Mrs. Nina! They look like a perfect couple!"

In everyone's eyes, Nina was no longer Howard's fiancee, but a real wife.

But the point was that he issued a statement first that Nina was his wife. He was just warning the shareholders not to take any action on Nina. She was the woman I want all my life. You'd better behave yourselves.

All shareholders were clear about what Howard thought, so no one dared to touch the red line he left. Besides, they had a completely new appraisal of Nina. They dared not to bully her. All they could do was to flatter her.

Listening to the sincere or hypocritical praise words of the shareholders, Nina wanted to laugh. These people's thoughts were too complicated. Didn't they feel tired to live?

But when she looked at his expressionless face, she restrained herself and accepted others' compliments with a smile.

It didn't matter as long as she pretended to not hear it. Nina, who had never been flattered by others since childhood, said to herself.

"Can we?" Noticing that others were still hypocritical about Nina as if she was a fairy, Howard finally opened his mouth coldly.

The shareholders finally stopped massaging and sat down.

Howard touched his chin, and then narrowed his deep eyes. His voice was slow but strong, and every word was exuding irresistible majesty. "Everyone knows that my wife has twenty-five percent of the shares that Grandpa Ji gave her, but she is not good at management. Besides, I don't want her to interfere in business. After all, she is a female, and she is not good at dealing with it, Just stay at home and take care of her children. I think we can buy it, right? "

After these words, he coldly glanced at the shareholders, waiting for their response.

Their faces had different colors. Some were happy, some were confused and some were calculating.

As for the small trick, now that Nina was the wife of Howard, wouldn't it be th

, then Nina jumped onto the meeting table and sat face to face with Howard.

"Howard, do you bring me here today just to sell the shares in my hand?" Asked Nina, a little angry. When she was at home, Howard didn't tell her that what he wanted to do, so that she didn't take any precautions.

"Honey, you are only half right." Howard drank the coffee and dialed the internal line, asking his secretary to bring him another cup of coffee.

"Honey, drink a little. You look a little angry, OK?" Howard handed the coffee cup to Nina.

"Of course I am angry. you didn't tell me in advance, which almost embarrassed me in front of the old men." Nina took a sip and held the cup in her hands.

"How could it be possible? My wife is a clever woman. It's a piece of cake to deal with those pedantic men. "

Hearing what he said, Nina was amused. "Go away. I've been flattered by those old men. Why are you still boasting me? Aren't you afraid that you will crush me to death?"

Rubbing Nina's chin, Howard showed an expression of evil and banter. "Nina, look at you. You are so silly. I haven't done what I want. How can you believe that you can done it when you are boasted by others"

"You bad guy! How dare you make fun of me again!" Said Nina resentfully.

"Did I say anything wrong? Do you want to have a try now? Maybe I can see if you can Crush yourself to death! " With these words, Howard stood up and bent over to press Nina on the conference table. His position was so alluring that even Nina herself thought it was very sexy.

Panicked, Nina covered her head with her arms and said, "no, please. This is the meeting room. There are cameras everywhere. Let's not make a fool of ourselves."

Her pleading smirked. He stood up and lifted her from the meeting table, then he put her on his laps.

"Silly girl, I am the king here. I don't want anyone to see what I don't want to see. nobody can see it. Understand?"

"No way." Nina said obstinately, "I'm going insane if you keep doing this. Don't you afraid that I will try to run away whenever you take off clothes?"

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